OMG Dolls also sport the most extravagant, eye-catching hair, shoes, clothes, and fashion accessories. Her earrings are two spiked studs. It's not a fucking surprise if it's ON THE FRONT OF THE BOX MGA. 4 brushes, 8 clothes hangers, 4 omgs, 4 electronic instruments, 4 lols with matching bottles and 4 miniature plastic instruments. Instagram-worthy, fun-fantasy, but most of all, each accessory is truly a usable surprise for us.

I suppose I prefer spitting to pissing themselves on stage. These are cute little rooms and you could set them up into a backstage area if you so desired. Her torn striped stockings are painted to look torn and she has a painted on black bodysuit under her outfit. I had to keep making sure i hadn't lost any of the teensy little pieces in the steadily increasing pile of tissue paper because you can't start to dress anything till you have all the layers and several of these pieces are absolutely TINY.

She has a pretty cool molded on metal gauntlet.

The only problem there is there's absolutely on differentiation of what piece is for the omg and what piece of for the lol. little drawers would have worked better I think.

Bhad Gurl has a tv... i think? Fame Queen's glasses ALSO won't stay on her face, they constantly slip down and then fall off.

Get this, each OMG Doll sports manicured fingernails! LOL Surprise!

if ( localStorage.getItem(skinItemId ) ) { Let's argue the interior of the playset/box is also a "surprise" as it's not shown on the outside of the box so that's another 1 point. September 21, 2020, 7:04 pm, by

Hot Your email address will not be published. Her skirt is transparent pink with white polkadots and then lace and gingham ribbon trim. LOL Dolls Cute Her bodysuit is two clamshell pieces of plastic that clip together around her body and her necklace/shoulderpad/big heart piece clips to her neck and shoulders.

They're electronic and play 6 different samples depending on which numbered button you press. This is everything you get in the box after you spend an hour getting everything out of the little compartments. I think it would have worked better to just have two sets of the spinny wheels, it's not like there isn't space for another pair either above or below the tubes. It's gonna take fucking forever to open but it's the LOL Remix super surprise 8 pack! unlike Fame Queen, this girl's is JUST the hand and not the whole lower arm. OMG Remix Super Surprise box looks like an old boombox. Goo Goo Queen (AKA Lady Gaga) comes CAKED in glitter, like holy shit there's so much glitter.

Then, MGA blessed the fans with Series 2 LOL Dolls OMG, which include Busy B.B., Candylicious, Alt Grrrl, and Miss Independent (OMG Series 3).
Well, of course in a plane as bad-ass as the LOL dolls and concert stage itself!

The single pack Remix OMGS are £40 here and the previous few waves of OMG have been £35 each.

We are talking major popstar vibes with tie-up, over-the-knew boots, and some bling. This set retails at around £140 here in the UK which all things considered isn't too bad a deal. She has a bodysuit that's half black and half white with pink puff sleeves in the same fabric as the skirt.

It’s not just lame packaging containing a toy.

The bottom two are easier to spin having normal spinny wheels but the two at the top spin using two dials above them on the top of the box and they're a bit more awkward. It's quite an undertaking and it WILL inevitably fall to the parent to make sure each of those tiny pieces is kept safe during the unboxing process to avoid tears at the end when an earring or a shoe has disappeared under the sofa.

They are straight out of a music video or music concert, taking the level of fun and imagination to another level. The LOL Surprise Big Sisters Series 3 is Here. She has earrings which I think are glued in. Overall it was a less frustrating experience than the last big set they did (with uptown and downtown girl) but it still took forever to reach a point where I could even start to play with the dolls. Her shirt looks like the outfit she wears in the Lady Gaga video for Telephone.

_g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-inverted-img'); I'm dumb) to reveal the omg boxes labelled 34 and 51. I should mention at this point that MGA has actually at least sort of listened to criticisms of the waste of these blind bag toys.

LOL OMG Dolls stands for “Outrageous Millenial Girls.” Their level of fashion and accessories is second to none. I think they ALL spit as none of them have a tube through the neck. I have this problem a lot with OMGs. OMG Dolls’ outer packaging displays relevant information, such as the name of the OMG Doll, the exact number of surprises, and the series number.

Free shipping on orders of $35+ or same-day pick-up in store. One "wall" has a picture of a door leading to backstage. You can order the new LOL Surprise! Purple_monkfish. Again quite clearly Lady Gaga. You’re here because you know that we provide you the lowdown on the new LOL Surprise dolls! She has molded hair this time too.

In my set one compartment was empty (no idea what was meant to be in it) and a few compartments were switched so a large item was inside a compartment that had 2 doors and a long door had 2 surprises behind it instead of 1. That's good to see but i'd prefer just NO random extra packaging and this dumb blind gimmick to go away already. Brutally honest reviews on toys, because who wants to grow up? It has two speakers and a cassette player.

Nope, it ain’t cheap. You can collect all previous original OMG Girls here. The last big box took a similar amount of time to open to be fair, actually I think it took longer because I had to deal with the stupid maze thing it had. I don't know if i'm missing anything. How cute.

My arm should give some perspective on the size of this thing. LOL Surprise - OMG Remix Super Surprise Fame Queen + extras.

Keep in mind that the LOL OMG Dolls are not moms, but rather, they play as LOL big sister dolls.

If the OMG Remix Super Surprise price tag is too high, no worries. And even if that’s not the case, this mega box could be one of the most exciting packages from the Surprise LOL Doll series to date. _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-mobile-inverted-img'); Also it looks like my set wasn't in the correct order.

They shimmer purple and green as light hits them and are freaking awesome. An interesting choice given the legwarmers totally cover them up. Wouldn't it be better to have them organised? On top of them you also get 4 electronic instruments (let's say £5 extra each) and the LOLs which retail at anywhere from £10-15 each now. The lightening bolt makeup is from the album cover of The Fame. They all got bottles too.

One brush i'd accept but four is overkill and a waste of plastic as well as being a shitty way to pad the number of compartments to open. Cute, by

I appreciate the paper baggies and tissue paper but a better solution to cut down waste would be to NOT HAVE THE THINGS PACKED IN 67 DIFFERENT SMALL PARCELS IN THE FIRST PLACE. We can break down each Series 3 LOL Surprise Remix OMG Doll as evidence of their greatness. There's a lot of references in the backgrounds.

Come on guys, you can do better than this!

2 Votes. OMG Remix Super Surprise set now.

These dolls are not for sale individually. It is called LOL Surprise OMG Remix Super Surprise and comes with 4 exclusive LOL OMG fashion dolls Ferocious, Bhad Gurl, Fame Queen and Metal Chick and 4 exclusive LOL Surprise tots (Fierce, Goo Goo Queen, Metal Babe, Bhaddie) in Music themed outfits. _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-inverted-source'); music-based and super fun. Also those little boxes under the door ALSO have something inside them.

They can be clipped down if you want the thing to be more of a keyboard.


And just as an exciting additional playset, you have to check out the LOL Surprise Remix 4-in-1 plane and music studio. Dolly Parton would be proud. I don't mind the drippiness, it's the damn words on them. it's wierd.

Wheels up! I think it'd be better to have little slots like the LOLs have for glasses and headbands you know?

(one of the silver dials on the boombox. She comes with a pair of cymbals which are gold and cracked. Details about LOL Surprise OMG Remix Super Surprise 70+ Surprises, 4 Fashion Dolls & 4 Dolls. I had a problem where it kept rucking up her top and exposing her boobs but after a bit of fenangling I managed to get it to work. Interior of all four "changing rooms"?

She has molded on gloves and chunky rings that are pierced through the hand like old 80s and 90s Barbie dolls. All four have a pair of shoes behind them) All four LOLs are step like.. 19. I will probably reuse the tissue paper for packaging things I sell on ebay but I ended up with a very large pile of the stuff. LOL Dolls

OMG Dolls are literally related, connected, infused with LOL Dolls. Present Surprise Dolls Unboxing and Review, L.O.L Surprise All-Star B.B.s Dolls Unboxing and Review. Black with a cracked mirror sort of effect for Googoo/Fame Queen, red with animal print for Fierce/Ferocious, green with stripes for Bhaddie/Bhad Gurl and pink spiderwebs for Metal Babe/Metal Chick.

Another limitation is the shitty articulation the OMGs have, their arms just don't bend the way human arms do which limits their ability to hold anything in a way that looks natural.

Item Information. Popular

OMG Remix Super Surprise set now.

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