During the battle with Samson, Kazar loses his right horn; thanks to Samson. He sees a giant rock about to fall on him and he can only let out a weak, "Uh-oh" before getting crushed by the rock. He is the only wildebeest in the film who does not redeem himself.


Today, we put our hooves down! Leader, prophet, choreographer. Kazar captures Nigel the koala and reveals to him that a stuffed koala bear fell out of the sky (actually from a plane) and scared the lionesses who cornered him.


I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN!". EVIL.". https://disney.fandom.com/wiki/Kazar?oldid=4225059, Kazar's last words before meeting his demise: "Top of the food chain, Ma!

Nigel tells him not to kill him, and that he had such a weird life. Enraged, Kazar tries to kill Samson and Ryan himself, but Samson roars a deafening roar, which causes the walls of the volcano to crumble. He is a merciless, ruthless and sadistic monarch who happens to be the leader of The Wilderbeasts. 03.

Nigel throws a rock at Kazar, saving Samson, and Samson continues to fight. He then dubs Nigel as "The Great Him". Kazar is an evil Wildebeest who is a member of the Villain League, and the main villain of Spyro and friends enter the Wild.


https://disneyvillains.fandom.com/wiki/Kazar?oldid=145044. Kazar says that they become rich. He was Blag and the other wildebeests' leader and boss until they betrayed him in the end. Kazar's death is somewhat ironic as the plush toy, which he believed was an omen, saved him from the lionesses and he dies when his hooves get tangled on the plush toy's pull string, which prevents him from escaping the exploding volcano.

He was voiced by William Shatner, who also voiced Grand Pear in My Little Pony series. The wildebeests manipulated by Kazar in the past, say to their gods, "EVIL.

To climb his way to the top of the foodchain at all costs (failed).

Kazar is then ditched by his own minions.

So Nigel has a distraction to save his friends.

Sun, 2019. The Wild Blag tells everyone that he twisted a hoof.


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So Kazar tells Blag and the others to bring them to him, but not screw things up, and tells Scab & Scraw to flee.

Story appearances The Wild. He was also Scab & Scraw's leader and boss and Samson's archenemy. Kazar shows Ryan, Bridget and Larry who the Great Him is: Nigel. He pushes Samson towards the edge of a cliff so he would fall into the fire.

Eventually, Samson and Ryan find the wildebeests lair and Kazar has a rough battle with the lions and their allies, including Nigel who has betrayed him.

Character information

""For centuries, we've watched our brethren perish at the claw of the lion. Kazar laughs, but Samson fights him and knocks off one of his two long horns. Silk in the Early Medieval IV. The Kazar Bazar is always happy to participate in projects where the final result could be part of a musem exhibition. Leader, prophet, choreographer.

But Nigel prepares another distraction to save his friends.

Alignment https://true-villains.fandom.com/wiki/Kazar?oldid=3829.

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