They will be a big help. Scroll down the page and click on “Brother to Madeira Thread Conversion Chart.” Find your Madeira thread color number in the Madeira column. It took me FOREVER! Madeira provides superior customer satisfaction through quality, color selection, availability and service. I did not attempt to convert the variegated or metallic colors – just the solid color columns. I don’t know why it wouldn’t show up when I specifically google searched “floriani to madeira” throughout March this year when I switched, but I’m so happy to have come across it! Thank you tons n tons, I have looked for hours trying to find a Complete conversion. Thank you for the conversion chart. I have several designs that call for Floriani thread, which I don’t have. You are a God send. Madeira USA is the high quality machine embroidery thread and embroidery supplies market leader. I so appreciate all your hard work on these charts. Thread collections from various manufacturers contain similar colored threads with unique names and numbers. Note that Madeira numbers contain four digits and Brother numbers contain one, two or three digits. Good luck on your project! I appreciate the time you spent converting these threads. Needing to substitute either Madeira or Sulky rayon. Cosmo Seasons Variegated Embroidery Floss, Cotton Embroidery Floss Size #25 6 Strand, Variegated Cotton Embroidery Floss Size #25 6 Strand, Coloris 6 Strand Variegated Embroidery Thread, Machine Quilting Thread 40wt Cotton Art 43/47/48S, Variegated Machine Quilting Thread 40 Wt Cotton Art 44/49S, Cotton Wrapped Polyester Thread Art 67/68S, Master Quilter Solid 3-Ply 40wy Poly Thread, Fabulux Variegated 3-Ply 40wy Poly Thread, Customer Service: 775-751-9972 Mon-Fri 9-3 Pacific or. My Floriani Thread Chart isn’t labeled with a version or a date, but has 24 columns of solid colors. This is not a decisive list, more of a suggested starting point. Thank you very very much!! Machine embroidery designs usually call for thread from a specific manufacturer by color number. Find your Madeira thread color number in the Madeira column. I just finished something I have been working on for a while now – my Floriani to Madeira thread conversion chart. // Leaf Group Lifestyle. I know. Hear about our clearance offers and specials. I have all 7 boxes of the Classic Rayon #40, plus one box of the PolyNeon #40 – meaning I used as great a range as possible with Madeira for the best conversions. You just saved me hours that I can now spend on the project. I had started on it so I truly appreciate the time you spent doing this. And as I have with the States, this is a starting point and the final Madeira colors used will likely change when you pull all the colors and see how they work together. Look directly to the left for the corresponding Brother thread color number. Madeira to Robison Anton Color Conversion Chart This chart is provided as a guide for embroiderers who are trying to convert Madeira 40wt rayon embroidery thread colors to Robison Anton 40wt rayon embroidery thread colors. Hi Kelly, I’ll try to update the PDF with the reverse. So thank you thank you thank you!! I have just about all colors of Madeira thread and was working on some patterns to embroidery. She writes for various websites and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in business and human resources management from Simpson University. Go to Sewphisticated Stitcher (see Resources). I don’t actually look through the columns lol . When working on designs with up to 40 different thread colors, such as a State design, it took a long time to try and convert the called for Floriani thread color, match it up to the Floriani Color Card that I have, and convert that to Madeira – each time. Click on “Madeira Thread Conversion Charts.”, Scroll down the page and click on “Brother to Madeira Thread Conversion Chart.”. You will notice that some of the Madeira thread colors are duplicated because I couldn’t get a different Madeira thread color for each different Floriani thread color. So I decided to start from scratch, go column by column for the Floriani Thread Chart, and convert it to Madeira the best I could. This was a yeoman’s effort and so valuable as I am about to start a project that was designed using Floriani (which I do not own). Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into? I have spent the better part of 2 days trying ti convert Floriani thread to Madeira thread. The thread brand specified may not be available locally, or you may already have a thread supply from another manufacturer.

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