Lets see how big of a fan you are. All Total Drama contestants participate except Sadie and Katie who are switched to original characters.

Total Drama Mike Total Drama Mal Total Drama All Stars TDAS Total Drama TDI tdi mike pen scratches art fan art cartoon //blood all stars was my favourite season and honestly i love mal forest. These are a collection of prompts for Whumptober 2020 featuring Mike and the gang. An anthology of "What If?" artistic shitposts mal total drama total drama mal td mal total drama revenge of the island total drama all stars mike td mike alters tdroti tdas addie i cant believe you were born today thats wild welcome to the world babu. This majorly applies when he's pissed and going to kill someone. TV Totaldrama Total Drama Tdi.

don't mind me i'm just gonna treat mike and his alters as different people cause idk how to personify character aha, idk if i should tag them both??

This is personally for Mal fans who watch Total Drama. Games Movies TV Video. As Duncan realizes that Mike and Mal are both better allies than he originally thought, he fights against his own urge to become a hero. scenarios spanning all the seasons of Total Drama until their conclusion, where a single divergence can change everything and anything.

here he is!! After waking up from a coma with no memory of the past few months, the Nova Scotia police beg Duncan to help them catch a serial killer that has been terrorizing the province for the past year.

(please do not tag as me/kin/ID). I’m writing these in order to cope with my own trauma and experiences, as I am neurodivergent as well.

Some popular, some less so. Mal is keeping a big secret from Mike, can he trust Zoey to keep it? bye. Reblog. ’ ’ ( ) ! I am not romanticizing anything in these prompts. It may or may not be a dead hooker stuffed in the trunk of his car. Total-Drama-Mal How fortuitous. i personally gave mal the gay. he said that "the truth was in the art"...mal needs to find the evidence alejandro hid, and there's one place he still hasn't checked.but he needs a sound excuse. He begrudgingly agrees to help by joining the cast of Total Drama Island, where he tries to find the identity of the murderer while dealing with a stranger from his past. tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst kudos>10, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Rape/Non-Con, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (19), Total Drama: Eyesore: episode season 1: Mickey See, Mickey Do, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, More tags will be added as new chapters are added, AKA neurodivergent author copes with trauma by writing about neurodivergent characters facing trauma, Mal is an integrated persecutor-protector alter, More accurate representation of mental illness, these are the main characters but the entire TDI cast shows up at some point. Mal drags Duncan out of bed just to make a joke. He doesn't like the other personalities (or even Mike) and sometimes will force his way out just to have control over a situation.

takes place the night between s5:e10 and s5:e11.


While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Multi-Anime AMV -- United States of Pop 2009, https://the-family-series.fandom.com/wiki/Mal_(Total_Drama)?oldid=6493. WARNING, PARODY ALERT! 394 notes. While reluctant, he will go shirtless for someone he loves (after getting his own body, obviously), but usually asks for something in return. December 28, 2013 NekkitaxNessa . total drama total drama revenge of the island total drama mal mal total drama mike total drama total drama mike idk if i should tag them both?? The winner of Total Drama All Stars was Mal who won the race to the million dollar prize! Y'all don’t understand how much I love this g u y, I forgot about this wonderful image I made awhile ago, Mike and Mal - YuNg BRATz (AMV)x can’t sue me for copyright infringement because chris mclean killed him. Wikis. tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst kudos>10. Idk him but someone requested a real tired Mal so!!

satireshadows vibe check. I realized I made a major date typo so I remade it!! Come join chaos. I shall be taking parody requests! The winner of Total Drama All Stars was Mal who won the race to the million dollar prize! i just handed it to him. Five months after the end of the All Stars Mal finds himself waking up on the couch in Mike's therapist's office once more in control of the body. If someone tries to reveal his plans (however simple; lovers excluded), he will grab them by the wrist and crush it in his fist slowly until they give in.

Duncan wakes up one morning and believes that everyone disappears, but of course, that is not exactly the case. He's known to whistle a creepy tune when up to something bad.

1,460 notes. Malevolent is generally dark, cruel, and evil. Bella V.S Mal the Ultimate total drama love story (all stars) Completed June 19, 2014 NeNe . The Family Series Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community.

Work Search: Malevolent is generally dark, cruel, and evil. its gonna be weird tdroti This is a direct sequel to King of Juvie and is a continuation after the events of Total drama all stars. Split into teams based on their seasons, who will win, and most importantly, who has what it takes? If this fails, he will resort to more violent options. djhfhkjdss art digital art fanart wolfkid's art ok i have one request from insta to go!! Fourteen cast mates. Add to library 166 Discussion 93. Reblog. This will serve as a place to post my one off parodys as not to clog up my upload page. Duncan realizes who Mal is during All-Stars and decides to help Mike keep him under control. When he's out of Mike's head for long periods of time (and after getting a life of his own), he dresses in band T-shirts, biker clothing, and sometimes the same outfit as Mike, but more often than not, the other two.

However, his weapon skills and love for violence and misfortune often comes in handy for dangerous situations (provided he doesn't make them worse). Mal's six month sentence is already off to a bad start.

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