Though you unlock most of the in-game factions after you've completed a campaign in 'Medieval II: Total War,' the Papal States aren't one of them. people in medieval times did not have a currency but they traded animals and crops for other items of value. So I recently downloaded Medieval II Total War on steam for my mac.

It unlocks all the factions from the start and enables many kingdoms features without changing gameplay too much otherwise (iirc some units are rebalanced and I think upkeep might be a bit lower too).

I used to play M2 and was excited to get started again. Cut and Paste the'unlockable' section into the 'playable' section and save the file.Launch the game and you should have every faction available. Error: The Process Winlogon.exe With Pid 720 Could Not Be Terminated. This is a submod of Crynsos' Faction Unlocker+ and will make these factions available: You need to sign in or create an account to do that. Faction servers are mainly desinged for players that are into compitions in factions you can make your own faction (clan) and build a base you can go to war with other factions or make allys with others. 1. Decided to unlock all factions, so went into local files and did the classic maps>campaign>imperial campaign>descr. Groups that disagree with each other are known as factions. So let me know which one you want. Depends on if you want to do it the normal and fair way or if you want to edit program files and cheat. Move 'papal_states' from the Non-playable category to Playable. Go to C:\Program Files\Medieval Total War\campmap\startpos\early.txt 2. My personnal unlocker / submod for crynsos campaign overhaul+, This submod will only work if you have Crynsos' Faction Unlocker+, Faction Unlocker Submod - Destruction Factions, Faction Unlocker Submod - Vanilla+Mixed+Ordo Draconis. In the Grand Campaign game seventeen factions are playable. What does the orginal descr_strat file look like before the edit? How it effected the medieval society is there other belief's, values, money and society.

For example, while you could still face excommunication for attacking your Milanese and Sicilian neighbors, they don't have repercussions for striking first.

I tried that, but there's no descr._srat file for mac when you download from steam, You're fine lol, yeah I can't figure out how to post a screenshot of it, but it's just weird, because I know when I had Rome there was a file like that, but I can't find any of those with Medieval and the lack of files that I have is surprisingly small. In order to unlock the other factions, you must complete campaign for one of the starting factions : Julii, Scipii, and Brutii, Yes, you can play almost all the factions when you complete the grand campain. The beliefs what people had in different gods and Churches than the medieval society had. If you want to do this in the shortest way possible, then I'd say choose a short campaign, and cheat your way through it.

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