Help Six escape The Maw – a vast, mysterious vessel inhabited by corrupted souls looking for their next meal. Six herself is weak enough that she can't even struggle against an opponent her size, like the Leeches.


realizes you had to have knocked the doll off of the chair. ...And that's it! There's an equal amount of qualities to like and dislike, but when it comes down to it Little Nightmares succeeds at delivering on its promise of being an interesting horror game unlike anything else.

After pushing a television set into the water to electrocute and kill the Granny, the Kid climbs a tall wooden staircase but is caught by the Janitor.

Immerse yourself in Little Nightmares, a dark whimsical tale that will confront you with your childhood fears!

Runaway Kid.

Six follows the Lady up into her Quarters, which are strewn with broken mirrors.

After killing one for who knows what reason, they become angry toward or afraid of her, and there are no Nomes in the final level whatsoever. later on, two of them appear at the same time, apparently being stored for later attachment. The first one was released in July 2017,[3] the second in November 2017, and the last in February 2018.[4][5].

After terrorizing Six in the later parts of the game and eating people as part of their greedy indulgences, Six kills many of them with some newly acquired powers as she finally escapes. Janitor. devours her when she is weak and defenseless, but considering all the atrocities she's committed, there are no tears shed. Peek into Six’s world, part dream, part nightmare, where every step feels like a leap, and every shadow a vast darkness!

The Kid finds himself in the Depths of the Maw, which are heavily flooded, and he has to avoid leeches and make his way across by hopping on floating platforms. There's an awful sense of scale within the Maw (furniture for the guests can be taller than they are for example), so it's extremely difficult to gauge anything's size.

Discover the foul secrets of The Maw and survive the attentions of its monstrous residents as you bid to help Six escape to the world outside. Much later, she devours a Nome, who is slightly smaller than Six herself; and then, at the end, she takes a big chunk out of the Lady's neck.

Fun. Appears briefly whenever Six eats something. The Nomes and Six are considered vermin that will not be tolerated, and, as such, the Chefs will go after them persistently if they know where they are. She will attempt to grab the Runaway Kidand drag him into the water, however it isn’t known as to why she does. They can be seen lifting up their skin masks to reveal their actual mouths underneath.

doesn’t mean the creatures of the Maw should expect mercy. A possible interpretation, as she was once. Xbox One. Welcome to the wiki for Little Nightmares, a horror adventure video game developed by Tarsier Studios for PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One and Google Stadia. Unpredictability can be found throughout The Maw, and so can The Nomes.

A group of children huddled around a small campfire in the "Little Nightmares" comic series that Six encounters after escaping the chefs. Start from the bottom of The Hull and look for a way to The Above. It gets worse when her third hunger attack kicks in and she eats a still living rat to fill her tummy. You can save it by jumping onto its cart and carrying it off in time, everything aside from them and Six is out for their skin, And undoubtedly eaten off panel in the darkness not long after, tearing out the souls of their fellows as she walks by, dark and more like a classic horror setting than the rest of the game.

On one hand, the gameplay is a nightmare, regularly testing your patience and will to push forward. Armed with only a lighter, she sneaks through the bowels of the Maw, a massive iron vessel designed for much larger inhabitants.

With long forgotten things from long forgotten places, he fled the world and found The Maw.

Little Nightmares - Deep Below the Waves Trailer PS4, XB1, PC, Little Nightmares - PS4 XB1 PC - Hide and Seek (7 minutes of Gameplay).

How did Six escape the Janitor?

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