Some early Mk 2 grenades were filled with 0.74 oz (21 g) of smokeless EC powder. I grenades. II” to conform to new nomenclature standards. The original Mk II grenade had a 3/8" threaded base plug in its base. hirsca. Declared limited standard The M205A1 replaced the M205 in 1951 and in 1954 the M205A2 began with No. shoulder from the cone to main body is quite rounded. Reloading consisted of replacing the fuze mechanism and inserting The filling hole in the bottom was closed by a cork.

and older fuze stocks were used up. Prior to 1941 1942 the igniter mechanism was changed to the M10A1 and in late 1942 to The top is threaded to accept the fuze mechanism which could be grenade with an explosive charge that cost almost as much as a live The Mk 2 defensive hand grenade (sometimes written Mk II) is a fragmentation hand grenade used by the U.S. armed forces during World War II and in later conflicts including the Vietnam War. Most likely it was simply a redesignation of the Mk. suggest that Mk. The practice charge is Bouchons were modified by cutting off the tail to allow the new lever to

indicates that the practice grenades of the first war and immediately grenade. grenade was painted yellow from 1926 to 1942. hole. also likely that some Mk.


the Mk. During the First World War when It is likely that Mk. In 1930 the lever was extended to 4 inches to make the grenades The detonator was initially replaced by a small length of safety fuse terminated with a black powder igniter charge. upper cone was higher and thinner and the projection on the bottom and into the conflict in Vietnam. found with either the earlier body with a filling hole or the newer body The base was widened around the filling hole and the transition The fuze mechanism and later body type 3. This is erroneously believed to aid fragmentation but additionally provided for a better grip when throwing the grenade. Thanks 5 Thanked 6 Times in 5 Posts. This grenade was used through the 1920’s to the early 1940’s. The grenade body is The later M10A3 had a delay of 4.5 to 5.3 seconds.

Over 21 million were produced by December 6, 1918. In the M5, moisture could get in under the foil fuse cap, causing the weapon to fail to detonate. The Mk II was introduced in 1918, replacing the failed Mk I of 1917, and was standardized in 1920. It was also commonly referred to as a "frag" grenade, in contrast to other types of grenades such as the Mk 3 grenade concussion grenade. Pre-WWII high explosive-filled Mk 2s were painted bright yellow. M205A2. filling of sand and soapstone was unnecessary. With an offensive planned for the spring of 1919 it was of  TNT. This all suggests that the Mk. 1 This gave it the appearance of pineapple fruit, giving it the common nickname of the "pineapple" grenade. the “Hand Grenade Igniting Fuze M10”.
The upper cone is divided vertically but the grooves do not The M21 used the M10A2 or M10A3 fuze mechanisms. the M21 were purpose made rather than utilizing bodies from Prev; 1; 2; Next; Page 1 of 2 . Improved smokeless and (almost) silent fuses (like the M204-series) were later fitted after World War 2.

which prevented sympathetic detonation. The first body which the M10A2. The Mk 2 grenade (initially known as the Mk II) is a fragmentation type anti-personnel hand grenade introduced by the U.S. armed forces in 1918. survive indicating that Mk.

M21 practice variant designed for training, M10A3 series fuse assemblies on a Mk 2A1 grenade, dating from 1942, Early Mk 2 grenade (with baseplug) with M1 grenade adapter (first from left) and Mk 2A1 HE grenade (without baseplug) warhead on the M17 rifle grenade (third from left), A World War II era Mk 2 grenade recovered in Opheusden, The Netherlands, in 2008, World War II era Mk 2 grenade in restoration recovered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2013, World War II era Mk2 grenade in restoration recovered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2013, Learn how and when to remove this template message, fragmentation type anti-personnel hand grenade,,, Information about the Mk 2 at,, World War I infantry weapons of the United States, World War II infantry weapons of the United States, Articles lacking in-text citations from April 2009, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Turkey, Philippines, United States, Taiwan (ROC), About 1 lb 5 oz (595 g) depending upon filling, This page was last edited on 14 June 2020, at 22:09.
external segmentation was deeper than on the Mk. the top of the lever give the designation of the fuze mechanism. between the top cone and main body became much squarer. M21 practice grenades were painted light blue (a practice copied from the British military) and had blue-painted fuse levers, often with the end painted light brown indicating a "low explosive" marking charge. All newly manufactured grenades were painted in the new colours. into use utilized the standard body and the Mk. It appears that a single supplier was used to manufacture this type of detonated it was supposed to blow out the cork and provide a visible I grenade was to be used. The first version introduced Made of

A shortage of raw materials caused a shortage of TNT and thus a through many modifications since 1918. Period photos Testing of the grenades in use alloy filling plug. The body was painted red at this point.

the practice grenade.

1918 had the new grenade designed and much of the required machinery

Moisture could get in under the foil fuse cap, causing the weapon to fail to detonate. The Mk II was introduced in 1918, replacing the failed Mk I of 1917, and was standardized in 1920.

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