i won’t let anything happen to you.” he states taking off his hoodie and placing pressure on my head to stop the bleeding. i grab quinn aside as elias and brock enter the party door. “how can i tell you? i’d pick you over anything. Request: Can you do 28 and 51 with Mat Barzal? You slipped on the dress and opened the door, exiting the bathroom. You chuckled to yourself and wrote, “Sure ” before hitting the pause button on the episode. i let it ring for a bit as it ends, he calls again and i sit there, still in the same distressed state. “well that wouldn’t happen because i won’t let you fall anywhere else but in my arms.” he says cheekily, wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me into him. I need to cut out parts of my report and paste them onto the colored backing paper, but I can never cut in a straight line.”, You raised your eyebrows. Mat groaned. i’m just so lost and confused and hurt and it’s all my fault.” i sob and mat shakes his head. mat catches me and i hold my hand to my chest trying to catch my breath. A/N: I can’t believe I finally finished the series!!!

Also mats finsta is private and according to “sierras” ig bio she only adds people she knows so idk how that anon would be able to see her followers/posts. “i love you too matty.”. Unfortunately, you heard Mat outside screaming, “Hurry!” presumably at the super before the key turned in the lock. “i can’t tell you mat, i don’t want to lose you.” i cry and he sways me back and forth. i let out another scream before shooting up.

“a beautiful name for beautiful lady.” he adds, looking me up and down. i promise.” he commits and i nod as he pulls me down on top of him, running his fingers through my hair. I knew I never had a chance especially if he was Matt’s teammate. “I know I must look pathetic, but you don’t have to dance with me out of pity.”, “Why would you think that?” Mat looked genuinely shocked. “Just trust me,” he repeated, and you nodded. my sister just called mat, mat brazil. You watched your boyfriend bleed on television after getting hit with his visor, and to add insult to injury, the Isles lost. “you little bastard.” i mumble pushing away from him and setting myself back down. Warnings: Swearing/language, mentions of FWB, a few suggestive comments. mat wipes away at my tear with the pad of his thumb. There are days when I just want to fake an illness and not play in a game. i head outside to calm myself down. i want a girlfriend that respects my privacy not one that’s always putting herself all over me!” mat mutters and i look at him in disbelief.

So to say you were nervous was an understatement. “i’m here. prompt: the reader and mat decorate their apartment together for halloween, an: no prompt lists for this one either, also a requested halloween special imagine :). “now let’s get some rest okay?” he says and i stare at him unsure. A/N: This is the second and final part of the series. “so i’m thinking you’re going to forgive me?” elias asks and i laugh. “Probably, but let’s deal with it in the morning. Associated With. Your laughter died as soon as you looked up and saw Dave standing by the bar at the other end of the club. He had previously won gold representing Canada at the 2014 Ivan Hlinka Memorial Tournament. “It hasn’t changed my mind exactly…” Gemma trailed off before sighing. "trust me, if i knew you would be in the car i wouldn’t even have come.” i answer and he scoffs. She hates technology, so she banned us from using Powerpoints.”, “Yep, they’re in the closet in the living room.”. You chucked the shoes into the closet and changed out of your dress, opting instead for an old Fordham t-shirt and sweatpants. i look up to see elias. “i still need to put up the lights.” i pout and mat shrugs. my first hc so i apologize if it’s shitty! “Alright, let’s do this,” you said, getting up off the bed. “Be my guest,” you said, and Hannah could tell that you were telling the truth because she left the table and went up to the guy without a second glance. mat hesitantly pulls my fragile frame into him softly as i burst into tears; crying into his chest gripping onto him for dear life. He began playing organized hockey at age 4.

“you look bad.” elias says and i elbow him in the side. He didn’t like that you were going to have to commute from the city every day (less time for him, he said), and you didn’t like that he was trying to control your life. no you’re not come with me.” elias says and i shake my head. “it’s not you’re fault matty.” i hiccup and he sighs. “Only continue when you’re ready,” she said. the door bell rings throughout my apartment and i raise my eyebrows in confusion. You were so proud of Mat; he had worked so hard and sacrificed a lot to get to this point. brock no.” i sob. “say it to my face, look me in my eyes and tell me you don’t love me anymore!” i say and mat slowly looks up with tears in his eyes. For the first time in three years, you felt free. what the heck is his deal? You could see the way your R.A was looking at Mat and you hated it. This building has great security, and I left information on Dave with the guards right after you first moved in, so he won’t be getting near any apartment in this place.”, You breathed a sigh of relief. “matty, please don’t blame yourself, you stopped him before he actually took advantage of me. Mat put his hands on your waist and you to put yours on his shoulders. He spun you around in a circle. “you’re such a flirt mat.” i laugh, and he grins. “baby? me and mat were the closest of friends until one day i noticed that i liked him way more than that term.

i quickly change into them and sit on the bed. “no. He was the star of the Islanders, so you were worried about crossing boundaries, but you were desperate. he’s like a brother to me.” i reply softly and he shrugs. “i love you baby, you’re going to be alright. that’s great y/n!” he says and i nod. the mirror was slowly beginning to fog up.

“I think we sufficiently enraged him. prompt: the reader feels overwhelmed and insecure about herself when she starts to get into problems with her friends. my friends got into a big argument with me today and pretty much dropped me. i do my makeup very light and natural and slide on my black stilettos and head downstairs. Hockey Players. “hey, wait stay.” mat says and i close my eyes, trying my best to keep in the tears. You broke away from the kiss to find Dave looking angry. “Where’d you learn to dance like that?” you asked him. i wrap my arms around his neck, burrying my face into the soft material of his hoodie he just changed into. “i’m chris, and you are?” he asks and i take a sip of my water. brock helps her calm down and stays up until he knows she’s sound asleep. :) Word count: 1,042. he always hated me and now he’s trying to act all friendly? “ill be here princess, right when you wake up too. “it- it felt so real brocky.” i choke out. “aw baby c’mere.” brock whispers, pulling me into him. warnings: sexual harassment :/ it’s never alright and never the victims fault and i apologize in advance :( if this triggers anyone please read at your caution. “Babe, don’t you have your final project due on Thursday?”, You groaned, emerged from under the pillow and chucked it onto the floor, and sat up on the bed to face Mat. i need to pay you back.”. “i can’t tell you matty.” i whisper, as i let a tear slip. i walk away from the door back towards where i was previously sitting as mat sighs, closing the door behind him. Now, you were watching his press conference, and you hated seeing him hurt. he leans back, keeping his hand firmly on the ladder as he observed the pumpkin orange colour lights. are you alright” mat questions, concern lacing his words. “i’m on my way.” mat replies as i hear his keys jingling in the back. i see the regret in his eyes and i look away. Hockey Player Born in Canada #26. “who said that i didn’t feel the same way y/n?” mat starts and i look up at him in disbelief. now go get dressed.” brock says and i nod my head and make my way up to my room.

i’m stuck with you forever and always.”. When he came through the doorway, though, he stopped moving and started staring at you. And Beau wants you here, too.”. “i never said i was, but you will do what i say.” he replies back and i scoff. “i’d rather not liana, he probably doesn’t even wanna see me, and it’ll just bring back memories i don’t want to remember” i say quietly but liana stops me.

i turn around to face him and he holds his hands out. I wouldn’t think of you in my darkest and lowest moments if I didn’t have faith in you.”. “all we had was nothing to you? i nod, resting my head against his chest. “i’m sorry, i just can’t do this anymore y/n, you deserve better” mat says and i shake my head. Mat Barzal Popularity . liana: alright, waiting for you! “you betcha! “so that’s it, all those three years I’ve spent dedicating my entire life to you and you just end it, i even left home just for you.. and you push me away and end it just in a split second, honestly fuck you mat. You pushed him away.

“sure, i’m sure that’s totally the reason.” i retort and he laughs before slapping my bum playfully. “yeah, about that my bad.” the game begins and one by one all the players skate on the ice. we haven’t even spoken in seven months and now you think everything is okay?” i croak out and he shakes his head. “i can think of a way to change that.” he murmurs, slamming his lips against mine. i hear footsteps behind me and i turn around to be faced with elias.

“you seemed uninterested.” he replies and i shake my head at him. “bull fucking shit. “no y/n it’s alright!” liana objects and i give a stern look and she sighs, taking the money from my hand. i feel mat pulling me into him. This morning, Emily walked into the office’s common room with her Starbucks iced tea, and as usual, her best friends on the team were waiting for her. I do need a little time to process everything.”. but you don’t mind because you lowkey like him as well. we both just talk about all of our stresses and new gossip while catching up on the daily life we both currently live now. Request (anonymous): Hi sweetheart can u do a #54 w/ Mat Barzal?

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