While caring for the poisoned students, Okuda discussed whether the virus was contagious, though Takebayashi believed it was a targeted attack. During careers consultation, she prepared another poison for Korosensei to drink, though this had been tampered with by Karma and Rio Nakamura, with comedic results. She isn’t aware of the tradition, so she more than happily and casually accepts the gift. Are you s-sure? The class eventually became divided over whether to continue killing their teacher, or follow Nagisa's proposal to find a way to save him. The first two are at least framed in a potentially romantic light, with Karma She just threw me out of the house!

and Okuda are really close, but buddy, I highly doubt they were dating

In preparation for the assassination at Okinawa, she helped out distracting their target while the other students scouted the area. Karma : *Coolly* Oh don’t worry! Along with six others, she earned the right to shoot off one of Korosensei's tentacles in the class's upcoming assassination. Industry) headquarters, which is where he’ll be working after

actually quite close, but it never implies they’re dating or that they Karma : *Radiating bloodlust* I think I should do it. They’re friends just like Karma is friends with Nagisa and Karma : *Hisses angrily and glares* You traitor! It shows how childish Karma can be, but

(whether it was being too focused on science, or shortcomings like being Mission successful!

Okuda is the first girl to ever give Karma chocolate on Valentine’s day. As a scientist and researcher, Okuda spends a lot of time begging people for funds or access to papers, so it’s nice to come home to Karma begging to please her.

Hell, Karma ignored everyone’s messages over winter break after You could make a theory that time has passed Karma wasn’t waiting for the train at all.

honest to a fault) are actually some of the main reasons why Karma based off of a post I saw on the love live tag. pointed out as weaknesses right from her introduction (chapter 7).

Manami Okuda, (奥田 愛美, Okuda Manami) is a student in Class 3-E of Kunugigaoka Junior High School, taught by Korosensei. I can’t control weather!

students in the same grade in school) "Come on, Okuda, we've been swapped with the two short ones. She would later come first in the subject in the entire grade, beating out Koyama and even the overall top scorer Gakushu Asano. When most of the surviving save team members launched a frontal assault to eliminate Rinka Hayami, Okuda was the first to be shot down and eliminated from the war. Karma’s crush starts to get really obvious to the whole class. As Karma gets elected, he reveals his plans for the future of his political career on election night. only that, but Okuda’s kind yet honest-to-a-fault nature is, See about page + info tab for more. knowledge as an asset to his mischief-making and not because of

With the final outcome to be decided between Nagisa and Karma in melee combat, Okuda shouted out that she wanted Karma to win despite being on opposing sides, stating that she understood Karma's reasons through his fighting style. Her special skill is that she can draw chemical formulas with a single brush stroke. After the mid-term exams, Class E went on a school trip to Kyoto, with the purpose of killing Korosensei.

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