Pinesol has materials that are harmful to reptiles, so avoid it and similar products. The Kenyan Sand Boa pet is a beautiful creature with pretty colors and incredible behaviors, making them almost PERFECT for pet use. March 8, 2016, Copyright © 2003 - 2020, - All Rights Reserved.

They only need a small water dish that stays filled with clean water.

Rack systems are much easier to use because you can monitor and check on each one.

If they are retained for more than a couple of sheds they can damage the eye. They should be handled as little a possible until they have completed their shed, and if fed should only be offered small meals. Male Kenyan sand boas must not be housed together. However, they’re still snakes (and can be unpredictable at times), so it’s best to keep your contact to a minimum. Clean the humidity box frequently, every 1-2 weeks if not soiled. Ryan's Pet Supplies.

Inhaling the dust is not healthy for any animal.

However pregnant Kenyan Sand boas require it to warm their babies.

These nocturnal boas can be found in Kenya, Chad, Libya and Egypt. As for the substrate, even though their name may imply so – sand is actually not the best substrate. Kenyan Sand Boas do not like to make trouble and will make a calm, peaceful pet in most cases. Kenyan Sand Boa care is a relatively easy task as they have a docile nature and small size, the only thing you should keep in your mind is the tank, and its specifications, which is also a simple task.

After a few months, your female will give birth to about ten to twenty small babies, which they should be separated and put in another container.

This is Sebastian, my first ever Kenyan Sand Boa. If your sand boa does not take a dead mouse at first, you may need to temp it by wiggling it in front of him or her. Keep in mind that during it’s shedding cycle, your pet may refuse to digest the food, so make sure you let it shed in peace and don’t take it for a sign of bad health.

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In the wild, Kenyan sand boas eat nestlings, small lizards, and rodents such as the naked mole rat. One thing you should never forget is that Kenyan Sand Boa care is a long-term commitment, given that tjis species is known to live up to 30 years in captivity. Pet Care advice, Reviews, and Animal Stories, April 1, 2019 by EcoPetLife Leave a Comment. Hatchling Care Hatchling sand boas can be kept in the mother�s cage for a couple days, but they will need to be put into a separate tank. Although their name may suggest that they come strictly from Kenya, they originate from areas of Northeast Africa and inhabit countries such as Egypt, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania, and Kenya.

to help give you the best experience we can. They don’t require a large enclosure, and they only need to be fed once a week.

Kenyan Sand Boas rarely bit humans, but if they do so, then that’s because they’ve been exposed to stress. These snakes will spend a great deal of the time under the sand during the day because they are nocturnal so below ground hides will be used more. At the end we hope you’d love this Kenyan Sand Boa care practical help. Replace the substrate once every 4-6 months.

Once you get a new snake, you should quarantine it for 6 months, to prevent transmission of diseases and parasites. Kenyan Snad Boas do not have venom. Your sand boa, like other reptiles may be harbouring a small amount of Salmonella. Ideally, you want to do this six to eight weeks before making an attempt.

As earlier stated, Sand Boas love to dig. As these babies mature, they will calm down, and with regular handling, they can become friendly and docile. During the day under hot temperatures, you should not expect to see them a whole lot, but during the night they feel way more comfortable with peeking out and having some fun. Also known as Gongylophis colubrinus, this snake specie is currently one of the most popular Boa species in the pet trade.

The Kenyan Sand Boa (Eryx colubrinus loveridgei) is the perfect first boa, and even first snake. As for their natural behavior, they are known to be a burrowing species, preferring to stay underground most of the time, waiting for the correct time to pop out. Avoid any cedar or pine products or substrates because they give off very toxic chemicals that can kill reptiles. Most of the Kenyan sand boa morphs are simple recessive traits but the stripe is a mutation that is dominant. These retreats should be snug, but not too tight for the snake. Conclusion Kenyan sand boas are great first boas or even first snakes.

Substrate A suitable substrate for this species is a fine sand mixed with some wood chips and soil. No.

I wouldn’t advice you not allow your snake go 12 months before a meal. We’re very sorry if you have…, Eryx colubrinus, Kenyan Sand Boa, various color phases and morphs.

To be honest, they’re a relatively friendly species that do not mind being handled. So whenever I’ve cleaned her tank I’ve noticed something very perculiar: she has a designated poop spot. You should check the shed skin if possible to see that the eyecaps have shed. They’re ambush predators which mean that they lay in wait and strike their prey once close enough.

But if it is soiled or the moss molds it should be immediately cleaned!

Keep the conditions the same as always. Do not kiss your snake, or allow it tongue-flick your lips. In the wild, East African sand boas range through Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Libya, Chad, Niger, Yemen, Tanzania, and Somalia. Trump $200 Rx card plan doesn't 'pass the laugh test' 'The Wanted' singer reveals he has terminal brain tumor If that does not work, you can take a piece of masking tape or scotch tape (not something as sticky as duct tape) and reduce the stickiness a bit by sticking it to your finger a few more times, then gently placing it over the eyecap and lifting, using a rolling motion. The best thing you can do before completing your introduction your snakes together is to give them some time to prepare for their mating period. Give them an inch or so of sand to burrow in and keep the temperatures at about 90F. Address; Alerts; Contact The Business; Category.

The enclosure should be made of glass and have a screen lid.

If there are a few stubborn spots you can apply a little contact lens wetting solution, let it soak, then gently peel the skin off. Intro The Kenyan Sand Boa (Eryx colubrinus loveridgei) is the perfect first boa, and even first snake.

If you use other substrate or aspen it may need to be replaced more frequently. Avoid using cedar shavings ot bark nuggets as they are poisonous to reptiles. There will be 10-15 on average and the female gives live birth.

They may not need it.

Cleaning The sand needs to be replaced every 4 months. Yes, they are an excellent beginner snake, and if you like the idea of frequently handling your pet, this might be the perfect snake for you. They should only be kept together for a month because the male can mate with the female too many times and hurt her. The reason is that it may get stuck in their gut during feeding periods, causing internal problems that can make your pet sick. They dislike being held, and may nip at you in defense. So I have an almost two year old Kenyan sand boa. Continue reading for more. Here is why You should Buy Cuttlebone For Parakeets or Cockatiels. Share your experience with your snake. Note: They do not lay eggs (they’re live-bearing species), which can be a plus especially for beginners. Lana's Pet Grooming. Pet service; Nearby pet stores & pet services.

Your Kenyan Sand Boa UK snake may refuse to eat a meal because it is in shed. Handling/Aggression When young, Kenyan sand boas are jumpy. Your email address will not be published. Their natural color is a creamy white body with yellow, orange and brown spots all over. (by Brad Wilson, DVM), Kenyan Sand Boa- the smallest species of boa, and adorable, Eryx colubrinus, Kenyan Sand Boa, nuclear morph, Egyptian Sand Boa Might consider to have one. The older the boa grows, the enclosure should be no shorter than 1/2 the length of the snake. Feed them, one by one, small pinky mouse and let them slowly grow and develop into adult pets. Lightning is not important in their cage; ensure you maintain proper heat levels. Also, a live rodent can cause harm to your boa if it tries to fight back. This is a really good coloring, especially on brighter surfaces like aspen. A good sign of successful mating is a slightly larger abdomen on your female, meaning that it’s carrying small boa babies inside. This is all the information you will need to differentiate successfully when it comes to Kenyan Sand boa care. These boas are night creatures so you can watch them become SUPERSNAKES at night. Besides, if you give your snake a reason to bite you, it means that your pet was probably heavily stressed out, and that’s always a bad sign he or she is not alright. The size of food required will depend on the species of boa you plan on keeping. I checked around her tank and rarely find poop outside that spot.

Their poop are also dry and do not have a terrible odor, unless left in the humidity box for some time. With this Kenyan Sand Boa care sheet guide; you should be able to treat your snake with all the love they deserve. During the night, use an infrared heat lamp to view your snake. Baby boas will need to be fed smaller mice twice a week.

Younger Kenyan sand boas can live comfortably in 5 gallon tanks or even plastic shoeboxes. Instead, they are constrictor snakes that wrap around their prey and suffocate it to death, after which they proceed to swallow it. When being handled from the rear/middle end, they get comfortable with your hand and from there on just go with the flow.

Sand Boas love to quickly dig and bury themselves in the sand. Diet Kenyan sand boas will eat a mouse once every 5-7 days as adults.

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