[31])—in Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile, refers to buttocks (as either an object of appreciation or disgust): "Qué tremendo orto tiene esa mina" (in praise of a woman's buttocks), "Qué cara de orto" ("What an ugly/bitter/moody face"); or luck—either good or bad. "Towards a cross-cultural pragmatic taxonomy of insults". Ilarregui, G. M. (1997). [a], Chocha (or chocho) employed term for "pussy" predominantly in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Spain, Mexico, Venezuela, and Dominican Republic. A common Basque catchphrase is los de Bilbao nacemos donde nos sale de los cojones ("we Bilbao natives are born wherever the fuck we want"). [a], follar—used particularly in Spain and to a lesser extent in Cuba, but rarely found elsewhere. fuck something up, e.g. Tocarse los cojones/los huevos/las pelotas/las peras (lit. Therefore, it can be said in front of adults, but possibly not children, depending on one's moral compass. "shit! Costa Rica's official language is Spanish, though a large number of its citizens are at least moderately bilingual. One might say Está cabrón to describe something as very good or very bad depending on the circumstance. In Mexico, Panama and El Salvador it can be loosely translated as "couch potato." It is due to this that attempts at a euphemism have at times become popular, as is the case with gilipuertas (puerta standing for door). In Cuba, to soften the word in social gatherings, the "g" is substituted by the "s". Martínez, R. A., & Morales, P. Z. [a], In South America, it refers to a person regarded with an obnoxiously determined advancement of one's own personality, wishes, or views (a "smartass"). In order to provide you with the best online experience, this website uses cookies. In Mexico and the Philippines, panocha (or panoche) refers generally to sweet breads or cakes, or, more specifically, to a raw, coarse form of sugar produced there. An older usage was in reference to a man who is in denial about being cheated (for example, by his wife). In Cuba, comemierda (shit-eater) refers to a clueless idiot, someone absurdly pretentious, or someone out of touch with his or her surroundings. By extension, its use in daily life is dedicated to any of the following types of people: Occasionally it may be used for people who appear to be unpleasant or stupid (without necessarily being either) out of extreme social ineptitude.[a]. Capullo (lit: "cocoon" or "flower bud", also slang for glans penis) is nearly always interchangeable with that of gilipollas. [citation needed], Culito (little ass) is used by younger men to refer to women in a sexual context; it is also used to refer to the buttocks in an inappropriate but affectionate way. A common expression in Spain is anything to the effect of hace lo que le sale de los cojones ("does whatever comes out of his/her balls"), meaning "does whatever the fuck he/she wants". In Mexico, the word is not used in a potentially ambiguous situation; instead, one may use the inoffensive blanquillos (literally: "little white ones").[a]. In Chile and Cuba, cagado ("full of shit") means "stingy" or "miserly". It is used in very much the same way as the English word "dyke." The word caracho is also considered mild like caray. By continuing to navigate, we understand that you accept its use. Spanish Street Slang, How to say "cool" in Spanish, funny words to express yourself in "Having a Laugh" and typical "Commands" Home; About Savvy; Travel Savvy. To be used for cooking, it then needs to be softened by soaking in water. In El Salvador and Honduras, culero ("one who uses the culo") refers to a male homosexual, while in Mexico it refers to an unjust, unkind, aggressive or insensitive person likened to the connotation provided by the word asshole but usually more offensive. In Mexico, Cuba, Chile and also in Peru estar hecho mierda means to be very exhausted. "[citation needed], Puta literally means whore, and can be extended to any woman who is sexually promiscuous. The word is quite flexibly used in Puerto Rico, and it can even have completely opposite meanings depending on the context. In general, it is used to refer to something considered scary. It is sometimes used, at least in Spain, as a suffix, complement or termination to a word or name in order to confer it a derisive or overbearing quality. means "I'm the best that there is!"[a]. In Argentina, Peru, Chile, and Mexico maricón or marica is especially used to denote a "chicken" (coward). There's also a local expression: "¿Me hai visto las weas?" [a] In some other parts, cipote can also be used. The word carries at least a third meaning in Venezuela because it often is used to show that someone is being very funny. In Argentina and Uruguay, "ojete" and also its synonyms culo and orto can all be used to mean "good luck": "¡Qué ojete tiene ese tipo!" translates as "He's depressed because his girlfriend dumped him."). These range from the inoffensive (pito (lit. [a], Remojar el cochayuyo (lit. : "a pubic hair"[c]), according to the Chicano poet José Antonio Burciaga, "basically describes someone who is stupid or does something stupid. [citation needed] In Argentina, pendejo (or pendeja for females) is a pejorative way of saying pibe. : "female pollo", i.e. For example, ¡Soy bien verga! Hablar hasta por el culo (To talk out of the ass)—a local, impolite variant of the well-known frase Hablar hasta por los codos (to talk through the elbows)—refers to someone who talks a lot; this variant is used to refer to a person in a negative way (as in "He/she won't shut up") while Hablar hasta por los codos does not necessarily imply annoyance. are fucked up, fuck this place/everything up). [a], Buey/Huey/Güey/Wey/We is a common term in Mexico, coming from the word buey that literally means "ox" or "steer." It is also used as an insult, based on an old usage similar to that of pendejo, namely, to imply that the subject is stubborn or in denial about being cheated, hence the man has "horns" like a goat (extremely insulting).[a]. or "vamos a prestar atención y dejar de comer mierda" (Let's pay attention and stop goofing off). However, phrases such as Vete a la mierda (literally: "Go to (the) shit") would translate as "Go fuck yourself."[a]. [a] A popular obscene graffito in Mexico among schoolchildren is OGT; when the letters are pronounced in Spanish, they sound like ojete. Playing the jingle on a car horn can result in a hefty fine for traffic violation if done in the presence of police or road rage if aimed at another driver or a pedestrian. a fuck up/fucks everything up), La cagada aqui es el tranque ("Traffic jams are the shit here" i.e. I live by ass house/in the asshole of the world. And the diffusion too! puta, "whore", perra "bitch") or implying a lack of masculinity if the insulted person is male (e.g. It is also frequent to derive other words, such as adjectival form cojonudo (lit. In Spain and the Dominican Republic, Mexico and many other Spanish speaking countries it refers to people (both male and female) who are a negative influence on others, often used as mal bicho ("bad bug"). The most common way to refer to a pimp in Spanish is by using the term chulo as a noun. In New Mexico it means a sprouted-wheat pudding. : "crow's nest") is used in Spain in reference to the penis. or "Dude!" As an adjective, it is equivalent to "tough" as in "It is tough" (Está cabrón). (or in Mexico, Métetelo por el fundillo) is an expression of reproach. Vivo por casa del culo/en el culo del mundo lit. (lit. anoche, Juan y su novia jodieron ("last night Juan and his girlfriend fucked"), or it can mean "to annoy", "to ruin", etc. In Mexico it refers to the penis; "Te voy a meter la verga" means "I'm going to insert my penis in you"; referring to somebody else, "Le metió la verga" or "se la metió" means "he fucked her" or "he fucked him" which may be the literal meaning, or more likely, it means that in a business, he got away with what he wanted for little money. : "mollusk shell" or "inner ear") is an offensive word for a woman's vulva or vagina (i.e. ("The cunt of your mother"), which may be used as an expression of surprise or grief, or as a highly disrespectful insult. = how are you doing, pal? Extensively used in Cuba. maricón "faggot", puto "male prostitute"). ("Don't be such a coward!"). "cunt jackal", in the sense of the jackal being a relentless predator), et cetera).[23]. You can complete the definition of macha given by the Spanish Definition K Dictionary dictionary with other dictionaries : Wikipedia, Lexilogos, Maria Moliner, Espasa Calpe, Grijalbo, Larousse, Wordreference, Real Academia, Diccionario, Babylon, Oxford, Collins It can be used as an adjective, like the English "fucking" (jodido) and is often used as a light interjection: ¡Joder! : La cagaste (lit. ", "¡Chingada madre!" For example, one can hear a Mexican say No corras, ten huevos which means "Don't run away, have some balls". del lat. In Chile and Peru, the preferred form to use is huevón (often shortened to hueón or weón) and ahuevonado/aweonao. [c], In Spanish, as in most languages, swear words tend to come from semantic domains considered taboo, such as human excretions, sexuality, and religion,[1] and swearing serves several functions in discourse.[2][3][4][5][6][7][c]. Expressions like en el culo del mundo (lit. [a], Cuca (short for cucaracha, lit. Espinosa, M. "Algo sobre la historia de las palabrotas". Such expressions would be said as ¡Estás cabrón! In English to be means at the same time both the permanent/ fundamental characteristics and the non-permanent/ circumstantial ones of anything, in Spanish to be separates into two distinct verbs: ser and estar which respectively reflect the aforementioned characteristics. "yardarm"), "choto/chota" (after "chotar" which means "to suck"), "porongo/poronga" (a "gourd", which is also used to craft "mates"), "banana", "salchicha/chorizo" (two kind of sausages), "pedazo" (lit. Street Talk Savvy. Mamagüevo is also used in Venezuela where it is considered less offensive. (person) who tramples Christs—"blasphemous person"), and much more. (lit. Shortened forms huevá or even weá and wa are usually intended to be less offensive.

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