Then around 40 people gathered at the home of John Howcroft, a close associate of Bunting. [12] The north Belfast rebels subsequently named Robert Molyneaux, a convicted killer and former friend of Bunting's closest ally John Howcroft, as their preferred choice for Brigadier. John Bunting (loyalist) Last updated February 06, 2020. Contents. [2] Like Duddy, Bunting was a native of the Westland estate, a loyalist enclave close to the Antrim Road. Since 2007 the South East Antrim Brigade has operated independently of the UDA following a fall-out. Rogue UDA members want to install a double killer and extortionist as the group's leader in north Belfast, it's been claimed. A newer mural in the Cloughfern area of Newtownabbey and flags have updated the areas to include Ballycarry, Ballyclare, the rural hinterland of Ballymena called 'Braidside' and despite not being in County Antrim, the town of Newtownards.

John Justin Bunting (born 4 September 1966 in Inala, Queensland) was found to be the leader of the perpetrators. [17], Soon after the latter attack former North Belfast brigadier William Borland, who had become associated with the pro-Molyneaux wing, was attacked with a breeze block and shot in the leg close to his home in Carr's Glen. John Bunting is an Australian serial killer from Adelaide, South Australia, currently serving eleven consecutive sentences of life imprisonment without the possibility of parole for his role in the murder of 11 victims of the Snowtown Murders.
[24] John Boreland was shot dead soon after this. It was also stated that the West Belfast breakaway leaders had recruited Jimbo Simpson, a former North Belfast brigadier driven out of Northern Ireland over a decade earlier, and were seeking to restore him to his former role. Moloney has “reason to suspect that the same organisation [i.e. [3] A community worker, Bunting was a member of the North Belfast Ulster Political Research Group (UPRG) and also acted as spokesman for Ihab Shoukri around this time. [19] As is standard within the UDA whilst in custody Bunting had to relinquish his role as brigadier although his replacement, a close friend of McDonald's from Taughmonagh in south Belfast identified only as the "Burger King Brigadier" due to his weight, has been reported as merely a figurehead with no actual power. [16] Tiger's Bay had emerged as the stronghold of the anti-Bunting faction. [19] Subsequent reports indicated this brigadier had lasted only two weeks before McDonald replaced him with an unidentified former member of the Loyalist Volunteer Force. Ihab Shoukri, who was the older brother by three years, died in 2008. Jimmy Birch is a Northern Irish loyalist paramilitary leader and activist. Wednesday, 4 November 2020 | 2.4°C Belfast, Menu [20] This followed the rejection of earlier overtures to West Belfast brigadier Matt Kincaid as he opted to back Spence and Courtney. Mai 1999 die Überreste von acht O… James "Jimbo" Simpson, also known as the Bacardi Brigadier, was a Northern Irish loyalist paramilitary. [6] Bunting was the surprising choice as new North Belfast brigadier and he soon became associated with the mainstream tendency within the UDA as represented by Jackie McDonald, Billy McFarland and Jimmy Birch.

Blair attempted to shore up his position by recruiting former allies of Bunting to his side, having reportedly been only sixth choice for the role with several more prominent figures turning down the job as a "poisoned chalice". Initially a battalion, the South Belfast Brigade emerged from the local "defence associations" active in the city at the beginning of the Troubles. He was a leading figure in the Ulster Defence Association (UDA), he had served as head of the North Antrim and Londonderry East Tyrone Brigade of the group. To install click the Add extension button.

It was formed in September 1971 as an umbrella group for various loyalist groups and undertook an armed campaign of almost twenty four years as one of the participants of the Troubles.

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Ipso, An INM Website Bunting frequently joined Duddy in his capacity as a spokesman for the North Belfast UDA, featuring regularly at press conferences and media engagements. The Belfast Telegraph is a member of IPSO and subscribes to its Editors' Code of Practice In May 2014 Bunting was attacked in Tiger's Bay by a group of opponents.

He came to prominence in the early years of the 21st century when he served as leader of the North Belfast Brigade of the Ulster Defence Association (UDA) and, as such, one of the six commanders of the movement as a whole. "Talks aimed at producing a peaceful summer North Belfast bid to reduce tension", "Senior figures flee after death threats", "All UDA's Brigades to Give Up Their Guns", "UDA: We've Cleaned Up Our Act and Are No Longer a Threat", UDA finished, says loyalist paramilitary terror group leader, As UDA confirms major split, a dangerous tussle for power is now brewing, UDA feud escalates over bid to oust north Belfast 'brigadier' John Bunting, "THE BRUTE BRIGADIER ; UDA POWER STRUGGLE RIVAL FACTIONS AT WAR Double Killer Is the Man Dissidents Want to Install as New UDA Chief in North Belfast", "GRANNY CLAIMS UDA BOSS ATTACKED HER ; TERROR BOSS IN BRAWL NEW ALLEGATIONS Pensioner Says Bunting Threw Her to the Ground", "UDA FURY OVER BUNTING ATTACK ; HIT TENSION AMONG SPLINTER GROUPS Chiefs Threat of Retaliation on Rival Tigers Bay Faction", "FEUD SPLITS THE UDA IN SHANKILL; ROW HEATS UP GROUP IN TURMOIL; Row Intensifies Following UDA Shooting at Home of Alleged Dissident Supporter", "Bunting and Pal Held in UDA Feud Shooting", "SHOUKRI SEEKS SINN FEIN MEET; EXCLUSIVE RIVAL FACTIONS AT WAR Ex-UDA Chief wants Probe into Murder Bid", UDA's 'Big Bill' does a runner to Spain as feud looms, North Belfast UDA 'on their own' against Mount Vernon UVF, Leading loyalist John Boreland shot dead in north Belfast, "BARMY BRIG ARMY BRIGADE ; EXCLUSIVE FEUD-RACKED GANG 'SACKED GANG'S NEW MANAGEMENT: New North Belfast UDA Brigadier Sam Bib Blair Assembles a Motley Crew as His Leadership Team after Murder of John Boreland", "Ex-Racketeer Is New Boss of UDA Faction", Ulster Loyalist Central Co-ordinating Committee.

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William John Boreland was a Northern Irish footballer and loyalist activist. [21], The charges against Bunting were dropped in 2015 after a number of witnesses withdrew their statements, although Bunting did not return as brigadier, his place having been taken by "Big" Bill Hill, a dissident who had been prominent in the Belfast City Hall flag protests. [1], In September 2014 it was reported in the Belfast Telegraph that the leaders of the UDA in North, East and South Belfast, as well as the head of the Londonderry and North Antrim Brigade had met to discuss the feud as well as the schism with the West Belfast Brigade. That's it. Initially a battalion, the West Belfast Brigade emerged from the local "defence associations" active in the Shankill at the beginning of the Troubles and became the first section to be officially designated as a separate entity within the wider UDA structure. the OIRA] set up the UDA assassinations, via intelligence, of John Turnley, Ronnie Bunting, Noel Lyttle and Miriam Daly”. It will enhance any encyclopedic page you visit with the magic of the WIKI 2 technology. Rogue UDA members want to install a double killer and extortionist as the group's leader in north Belfast, it's been claimed.
Tensions had been further stoked by a graffiti campaign against Bunting's leadership on the York Road, in which expelled members of the North Belfast Brigade, who had come under the wing of their counterparts in the west, called for Bunting's removal as brigadier. Boreland was killed in a shooting at his Belfast home in 2016. John Bunting (born c. 1967)[1] is a Northern Irish loyalist paramilitary leader and activist. Bunting frequently joined Duddy in his capacity as a spokesman for the North Belfast UDA, featuring regularly at press conferences and media engagements. John Bunting (born c. 1967) [1] is a Northern Irish loyalist paramilitary leader and activist.

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