For lowest cost and highest long-term reliability, I recommend a 2005-2006, pre-facelift SL 350 with standard suspension. It was an optional extra in other models. If you compare the ABC to other hydro-pneumatic suspension setups: In the Mercedes-Benz R129 SL-Class, the ADS suspension has conventional coil springs but no conventional shock absorbers. It’s the same procedure as checking for timing chain issues, so look out for any chain rattle too. If the leak is large enough, the coolant entering the combustion chamber has the potential to hydrolock the engine. Also, check in the boot underneath the spare tyre. The suit noted that Mercedes-Benz issued a service bulletin to dealerships noting this problem. If you are planning to buy the R230, be aware that it has SBC. The other failure method is that the hose from the crankcase to the valve becomes brittle and develops cracks. An oil service at a Mercedes-Benz dealership is far more expensive than many customers would imagine. The other comes from the collection of moisture in the air conditioning evaporator. Read more about timing chains. Here’s a video of an accumulator taken apart. This is particularly true for the SL-Class, which is filled with state-of-the-art technology like the ABC suspension or SBC braking system. I hope this gives you an idea what you’re getting yourself into when you buy a second-hand V12 Mercedes-Benz R230. When things go wrong, you can expect the servicing costs to be way above average. I recommend avoiding the SL 63 AMG unless you are planning to do something about the head bolts that may corrode. The lifters. “They went to turbocharging afterwards, and who knows what’s next with electric-car technology. js = d.createElement(s); = id; If you are going to buy an R230 with the M272 or M273 engines, be very careful not to buy one with worn gears. “The camshaft is made of a softer material than the lifter,” said Palmeri, “so over many miles, and especially if you don’t keep up on your oil changes, the cam lobes can just wear out.”. Cheers Reply Coolant entering the combustion chamber can also cause increased smoking and a rough idle. The M273 engines don’t have balance shafts but still have the defective idler gears. The engine uses a bore and stroke of 102.2 mm × 94.6 mm (4.02 in × 3.72 in). And according to Palmeri, there’s a good reason for doing so, despite the big flaws. The Mercedes-Benz M278, M157 and M152 were 90-degree V8 petrol engines that were introduced in 2010 to replace the M273 and M156 engines. Most already know what to look for when ... How to Replace PCV Valve There were head gasket problems, bent rods, and ruined engines. Newer cars have improved corrosion resistance. The M156 engine had a 102.2 mm bore and a 94.6 mm stroke for a capacity of 6208 cc. The engine also utilizes a dry-sump lubrication system to lower the center of gravity of the car. The membrane can deflect to store energy (pressure) because nitrogen gas is compressible. The price of used cars continuously climbs higher, yet there are still budget buys far from boring. 30 088611. The M156 is normally aspirated, the M157 twin turbo. This article applies to the Mercedes-Benz C-Class w204 (2007-2014). Get an M100, all the others are just pretenders. Underwhelming to very little I would say in the real world. An often ... How to Replace Crankshaft Position Sensor Your email address will not be published. This is because around 1993, Mercedes-Benz implemented a more environmentally friendly, water-based paint. [1], The lawsuit lasted approximately 14-months. Does your C-Class AMG not start or randomly die while driving down the road? “The M156 is the last naturally aspirated AMG engine ever made,” says Palmeri. The pulsation damper, which is just another nitrogen accumulator, evens out these pulses (membrane deflecting). Figure 3 shows some M156 head studs from Weistec. 2006 was also the year the first-ever original engine built by Mercedes-AMG left the assembly line: the 6.3-liter M156 V8.

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