Now let’s about their abilities. So yeah. This is an idea, the more i thought about it - the more it made so much sense. While there are definitely a couple of potential Tanjiro matchups that could make for interesting matchups in their own right - ultimately this one was chosen due to the connections as well as the closeness of the actual fight. Then the weak get stronger, and help those weaker than themselves. Also, thanks to Mal for getting me onto this blog! Just like me, they were human too. I doubt very much that your resolve is equal to mine.”, Comparable to Tanjiro in strength and durability, Can even breathing techniques with his own Hamon, Hamon can affect Tanjiro’s organs, compromising most of his abilities, Better as a hand-to-hand fighter than Tanjiro is, Hamon allows for better healing than Tanjiro’s breathing techniques, Has not trained as long as Tanjiro has, and is overall less experienced, See-through world will allow Tanjiro a solid visual of how Hamon works\. u/MrShooter25. Jonathan Joestar VS Tanjiro Kamado. To JoJo’s credit, however, we do know he at least has some boxing experience from his youth, and he is far more comfortable fighting unarmed than Tanjiro, who would be severely hindered without his blade. Jonathan has beaten one of the strongest zombies that was shown in Phantom Blood that being Tarkus, with Tarkus being able to split, entire hills apart through raw physical strength alone. A battle between Shonen’s most honorable heroes will make an awesome episode. Ultimately in terms of stats, i definitely do think Tanjiro has the edge in terms of destructive capability - but Jonathan has shown to be more durable and been shown to be much faster.So i would say he takes 2 of the 3 Stat Categories. While that gets well over hypersonic speeds, Tanjiro pales in comparison to the superluminal swiftness of JoJo, letting Jonathan have a blitzing speed advantage over Tanjiro. I’m just a passing-through VS Debater. In short, they’re nothing but flashy sword attacks (that aren’t actually as flashy as those visual effects aren’t really seen by the characters) that don’t do anything due to Jonathan’s insane speed advantage. Tanjiro is, capable of cutting through an entire boulder. In addition, there’s also an unknown 13th form that is achieved if the segments are repeated one after another, as the techniques are meant to be connected like a circle from Dance to Flame Dance. Joseph fighting with Straizo, who had previously fought in battles alongside Jonathan in Part 1, should allow scaling to be consistent (and there is little reason to assume Jonathan would be exponentially slower than more cocky, less physical based Hamon users like Joseph). Tanjiro can enter the “see-through world” by becoming aware of every part of his body and "closing" any unneeded actions out like one would close their eyes when trying to hear something. I’m willing to buy that he’s faster, but let’s put lightspeed aside for a sec and just say he’s a few times quicker than Demon Slayer Sal here.

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