Was born May 22, 1987 - Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. Several voice actors have portrayed Kazuya in video games and films related to Tekken. As in the Tekken game series, he is thrown off a cliff at a young age by Heihachi and saved by a deal with the devil. [118] However, his English voice actor Adam Dudley has been criticized for his portrayal of the character. [83], He is present in the CGI-animated film Tekken: Blood Vengeance, an alternate version of the events between Tekken 5 and Tekken 6; Kazuya, an antagonist, faces his father and son and is defeated by the latter. [42] Famitsu recommended the character to skilled players, saying that some of his techniques have good potential—most notably Spinning Demon (奈落払い, Naraku Barai, lit. [84] Played by Kefi Abrikh, he appears in the live-action short film Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

The character's combo had a glitch in this game, which Capcom patched. [64], Kazuya is the protagonist of the Tekken mobile game. View 86 images of Takuya Eguchi's characters from his voice acting career. The two teamed up as a unit “Shuji to Akira” for the 2005 drama “Nobuta wo Produce” and released the million selling single “Seishun Amigo”.

He broadcasts the images worldwide, exposing Kazuya's nature to undermine public trust in G Corporation as the Zaibatsu's opponents in the war. Initially defeating Jin, Kazuya is critically wounded; however, Jin refuses to kill him because of their blood relation and lets him live in shame.

[39] In the arcade game Tekken 7 Fated Retribution, three of Kazuya's moves were patched to increase the damage they inflict. [110][111], Websites have also noted Kazuya's moves, and his Lightning Screw Uppercut was listed by GamesRadar as one of the most satisfying uppercuts in gaming history.

Kazuya Mishima (Japanese: 三島 一八, Hepburn: Mishima Kazuya) is a fictional character in Bandai Namco's Tekken fighting game series, first featured as the protagonist in the original 1994 game and later became one of the major antagonists of the series after the first. He was drafted as a member and co-lead vocalist of the popular J-pop group KAT-TUN in 2001. Kazuya also appears in Tekken Revolution. [49], He returns as the main character in Tekken 4, set 21 years after Tekken 2. [5][6][7][8] Kazuya's family name was taken from author Yukio Mishima,[7] who was also used a model for the character's physical appearance. Seishun Amigo eventually sold over 1.5 million copies and is Yamashita's best-selling single to date. "Hell Sweeps"), which makes him Tekken 7's strongest character. [25] In homage to Tekken: Blood Vengeance, Kazuya's devil form from the film was added as an alternate version of the character for Tag Tournament 2. [13] Harada also wanted the game to flesh out the characters' relationship and reveal why they are enemies. [52] Vowing revenge on G Corporation for their treachery, Kazuya enters the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5. [73] Although he does not appear, Kazuya is mentioned in the crossover fighting game PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. [31] Kazuya's moves include techniques often used by his father and Jin, but some are unique.

Known for voicing Takeo Goda, Julius Euclius, and Kazuya Kujo. A number of staff members have considered him one of the franchise's strongest characters, which has led to debates about reducing the damage of some of his moves or removing them altogether.

The parallelism between Kazuya and Jin's devils were compared with the protagonists from the Star Wars films, Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker, respectively. [121] In Kazuya's Revenge, Manlu Movie panned the actor's performance.

[99][100][101] Kotaku compared him with Heihachi and called him one of gaming's worst parents due to his antagonism to his son, Jin. During the annual Johnnys Countdown held at the Tokyo Dome, it was announced that ultimate Johnnys duo, Yamashita Tomohisa and Kamenashi Kazuya will be holding a concert tour together to commemorate the 15th anniversary of their unit “Shuji to Akira”. [114][115] Kazuya's Spinning Demon was performed by Eric Jacobus, attracting Harada's attention. Kazuya has been positively received by critics. : Obey Me! He spares Heihachi's life and fathers Jin with Jun, but is not seen after the tournament's conclusion. "[12], Namco created Tekken 7's storyline as a conclusion for Kazuya's struggle with Heihachi, though the company wanted the game's overall plot to be easily understood by newcomers.

The son of worldwide conglomerate Mishima Zaibatsu CEO Heihachi Mishima, Kazuya seeks revenge against his father for throwing him down a cliff years earlier. Nina was selected for the game instead of Anna Williams since her cold personality was similar to Kazuya's. Lars = Wig RT @Mr_Mishimaboy Is Jin evil", "FEATURE ARTICLE Tekken's Harada and Murray on Life, Video Games, and Yoshinori Ono", "Tekken's Story Helped Series Remain Relevant", "Tekken's Harada On Choosing Upcoming Character Crossovers", "Tekken 7 EXCLUSIVE Interview w/ producer Katsuhiro Harada English and Japanese - translated", "Entrevista: Katsuhiro Harada, productor de Tekken", "Tekken 7 EXCLUSIVE Interview w/ producer Katsuhiro Harada English and Japanese - translated『鉄拳7』原田勝弘氏インタビュー! 参戦が決定した李 超狼や、ストーリーについて聞く【gamescom 2016】", "Tekken 7 Out Today, Harada Talks History, Future of Fighting Games", "7 great minigames that game developers should study", "The Making Of Tekken with Yutaka Kounoe", "Tekken Producer Talks About Origins Of Tekken Bowl And Tekken Force", "TEKKEN Special discussion with Katsuhiro Harada and Dai Sato pt.1", "人気 ! 格闘ゲーム『鉄拳』をベースにした、劇場用3Dムービー『TEKKEN』が9月3日封切り、全国でロードショー公開!声優・篠原まさのり、お馴染み『三島一八』役で奮闘!劇場でお逢いしましょう、よろしく!", "Para Harada, éste es el personaje más difícil de usar en Tekken", "Interview: Godfather of Tekken, Katsuhiro Harada", "Yoshinori Ono: "Street Fighter X Tekken es diferente, pero funciona, "Street Fighter X Tekken Patch Will Fix Infinite Combos", "The Demon, Chained: Balance Changes Coming Alongside Tekken 7: Fated Retribution's Version C Update", "Katsuhiro Harada's Fight To Keep Tekken Relevant", "A New Tekken Game Revealed For Smartphones Featuring Over 100 Collectible Characters", "Tekken Revolution Trailer - Full E3 2013 Trailer", "Project X Zone 2 Elaborates, Improves On Its Predecessor", "Tekken's Jin Kazama And Kazuya Mishima Enter Ace Combat: Assault Horizon", "Adol From Ys And Kazuya From Tekken Are In Taiko: Drum Master V Version", "TEKKEN Tag Tournament 2 - Live Action Short Film by Wild Stunts Europe", "6 Kazuya - The 50 Most Dominant Fighting Game Characters", "1.

[63] Heihachi tells a reporter that Kazuya's devil gene came from his mother, Kazumi.

[18] Kazuya's relationship with Jun has been described a common love story in regards to the interactions between a corrupted man and a goodnatured woman, respectively. Kazuya was revived by G Corporation (a genetics-company rival of the Mishima Zaibatsu), and allows the company to perform experiments on him to learn the nature of his Devil Gene. Eden of the East Movie I: The King of Eden, I Don't Have A Reason / I'll Add One Later. It was broadcast on Fuji TV but during the commercial break, Kamenashi added that the tour was announced first and there’ll be other things that will be gradually announced.

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