On the set was this former A list actor who was trying to make a comeback. He was big during LA Law but then dropped so was trying for another hit. Sure, before getting engaged to him she did some modeling and the 38 Special video, but she was basically unknown until she married The Boss. Also.George Clooney had his first leading man role and Sela Ward also starred. “Julianne Phillips did nothing leave her alone,” she wrote. Next! Like so.done mentioned here ysday, Enty's reveal the woman but protect the males. This led to Phillips' acting roles, in 1984's made-for-TV movies Summer Fantasy and the Robert Urich vehicle His Mistress. Thanks for tying it all together! My aunt sees her around town all of the time and said she seems incredible approachable. It would be the end of her career. [1] Phillips is a graduate of Lake Oswego High School and Brooks College in Long Beach. Looks aren't everything in the long run when it comes to relationships and Patty got what she wanted in the end. Links to content on and quotation of material from other sites are not the responsibility of Crazy Days and Nights. Rinna insists this is what ended Hamlin and Sheridan’s marriage. She was still young and still had some clout from the show. She's lethal and toxic as all the booze she has put away in her decades of being an alcoholic, IMO. Patty Kensit continued to work in GB after Leathal Weapon. Phillips continued her acting career during and after the marriage. Used to watch it every week. This former A+ list mostly movie actress who retired very young has a terminal disease. I liked Julianne and thought she showed talent in her portrayal of Frankie on Sisters. Going thru a much publicized divorce from unarguably the biggest rock star of that time (who was one of the most eligible bachelors off the time too!!!) [3], Phillips garnered publicity as the girlfriend, and later the first wife, of musician Bruce Springsteen. Google's use of the DART cookie enables it to serve ads to your users based on their visit to your sites and other sites on the Internet. Is this what Kim Richards was talking about on real housewives during the scene when she talked about a secret about harry Hamlin? One was in 2001 when she was interviewed on an episode of the biographical documentary series Intimate Portrait that profiled her Sisters co-star Sela Ward. yep. In the digital age, it's only a matter of time before they have that truth to hang over their parents' heads when they get mad at them. She really wasn't a modeling or an acting heavyweight ever, and she was never A-list anything. It would explain why bravo wouldn't let her bring it up, Harry & Lisa would probably sue the Shit out of bravo for a unfounded rape allegation. Not so, Sheridan shot back on social media. She included a screen shot of Phillips refuting the rumor. She teased in her Instagram story that she was having dinner with a surprise person (and Hamlin). She wasn't really even acting all that much when she was tabloid material. It describes a […]. I remember Sela Ward being the main breakout of that series. I never saw anything great about Julianne. Google, as a third party vendor, uses cookies to serve ads on your site. no sorcery will ever make you that again. Gorgeous girl. She's from Oregon and back in the day was all over the tabloids. Coming off a hit like that, she had tons of offers. I wish Enty would just once not refer to every attractive female as an escort or yacht girl. She first attracted attention for becoming the first wife of Bruce Springsteen and later for her role as Francesca "Frankie" Reed on the television drama series Sisters (1991–1996). Julianne Phillips (born May 6, 1960[1]) is an American model and actress.

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