One country closely associated with the ultras movement is Italy. That's interesting... Just to clarify, these are political/party affiliations, not how conservative or liberal/progressive these regions are. Thanks for Palestino. [25] Ahed formed their own ultras group, called "Ultras Yellow Inferno", the same year. Also, here's a list of right-wing clubs or clubs with right-wing/fascist ultras: Zenit St Petersburg (Russia) S.S Lazio (Italy) Rangers FC (Scotland) Spartak Moscow (Russia) Lokomotiv Moscow FC (Russia) Real Madrid C.F (Spain) Red Star Belgrade (Serbia) A.S Roma (Italy) LKS Lodz (Poland) Helsingborgs IF (Sweden) S.L Benfica (Portugal- known to have some left-wing supporters) Hamburg (Germany) Partizan (Serbia) Chelsea (England) Hellas Verona F.C. Which obviously probably sucks if you're a lefty Lazio fan but that's life I guess. I won’t go into the specifics of any other players, but just to prevent outrage in the comments I thought I’d best address that one. AEK Athens’ ultras have formed a ‘triangle of brotherhood’ with supporters of AS Livorno and Olympique de Marseille. There will be a bit of bantz between North and South, or the occasional local derby (Portsmouth v Southampton, Liverpool v Manchester United) might have been spiced up by historical socio-economic events but that’s about it for politics, aside from what you might see at Dulwich Hamlet or Clapton. In a football supporting climate dominated by racists and xenophobes, Arsenal Kiev represent a brave pivot towards social justice and tolerance. Atlético de Madrid – briefly the air force team Atlético Aviación in the 1940s – also has its share of right-leaning fans. It's always been a left-wing workers' city, plus Bill Shankly - the most famous and popular Liverpool manager - was a socialist. [41] Some hooligans try to be inconspicuous when they travel; usually not wearing team colours, in order to avoid detection by the police. On the other hand, his record at Madrid, when one forgets about the unrealistic Messi and Ronaldo numbers, is fantastic, he has scored huge goals for Real such as his brace against Liverpool to win last seasons Champions League, and even this season he has bagged 14 goals in 38 games, which would be considered decent for most players in this seven. The image depicted in the media was of an Eastern European football landscape completely imbued in nationalistic, racist hatred. The Conservative party has been in power in Britain for one year, four months and 23 days, if you include today. The undisputed best left winger in the world at least as long as one considers Cristiano Ronaldo a centre-forward now, which he predominantly is, there really shouldn’t be too many debates about Neymar’s place at the top of this seven. Of course, the obligatory Ernesto Guevara head appears on club banners. If Gareth Bale did leave Real Madrid in the summer, the man the club would most likely look to replace him with is Eden Hazard. [22], The ultras scene was introduced to Lebanon in February 2018, with Nejmeh's "Ultras Supernova". It is considered to be one of, if not the biggest Asian footballing rivalry.The most memorable derby on many accounts took place in 1997 at the semi-final of the Federation Cup, when a remarkable crowd of 131,000 – a record attendance for any sport in India – filled a heaving Salt Lake Stadium. What I’ve looked at are clubs that have an active leftist element in their fan base. Hamburg’s second club has certainly earned its reputation as an antidote to the negative elements of football with its public stands against racism, homophobia and sexism. [26] Prior to the Arab Club Champions Cup game between Nejmeh and Al-Ahly of Egypt, played on 13 August 2018, seven “Ultras Supernova” fans were arrested by the Egyptian national security because of the negative connotations the word “Ultras” has in Egypt. The rivalry between these two teams is almost 100 years old, and features in the FIFA's classic derby list. Ultras tend to use various styles and sizes of banners and flags bearing the name and symbols of their group. In Italy, afaik, Bologna (Emilia-Romagna) is often referred to as "la rossa" (the red one). [24][25][26] Their rivals Ansar quickly followed with their own ultras group, "I Tifosi", one month later. Celtic’s left-leaning fan base could originate from its historical identity as the club of Scotland’s exiled Irish community; hence shows of sympathy for other marginalised peoples. FK Velez Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovinia is also a club known for their antifa stance. The style of support that would become synonymous with Italian football developed most during the 1970s as more groups formed including the radical S.S. Lazio Ultras in 1974 with a strong predominance of fascist slogans and chants amongst other groups such as Hellas Verona supporters. Tom Finney for England). During their home matches at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium (Kochi) the group commits to cover the stadium in yellow colours which is the primary colour of the club. Villages and small towns are more lefty because they are full of old people. Reus has gradually moved more and more central on the pitch recently, and one could make a case for him being considered for the attacking midfielders seven rather than this one. Blue Pilgrims is an organised group of football fans who support the India national football men's team, women's team, and all the other age–group national teams at every home and away game formed by a group of football fans of several club fan bases of football clubs from India. Bill Shankly was quite open about how he saw the relationship between his politics and his brand of football: “The socialism I believe in is everyone working for each other, everyone having a share of the rewards. 473 – 490, Testa, A. True, but then again you could call Man U the ultimate capitalist club since they're on the New York Stock Exchange. Truth be told, Eastern Europe is far more cosmopolitan than it gets credit for. The list is from a Celtic forum, Celtic and Feyenoord are friends so they're both treated as left wing clubs. I even stuck up a little poll on our Twitter page to gauge the mood on there, and the last time I checked it was split roughly down the middle. The club even has its own manifesto, which includes: One OW reader wrote in from Turkey to report that the club’s supporters are involved in social issues and activities throughout the country. It seemed like a case of ‘here we go again’ when Liverpool lost Coutinho to Barcelona in a deal some claimed could be worth as much as £142 million if all clauses were activated, with the Reds previously having had to rebuild following the sales of their best players. Let me know if I've missed some or what you think about the idea of a left- or right-leaning team. The term ultras was used as a name for the first time in 1969 when supporters of Sampdoria formed the Ultras Tito Cucchiaroni with an acronym of Uniti Legneremo Tutti i Rossoblu A Sangue (such as “all together we will beat the rossoblu fans to blood”, fans of Torino change her name the Ultras Granata in the 70s. Race and football in Eastern Europe has always been a messy affair. "Active support" redirects here. In Serie A, we could mention the likes of Douglas Costa at Juventus, Lorenzo Insigne at Napoli and Ivan Perisic at Inter Milan, in the Bundesliga Franck Ribery has been one of the best left wingers in the world for so long but he is 36 now, meanwhile Julian Brandt who is 14 years his junior is also a fine footballer and worth of a mention. In England there are ultras groups at Crystal Palace F.C. Perhaps Liverpool could be considered left-wing? In addition to his 19 goals and 7 assists in 32 games, Reus has also been the attacking linchpin in a Dortmund side which could still win the league. They took part in a broad left-wing/green and humanist coalition fighting local and presidential elections from 2003 until 2009 called Juntos Podemos Más (originally Juntos Podemos/ United We Can). Just take a look at AS Lazio! Hey everyone who commented on Feyenoord- they're out! Despite their dodgy Israeli-Ukrainian weapons dealing owner, the supporters are pooled together from all the different factions in the city that reject racism and embrace social justice. You might know more than me, but didn't a lot of teams with "Partizan" or "Red Star" in the name come from military units? [29], Ultras groups are usually centred on a core group of founders or leaders (who tend to hold executive control),[38] with smaller subgroups organised by location, friendship or political stance. I meccanismi di creazione dei neologismi e le dinamiche di contatto e interferenza" Annals of the University of Craiova, Guerra Nicola (2011). Hamburg is probably the major city with the most people voting for left-of-centre parties. Livorno is a capital of Italian communism. From a Liverpool star of the present to one of the past, in fifth place is Barcelona star Philippe Coutinho. ", "Egypt: 38 soccer fans charged with violence", "Ultras: The Surprise Kids ff Turkey’s Uprising", "Ultras Supernova: Lebanon's First Ultras Group", "قضية مشجعي "النجمة" الموقوفين في مصر... ماذا جرى معهم؟", "Lebanese Nejmeh fans to be deported days after arrest at Borg al-Arab Stadium | MadaMasr", "Indian national football teams to have dedicated fan base named 'Blue Pilgrims", "Mariners' Base Camp – The Ultras of The National Club of India Mohun Bagan", "Manjappada | Heart Beat of Kerala Blasters - Welcome To Official Website of Manjappada (Kerala Blasters Fans). This group was defunct between 2008 till the remobilizing to join the Gazi Park protest. Both players suit the teams they are in, and in an incredibly tight call, we lean towards Sane on the simple fact that I think he is a more gifted footballer. The behavioural tendency of ultras groups includes their use of flares (primarily in tifo choreography), vocal support in large groups and the displaying of banners at football stadiums, all of which are designed to create an atmosphere which encourages their own team and intimidates the opposing players and their supporters. Clapton FC are a tiny club of hard-core left wingers. Feel free to correct the list or add new ones if I've missed some. I'm willing to be wrong on any club, and I'd like to know how lefty supporters of righty clubs manage to keep up their fandom. [38][40] An ultras group can number from a handful of fans to hundreds or thousands, with larger groups often claiming entire sections of a stadium for themselves. I hadn't heard much about their ideology, My own new york cosmos have a big antifa contingent. Wouldn't it be Berlin instead of Hamburg? It’s always a controversial decision where to rank Gareth Bale in these kind of lists, inevitably there’ll be some angry Real Madrid fans claiming he is their worst player since Julien Faubert at one end, and then some equally angry passionate Welshman claiming he’s better than Pele and ought to be first. Right, here are our 7 best left wingers in world football: I must admit, I thought it seemed like a lot of money when Liverpool spent £34 million to bring Sadio Mane to Anfield from Southampton.

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