This show was truly amazing, its changed the way of the people who watched its mind... BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

Why won't these so-called "business people" realize that the would make a lot more money if they continue the seasons and stop breaking the viewer's hearts? While wandering the school, he solves an advanced math problem, and reads the entire encyclopedia. Kyle questions his strengths, spirituality, and if he's the same person as he once was, or even a good person. I am so freaking mad, ok all who love kyle xy dont watch abc untill they return the show if they dont then they might not have enough people to keep the channel alivve we might be able to have another season. Stephen agrees to help by manually connecting CIR to the rest of the building. The director Lou Daniels notices that Kyle is strange for more than having no navel, and calls Nicole Trager, whom he knows as a psychotherapist who takes odd cases. please the end of this film cannot be predicted you people are thrilling us.
I don't know how I ever missed this show when it was Aired. If u really want to continue, nothing could stop you(as I got to know from KYLE-XY how powerful the mind is).You should do something, or betterstill write a Novel!! Season 3 had been written with the confident anticipation that a Season 4 would be forthcoming. Someone should purchase the rights and go for it. Kyle XY needs to return, period!!! I have one son who walked into a Shakespearean audition when he was 12. Such a feel good happy storyline with great twists.

I recently watched all the episodes and really is a shame that ABC Family canceled the series so abruptly and in my opinion not for a good reason.
And with such a cliffhanger! The show stopped six years ago, and still it made my shoulders heavier. People who missed the show when it first aired are discovering it later. The way he saw the world, the action, the drama, the aveturuas through which he passed were really cool!! that pretty much signaled the end of major network shows for me. Loved it. Not knowing what they were she gets scared and can't make sense of it all. Kyle and Jessi keep the Latnoch rings in remembrance of what Latnoch was supposed to be about, and to remember Adam and Sarah. <3. The final episode broke my heart!!! He very soon shows that he is special by catching a snake as it is striking, then letting it crawl away. Six years and still people are saying how much they love this show. am saani from ghana.kylxy was and is the best series have enjoy watching over and over again.we are begging the executives to bring it back to us or better the next season so that we can see and know it is educative and fun.we hope you will consider our grievancies.thank you.

I guess it was a good thing the show was cancelled before it turned into crap..(and I gotta say, I was kinda siding with the evil master plan: a world full of Kyles would have been pre-tty nice). I was disappointed with the abc only looking to deepen there pockets and when they couldn't they cancelled this show. Josh also continues to study to be a doctor. I can't find a reason why someone will be so disappointed from Kyle Xy to write bad review!!! They move in together in the house that Adam left for them, and the camera pans away from the house as the sun is setting just in the background, glinting through the windows. No sign up involved. Unbeleavable, that this Show was cancelled after the 3. season. My kids and I just finished all the seasons of Kyle XY and were totally devastated that it ended!!

I'm 53 years old and you had a winner with Kyle xy. My heart is truly broken after watching the final or the last season acted today, in which i went through hell to get. It broke my heart when I found out. PLEASE ABC FAMILY!!!!!! please give a better ending. I am upset at ABC family because they are affiliated with Disney and to me Kyle XY had way more Disney reputation. In that time I came to love Kyle XY. Standing on a busy downtown street, he is arrested for being naked, and taken to the Juvenile Detention Center. I still hope they'd bring Kyle xy back, although I'm a favor of Jessi. For whatever reason the series was caught short, it just wasn't worth it. For a show to end in its 3rd season (not the 5 years it was originally planned for) and make such a phenomenal return with 5 movies with the original cast "and the spinoffs and the full length movies made for the Next Generation cast, is something to be considered to bring our beloved Kyle XY family back into the limelight where it belongs. KYLE XY is the best show in the world and for ABC to take it off like that that's not fair! I am 100% positive that if they brought back a feature length film or 4th season, it would do excellent. Writing and acting on this were awesome.

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