Image Courtesy: Image Procured via Google Search. There are nine papers in the UPSC civil services main exams, and the Essay paper is one of them. The Bhatt family has one of the most widespread grasps on the Indian film industry. Indian economy is recovering at breakneck pace, The unique nature of Indian economy is visible again, MNCs ride high on rising domestic demand, Modi government expands API scheme to kick China out of the Pharmaceutical sector, For 6 decades DRDO was not up to the mark. Pooja Bhatt with her motherLorraine Bright was an orphan who he used to interact with by sneaking le... Pooja Bhatt with her motherLorraine Bright was an orphan who he used to interact with by sneaking letters through a tailor. She is the mother to Pooja and Rahul Bhatt. The relationship lasted for 2 and a half years before Mahesh realised that he cannot save Parveen. Not only this once, Mahesh Bhatt gave a very controversial statement by saying “If Pooja wasn’t my daughter, I’d love to marry her.” Mahesh Bhatt at the age of 20 married Lauren Bright who changed her name as Kiran Bhatt post marriage. Kameenepan ki bhi koi hadd hoti hai yaar. His actions brought widespread criticism as everyone from the media to the film industry frowned upon Mahesh’s act of indecency and an even lewd statement. The death of Sushant Singh Rajput has left everyone around the country in a state of shock. Nehru’s massive strategic blunder – How Nehru gave Coco Islands to Burma that China later grabbed, Hagia Sophia is not the only one: Turkey has a shameful history of desecration, After becoming IT hub for the West, India is now dominating IT operations of East Asian firms, ‘People are travelling with a vengeance,’ Revenge Tourism wave hits India as hotels start registering 80% occupancy, After Reliance vs Amazon, it is now Reliance vs Google and the result will be great for India, How a series exposed the ‘Bad Boy Billionaires’ of India and destroyed their chances of any future recovery, UP among Top 5 in MSME employment generators, NZ unemployment rate hits record 5.3% due to Covid-19, Remove on-field umpire’s decision once captain takes review: Warne, Intel acquires to boost AI, ML operations, Nidhhi Agerwal learns Tamil for new project, 2 killed in firecracker factory blast in UP, ‘Pack up and get out of there,’ Japan to spend $2.2 billion to get Japanese companies to exit China, The man who bullied the Bully – How Ajay Devgn made Karan Johar’s monopoly a joke and forced him to apologize, ‘Our survival is at stake now,’ Chinese Telecom giant Huawei crumbles after US ban on Semiconductor exports, T-Series forced to take down Atif Aslam’s video, Divya Khosla trolled. Mahesh and Kiran's second child, Rahul Bhatt was in the news for all the wrong reasons after his friendship with Pakistani terrorist David Headley came out in the public. Mahesh Bhatt also confessed, “I was married to Kiran, had a child, and was responsible for both of them.

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