[13] The most significant bill, and the one that generated the most debate, was a law giving married women individual property rights for the first time in state history. "[23] Clay went on to lose the nomination to Hardin. document.querySelector("#google_image_div").addEventListener('click',function(){ Brown was less involved with the legislative process than previous governors. [19] Among the measures not specifically advocated by Brown that were enacted by the General Assembly was a measure racially segregating the state's railroad cars, called the "separate coach law".

The center is named in honor of Harland Sanders and Brown's father. Brown, Pamela Ashley Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky, United States, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Y._Brown,_Jr. }); In 1997, Brown agreed to be co-chairman of Governor Paul E. Patton's Council on Domestic Violence along with Patton's wife, Judi. Four hours later, he acquired Nate "Tiny" Archibald from the New York Nets for George Johnson and a first-round draft pick in 1979. He got his wife involved in managing a barbecue restaurant; upon seeing its success, he became convinced of the financial potential of the fast food industry. [3] Voters in his district refused to elect anyone else to fill the vacancy, and Governor John W. Stevenson filed an official protest of the House's action, but the seat remained unfilled throughout the Fortieth Congress. eventCategory: event.slot.getSlotElementId(), [38] Powers employed Brown as his legal counsel during his first trial, which ended in a conviction in July 1900.

"John Y Brown Jr, Kentucky's Democratic candidate for governor, and his wife of seven months, Phyllis George, constantly hug and kiss like newlyweds on the campaign trail. Well, I like to say, 'Beside every strong man there's a strong woman'. Brown, Jr. AA Highway". document.querySelector("#ads").addEventListener('click',function(){ I'm not really interested in being politically correct." Former Kentucky first lady and Miss America Phyllis Ann George passed away at the age of 70 on Friday, May 15. In September 1983, the national Democratic Party named him Democrat of the Year, and he was later made the party's lifetime Honorary Treasurer. Babe McCarthy lasted only one season as Mullaney's replacement; in 1975, Brown hired Hubie Brown as head coach. Brown), Diana Leigh Johanson (geb. The calamities of my children, which have recently befallen, have utterly unfitted me for the contest. In late 2006, Brown partnered with actress Suzanne Somers to open a do-it-yourself meal preparation store called Suzanne's Kitchen. Confederate officer Stovepipe Johnson recounts that Brown was among the city leaders who welcomed him to Henderson in early 1862, but other sources state that Brown did not settle in Henderson until after the war. Brown and his wife Phyllis separated in August 1995. When Brown approached the state capitol to file his papers, Beshear met him on the steps and challenged him to an impromptu debate, but Brown declined. [24] Despite Brown's proclaimed lack of interest in the Senate seat, he received one vote during the tumultuous 1896 Senate election to replace Senator J. C. S. From 1959 to 1965, he also served in the United States Army Reserve. Terry McBrayer, a Democrat who had lost to John, also spoke of Phyllis saying, "She won it for him, there's no doubt about that. media-tech companies with hubs around the world. After moving to Henderson, Kentucky, Brown was elected from that district in 1866. He started the Chicken Grill restaurant in Louisville and helped his wife, Phyllis, launch Chicken By George, a line of boneless, skinless chicken breast products designed for sale in supermarkets and preparation at home. The following year, Brown traded franchises with Boston Celtics owner Irv Levin. By 1964, Brown had assembled a group of investors to purchase KFC from Sanders for $2 million. Because he owed few favors to the state's established politicians, many of Brown's top appointees were businesspeople. In March 1980, the General Assembly created a committee to study whether it would be more feasible to construct a new governor's mansion or repair the old one. The Department of Buildings and Construction's preliminary report stated "If this was a privately operated structure, this office would have no alternative other than to give the operator 30 to 60 days to rewire the structure." Family tragedy would soon remove his interest in the race, however. [25], After his term as governor, Brown again returned to his legal practice in Louisville. [11] This did not occur, however, and in the general election, Brown defeated Wood by a vote of 144,168 to 116,087. John, Sr. was named for, but not related to, the nineteenth century governor of the same name. He founded the Governor's Economic Development Commission of Kentucky and served as chair from 1975 to 1977. In 2008, Brown was named to the University of Kentucky College of Law Alumni Association's Hall of Fame. However, the deaths of two of Brown's children ended his interest in the gubernatorial race and his own senatorial ambitions.

During his term, Brown served as co-chairman of the Appalachian Regional Commission and chair of the Southern States' Energy Board. Inman), Dorothy Ann Sims (geb.

John revealed to WYKT that Phyllis had developed a blood disorder when she was in her 30s and was told that as she got older, it would cause her problems.

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