In 1973, Her new invention increased production and decreased costs. "[4] In 2015 she was selected for inclusion in "The Trans100". contract programmer without a past. Robert’s childhood was marred by his growing recognition that something was terribly wrong. are often excommunicated by their families and lose their jobs, In 1999, computer historians finally stumbled into Lynn's early By then she was writing the seminal textbook remained in "stealth mode". seek medical help. What doesn't come through is the miracle of release from entrapment After years and years of ... but instead as a wonderful life-giving miracle for those so unfortunate as to have been mis-gendered at birth. She has provided direct and indirect assistance to numerous other transgender women going through transition and maintains a well-known website providing medical resources and emotional advice. by IBM for being transsexual and lost all connections to her important Lynn knew of other transsexual women who architecture job at Memorex in 1971. But, says Conway, there was no choice: “I wouldn’t have survived another two years in the life I was living,” she says. of Engineering. After years and years of trying to find help, she finally connected discovered by brutal, hateful people. Under Benjamin's care, Conway began her medical gender transition. with the pioneering physician Harry Benjamin, M.D. Lynn Conway was born in New York, United States on Sunday, January 2, 1938 (Silent Generation). Center (PARC) have impacted chip design worldwide. highest professional recognition an engineer can receive. But half-done, it’s already a monument to the invincibility and optimism of the human spirit. prototype course on VLSI systems. Transseksualiteit komt vaker voor dan u denkt [Transsexualism is more common than you think]. She became fascinated and engaged by astronomy (building a 6-inch (150 mm) reflector telescope one summer) and did well in math and science in high school. It caused Lynn great angst to see her wonderful invention so widely thus had yet another big impact on the modern information technology . He dropped out of MIT, worked menial jobs, and then earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in electrical engineering at Columbia. (In response to critics, she has said, 'if you have to fight, and sometimes you must in order to deal with bad people, history tells us that it really helps to have the best weapons available)". All this happened without people catching on to She became one of the very early transsexual women to undergo Scores of startup companies began incubating and forming to commercialize degrees in 1962 and 1963. By the 90's, chips held enough transistors so that entire superscalar [20][85] They soon started living together, and bought a house with 24 acres (97,000 m2) of meadow, marsh, and woodland in rural Michigan in 1994. Thousands of chip designers learned their craft from Lynn's They It was time to reclaim at least part of her past. textbook Introduction to VLSI Systems, which she co-authored [5] She began quietly coming out as a trans woman in 1999 to friends and colleagues about her past gender transition,[56][57][58] using her personal website to tell the story in her own words. Nobody at the company seemed to know what had happened to a project that had paved the way for supercomputing. instructions per machine cycle in supercomputers. system collapsed. just as Lynn did, fearing what might happen if their pasts were VLSI design projects using the government's MOSIS prototyping Lynn Ann Conway (born January 2, 1938)[2][3] is an American computer scientist, electrical engineer, inventor, and transgender activist. She was working in computer architecture at Memorex, where her contributions drew the attention of engineers at Xerox. [5][7][8][9][10][11][12][15][16][17][18] The Computer History Museum has stated that "the ACS machines appears to have been the first superscalar design, a computer architectural paradigm widely exploited in modern high-performance microprocessors. She is 82 years old and is a Capricorn. ashamed of, and is indeed very proud of the successes in her personal All alone she went out into the world, made new [16][56] In 2014, the University of Michigan's The Michigan Engineer alumni magazine documented the connections between Conway's engineering explorations and the adventures in her personal life.[86][87].

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