They cover routes which are not covered by other public transport. Bus Station, Burnley • St Peters Centre, Burnley • Ormerod Road, Burnley • Prestige Park, Burnley • Hebrew Road, Burnley • Hallwell Street, Burnley • Duke Of York, Duke Bar • Newman Street, Duke Bar • Murray Street, Queensgate • Queensgate Depot, Queensgate • The Prairie, Queensgate • Windermere Avenue, Reedley • Reedley Grove, Reedley • Redman Road, Reedley • Reedley Road, Reedley • Regent Street, Reedley • Town Hall, Brierfield • Every Street, Brierfield • Park View Close, Brierfield • Churchill Way, Lomeshaye • Farrer Street, Lomeshaye • Lomeshaye Road, Nelson • Mosley Street, Nelson • Bus Station, Nelson • Wavelengths, Nelson • Seldon Street, Nelson • Hilldrop Road, Nelson • Colbran Street, Nelson • Walton Lane, Nelson • Thorne Street, Nelson • The Golden Ball, Colne • Whitewalls Drive, Colne • Phillips Lane, Primet • Masons Mill, Primet • Rail Station, Primet • Crown Hotel, Colne • Municipal Hall, Colne • Colne Lane, Colne • Bus Station, Colne • Gordon Street, Colne • Oak Street, Colne • Castle Road, Colne • St Michaels School, Foulridge • St Michaels Church, Foulridge • Causeway, Foulridge • Skipton New Road, Foulridge • Accornlee Farm, Foulridge • New Hague Cottages, Foulridge • Old Stone Trough, Kelbrook • Craven Heifer, Kelbrook • Sough Park, Sough • Station Hotel, Earby • Victoria Road, Earby • Bus Station, Earby • Post Office, Earby • Beech Avenue, Earby • Sandholme Villas, Earby • North Holme Estate, Earby • Park View, Salterforth • Sandhills Close, Salterforth • Earby Road, Salterforth • Higher Park Farm, Barnoldswick • Marina Way, Barnoldswick • West Craven Hs, Barnoldswick • Park Street, Barnoldswick • Rainhall Road, Barnoldswick • Silentnight, Long Ing • Fernlea Avenue, Barnoldswick, Croft Street • Church Street • Dawson Square • Butler Street • A682 • Rosebery Street • Colne Road • Burnley Road • Wesley Street • Ann Street • Manchester Road • Queen Street • Hildrop Road • Colbran Street • Irvine Street • Burnley Road • Burnley Road • New Street • Burnley Road • Primet Bridge • 94 Albert Road • 5 Church Street • Dockray Court • Skipton Road • Lowther lane • Colne Road • Victoria Mews • Beech Avenue • Kenilworth Drive • Earby Road • Elm Close • Sussex Street • Long Ing Lane • Back Skipton Road, Download PDF: M5 timetable, stops and map. It runs east along Central Park South one block, and turned right onto Seventh Avenue. There, the M5 runs crosstown along Central Park South (West 59th Street) and uptown along Broadway from Columbus Circle to West 72nd Street, where it crosses over to the southern terminus of Riverside Drive. Timetables, fares, route maps, stops & times, trip planner, and phone numbers for M5 Route, Merced Bus. Choose any of the M5 bus stops below to find updated real-time schedules and to see their route map. ", Daimler Chrysler Orion VII Old Gen and Next Gen, Houston, West Street and Pavonia Ferry Railroad, Manhattan and Bronx Surface Transit Operating Authority, "Midtown Gets New Traffic Pattern; One-Way Plan Starts Smoothly - Big Test Will Come Today", "Barnes to Speed Downtown Flow; New One-Way Designations on the West Side to Go Into Effect on Sunday", "City to Extend One-Way Traffic To 3 Manhattan Routes Sunday; Broadway, Sixth Avenue and Lafayette Involved", "City to Close Washington Square to All Buses; New Routing to Bypass Park Beginning Monday Traffic Around Square Will Go Counter-Clockwise", "Barnes Suggests Express Bus Runs; Says One-Way Traffic Flow Will Permit New Service on Fifth and Madison", "2010 NYC Transit Service Reductions - Revised", "Transit & Bus Committee Meeting: January 2016", "M5 bus to be split into two routes: MTA", Central Crosstown (17th & 18th Street Lines), Public Service Coordinated Transport/Transport of New Jersey,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, 2,288,424 (M5, 2017); 667,794 (M55, 2017), This page was last edited on 5 October 2020, at 19:51. Merced Bus M5 Merced South-East Schedules. The first stop of the M5 bus route is Bus Station, Burnley and the last stop is Fernlea Avenue, Barnoldswick. Select trips begin/end at 135th Street–Broadway. The M5 covers the northern portion of the route north of 31st Street, while the M55 operates along the southern portion of the route south of 44th Street. Click here for live arrival times and to see the full schedule for the Merced South-East Bus line that is closest to your location. The M5 bus (Direction: Barnoldswick) has 68 stops departing from Bus Station, Burnley and ending in Fernlea Avenue, Barnoldswick. [13], Closures of Broadway in the Theater District south of 47th Street and around Herald Square in 2009 resulted in major changes to the M6's southbound service, with the northern half of the route shifting to Seventh Avenue before returning to Broadway in the vicinity of Union Square. M5 bus timetable overview: Normally starts operating at 04:50 and ends at 22:28. Moovit gives you The Bus suggested routes, real-time bus tracker, live directions, line route maps in Fresno, and helps to find the closest M5 bus stops near you.

This will display all the bus stops along the route. [6] When several lower Manhattan streets were converted to one-way traffic on June 3, 1962, the 6's northbound path in the area was rearranged to travel along Greenwich Street, Trinity Place and Church Street. [19], This article is about the surface (bus, formerly streetcar) line.

Moovit, an Intel company, is the world’s leading Mobility as a Service (Maas) solutions company and maker of the #1 urban mobility app. Normal operating days: everyday. [15], In January 2016, it was proposed to split the M5 into two routes: a M5 "classic northern route" between Washington Heights and West 37th Street in Midtown, and a new M55 " brand new southern route" between Midtown and South Ferry. A map showing the boundary of Greater Manchester for bus services. That company changed its name to Fifth Avenue Coach Lines in 1956; the Manhattan and Bronx Surface Transit Operating Authority took over operations in 1962.

Merced Transpo (Inside) • K St @ 18th/ Mcag (Northbound) • K St @ 21st (Northbound) • Amtrak • K St @ 23rd • 21st @ G St (Eastbound) • 21st @ Glen (Eastbound) • 21st @ Cherry (Eastbound) • 21st @ Yosemite Pkwy (Eastbound) • Parsons St @ Yosemite Pkwy/Rancho San Miguel (Soutbound) • Parsons @ Golden Valley Hs (Southbound) • Childs @ Manzanita/Golden Valley Hs (Eastbound) • Childs @ Watertown (Eastbound) • Gerard @ Coffee/Pioneer Elementary (Westbound) • Gerard @ Laughlin (Westbound) • Villa Estates Mhp (Westbound) • Gerard @ Parsons/Cal Storage • Parsons @ the Grove • Parsons @ Childs/ Holiday Inn (Northbound) • Parsons @ Golden Valley Hs (Northbound) • Merced Av @ Murthella (Westbound) • Motel Dr @ Merced Ave (Northbound) • Motel Dr @ Courtyard by Marriot (To Transpo)) • Yosemite Pkwy @ Cypress (To Transpo) • Yosemite Pkwy @ Rose (Eastbound) • Yosemite Pkwy @ Shirley (Eastbound) • Yosemite Pkwy @ Carol (To Transpo) • 21st & Yosemite Pkwy (Westbound) • 21st @ Cherry (Westbound) • 21st @ Orchard (Westbound) • 21st @ G St (Westbound) • Amtrak • K St @ 21st (Southbound) • K St @ 18th/ Mcag (Southbound) • Merced Transpo (Inside), West 16th Street • 1810 K Street • 356 West 21st Street • 321 West 23rd Street • 403 West 23rd Street • 8 E 21st St • 670 East 21St Street • 1170 East 21St Street • 1789 E 21st St • 1970 Yosemite Park Way • 57 Parsons Ave • 2204 East Childs Avenue • 10 Watertown Dr • 2918 East Gerard Avenue • 2622 Vega Ct • 2499 East Gerard Avenue • 2255 E Gerard Ave • 32 South Parsons Avenue • 1715 Merced Avenue • 1111 Motel Dr • 785 Motel Drive • 1748 Cypress Way • 1320 East Yosemite PKWY • 1540 E Yosemite Park Way • 1790 E Yosemite Park Way • 1801 E 21st St • 1170 East 21St Street • 551 E 21st St • 21 E 21st St • 321 West 23rd Street • 402 West 21St Street • 1810 K Street • West 16th Street. M5 bus Route Map. Services on the M5 bus start at 04:50 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. At Broadway, the Broadway line turned right and terminated at the South Ferry; the Fifth/Madison Avenue Line continued to Fourth Avenue and terminated at Astor Place and Fourth Avenue. Bus route maps. On the go?

Elsewhere, all limited buses make local stops. [7] Following the one-way conversions of Sixth Avenue below 34th Street to one-way northbound, and of Broadway between 34th and 23rd Streets and between 14th and Canal Streets to one-way southbound, on November 10, 1963, the NYCO's Sixth Avenue bus (numbered 5) was discontinued and absorbed into the 6, now designated the Broadway-Seventh Avenue-Avenue of the Americas Line, and later M6. In addition, get real-time info on bus status, bus delays, changes of bus routes, changes of stops locations, and any service changes.

It opened in 1885, and was leased to the Broadway and Seventh Avenue Railroad. Services on the M5 bus start at 5:56 AM on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. The two routes overlap in Midtown Manhattan. The Broadway and Seventh Avenue Railroad was leased by the Houston, West Street and Pavonia Ferry Railroad on June 30, 1893, and the lessee merged with the Broadway Surface Railroad and South Ferry Railroad on November 29, 1893 to form the Metropolitan Street Railway. The portion along Broadway south of East 8th Street was originally a streetcar line. Choose any of the M5 bus stops below to find updated real-time timetables and to see their route map. M5 bus route operates every day. When Broadway from 34th Street to Columbus Circle, Sixth Avenue from 34th Street to 59th Street, and Seventh Avenue from Times Square to 59th Street became one-way streets on March 10, 1957, the Broadway-Seventh Avenue route 6's northbound route was shifted to Sixth Avenue between 34th and 59th Streets. M5 (Direction: Merced Transpo (Inside)) is operational during everyday.Additional information: M5 has 35 stops and the total trip duration for this route is approximately 45 minutes.

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