"[3], Little Abner Yokum: Abner was 6' 3" and perpetually 19 "years" old. Capp turned that world upside-down by routinely injecting politics and social commentary into Li'l Abner," wrote comics historian Rick Marschall in America's Great Comic Strip Artists (1989). Mammy Yokum: Born Pansy Hunks, Mammy was the scrawny, highly principled "society" leader and bare knuckle "champion" of the town of Dogpatch.

It all turned out to be a collaborative hoax, however — cooked up by Capp and his longtime pal Saunders as an elaborate publicity stunt. : The bumbling detective became the star of his own NBC-TV puppet show that same year. I has spoken.

It made its debut in Li'l Abner on November 15, 1937. [29] The favorite dish of the starving natives was raw polar bear (and vice versa). Rounding out the cast were soap opera star Laurette Fillbrandt as Daisy Mae, Hazel Dopheide as Mammy Yokum, and Clarence Hartzell (who was also a prominent actor on Vic and Sade) as Pappy. The musical has since become a perennial favorite of high school and amateur productions, due to its popular appeal and modest production requirements.

[11] Pursued by local lovelies Hopeful Mud and Boy-less Bailey, Tiny was even dumber and more awkward than Abner, if that can be imagined. The NCS had originally disallowed female members into its ranks.

Capp, a lifelong chain smoker, died from emphysema two years later at age 70, at his home in South Hampton, New Hampshire on November 5, 1979. Evil-Eye Fleegle and his "whammy" make an animated cameo appearance in the U.S. Armed Forces Special Weapons Project training film, Self Preservation in an Atomic Attack (1950).

Capp provided specialty artwork for civic groups, government agencies and charitable or non-profit organizations, spanning several decades.

Capp derived the family name "Yokum" as a combination of yokel and hokum.

Cute, lovable and intelligent (arguably smarter than Abner, Tiny or Pappy), she was accepted as part of the family ("the youngest," as Mammy invariably introduces her).
She had married the inconsequential Pappy Yokum in 1902; they produced two strapping sons twice their own size. From then on, he referred to it as Dogpatch, USA, and did not give any specific location as to exactly where it was supposed to be located. They also released an archive hardcover reprint of the complete Shmoo Comics in 2009, followed by a second Shmoo volume of compete newspaper strips in 2011. We didn't care, as long as you was there and we was here! Li'l Abner also featured a comic strip-within-the-strip: Fearless Fosdick was a parody of Chester Gould's plainclothes detective, Dick Tracy.

Fosdick also achieved considerable exposure as the long-running advertising spokesman for Wildroot Cream-Oil, a popular men's hair product of the postwar period. A naïve, simpleminded, gullible and sweet-natured hillbilly, he lived in a ramshackle log cabin with his pint-sized parents. The demise of KSP in 1999 stopped the reprint series at Volume 27 (1961).

He left it at Dogpatch USA so there would be no headaches and problems. The menfolk were too lazy to work, yet Dogpatch gals were desperate enough to chase them (see Sadie Hawkins Day). "There is, however, a fighting chance to escape for hundreds of innocent bystanders who happen to be in the neighborhood — but only a fighting chance.

Those who farmed their turnip fields watched "turnip termites" swarm by the billions every year, locust-like, to devour Dogpatch's only crop (along with their homes, their livestock and all their clothing). Most Dogpatchers were shiftless and ignorant; the remainder were scoundrels and thieves.

Mammy Yoakum : I has spoken.

However, Gussman consulted closely with Capp on the storylines.

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