This weapon comes from the Diablos Monster and is styled with the Diablos Armor Set. There's no denying that this weapon is a versatile and dynamic weapon - the attacks are fast, fluid, and reaching. The Taroth Glaive "Water" has 620 Raw Attack Power, Purple Sharpness, 0% Affinity, 300 Water Element Damage, and Blunt Boost. It also comes with 713 Raw Attack Power, and Blue Sharpness, making the damage output insane. It’s a weapon from the Behemoth Monster and looks more like a spear than anything else. Monster Hunter World Insect Glaives are a unique weapon for those who want to be agile in combat and have a variety of Kinsect buffs at their disposal.. For example I sometimes use high power low speed kinsects for the extra damage and they work perfectly fine. This is easily one of the best options to pick from in the Kjarr family.

The Kinsect allows you to boost your abilities, and the Insect Glaive gives you the ability to even vault. But the Coral Pukei-Pukei version is your best bet for pure, unmitigated Water damage. Never miss a thing. This gives you an extra 30% affinity when attacking a monster's weak spot. Note: This guide references two different kind of weapons only attainable by fighting the limited-time monster known as Safi’Jiva. Everything you need to know about the Insect Glaive and Kinsects, from the very basics to our recommendation for the best build. Days Gone is getting a PlayStation 5 glow up, Microsoft phasing out Xbox party chat P2P voice connections to beef up security, FeatureSomeone should make a game about: the music business, Ubisoft investigating potential Watch Dogs Legion source code leak, Awesome Games Done Quick 2021's schedule includes over 170 charity speedruns, Friday the 13th getting final patch, shutting down dedicated servers in November. Whatever makes for the best MHW Insect Glaive gets quite a lot of wiggle room. That being said, Namielle armor can pair well with an aerial Insect Glaive style, given the weapon’s consistent damage and the armor’s stamina bonuses. Depending on how far you are in the game, you might not be able to unlock some of these damage types just yet, these are locked behind Hunter Ranks and new maps, much like the standard Weapon Upgrade Tree. Grunge Storm is easily well worth your time and well worth the trouble it brings.

Not to mention purple sharpness and a dollop of Blast damage round it out into easily the best non-event Insect Glaive in the game. And with that, we’ve reached the end of our MHW best Insect Glaive list. Depending on your build, it’s even better than Safi’Jiva in many respects, since it comes with Spirit and Strength Boost by default. This rationale can be applied to different parts of a monster which will give you different coloured buffs. We're going to want to farm a lot of High-Rank Odogaron.

Comments for this article are now closed. The Elder Dragon options are a bit harder to choose between. Not to mention Awakened Weapons in general have the best customization options. There are two free LV1 Decoration Slots in this build, one from the Odogaron Mail Alpha, and another from the Dragonking Eyepatch. It sports solid raw and fire damage, as well as a Level 2 Decoration slot. Our pages on weapon changes and types, how to join friends and Squads in multiplayer plus how to capture monsters and mount monsters can help. However, it makes up for it with much higher raw and a Level 2 Decoration slot (the Kirin Insect Glaive has none). Whereas Xeno+ weapons are built normally along the Xeno’Jiva tree, using parts from both Xeno’Jiva and Safi’Jiva to reach the highest level of upgrade. Well.

The only downside is that it requires you to fight Safi’Jiva, an event-only monster. To apply this buff to yourself, you're going to want to recall the Kinsect back to you by holding the left trigger followed by the Circle / B button.

Insect Glaives tend to burn right through sharpness, making an armor loadout with Master’s Touch (which keeps you from losing sharpness any time you crit) into a godsend. Although a few Insect Glaives stand out more than others!

Much like every other element on this list, it’s hard to go wrong with any Ice Insect Glaive. Even if you don’t agree with our picks, we hope they help you determine what works best for your individual playstyle, no matter which creature you’re up against.

Best Kinsect for Iceborne Insect Glaives. You can now consider them for (almost) all elemental weapon choices in the game.

It’s also a “generic” weapon.

In other words, aerial abilities are definitely guaranteed. RELATED: The 10 Best Monster Hunter World Bow Builds, Ranked. There are cool weapons invented within a game and the Insect Blade, or the Insect Glaive, from Monster Hunter: World is no exception. To make the most of your Insect Glaive arsenal, here are the top ten Insect Glaives every hunter should at least touch in Monster Hunter: World. MHW The Place Where Winter Sleeps Guide – Arch-Tempered Velkhana, MHW Tears From Nirvana Event Guide – Skull Scarf Layered Armor, MHW Mighty Muscle Monkey Madness Guide – Buff Body Layered Armor, MHW Kadachi Twins Event Quest Guide – Kadachi Scarf Layered Armor, How to Unlock Master Rank Layered Armor – MHW Layered Armor Guide, The Black Dragon Guide – MHW Fatalis Weakness, Tips, and Steps, The First 13-Second Look at the Monster Hunter Movie Is Here, MHW USJ: Ballet of Frost Event Guide – Large Azure Era Gem & Armor, MHW USJ: Shine On Forever Event Guide – Azure Starlord Layered Armor, MHW Yukumo Layered Armor Set Guide – How to Get the Layered Armor, MHW The Cold Never Bothered Me Event Quest Guide – Sealed Feystone, MHW Day of Ruin Event Quest – Sealed Feystone Farm. That way you can deal bonus damage from Poison and get the occasional Blast proc. You can follow this up with an attack with Circle (or B on Xbox) or a Midair Evade, followed up with an attack. Poison and Paralysis are far less dependable status effects for the Kinsect alone, since their buildup inside a monster drains over time.

Combined with Master’s Touch and the right gear, that can easily make up for its poor sharpness (the lowest of the three). Remember how we mentioned that we wanted to exploit some armour skills? This weapon has the highest base damage of any insect glaive and can go up to White Sharpness with the Handicraft skill. Not to mention Cruelty has absurdly low raw damage if you don’t draw it out with Namielle armor or the Free Elem / Ammo Up skill. You can find our key for this below - with the locations differing from monster to monster - and the order of which will also correspond to the numbers underneath your sharpness bar. But Stygian Oblivia, the Stygian Zinogre variant, beats it out for Dragon damage and slot levels.

It also has roughly equivalent higher-than-blue sharpness with a good deal of purple sharpness, to boot. Our best Insect Glaive armour recommendation. To string together a chain of air attacks and evades, you're going to need to land the hits and keep an eye on your Stamina bar to keep evading and stay in the air. Well, it’s true. You can equip Kinsects by simply purchasing one over at the smithy and equipping it alongside the Insect Glaive in your room, at the Smithy or at any camp. RELATED: The 10 Best Monster Hunter: World Dual Blade Builds, Ranked. Given how few monsters in Iceborne are weakest to Dragon damage, the other options probably edge it out. The Critical Status skill paired with a nice Paralysis build-up that’ll have you immobilizing enemies a couple times every fight. The Blunt Boost from Beo Glaive II is fun in theory, but inconsistent. It has many high aspects to it - a high Raw Attack Power, high Sharpness, and high Elemental Damage. Simply mark your target and set your little buddy to auto-pilot for free damage and extra powder procs. To use a Kinsect, you want to fire it at the Monster's face by aiming (holding the left trigger) followed by Triangle/Y. Additionally, the Kinsect will leave Dust, which you can hit to trigger an effect type. Despite its low raw damage, it has a massive Poison effect built-in. That way you can get a little extra oomph against every monster with whatever weaknesses. There are few cooler weapons in Monster Hunter: World than the Insect Blades, but which are the absolute best Insect Blade builds? That can pair well with either Master’s Touch or a set with Critical Element. And using two different status effects means you’re less likely to make the monster too resilient to get any extra procs per hunt. Power, Speed, Heal and Dust Effect respectively. Let's just say that the Elder Dragons should probably be running away from you. These max out at Level 15.

Besides boosting attack and Affinity, consider the Spirit and Strength Boost ability. Digital FoundryWhat's new with Gears 5 on Xbox Series X? You can always Handicraft for improvements, but right off the bat, this glaive is already good to go. The Beo Glaive II likely edges out Fenrir Storm, with its higher elemental damage and better Decoration slots. But we give the category, just barely, to Wise Fylos. Healing dust, meanwhile, can be nice. In addition, the Non-elemental Boost skill can be used to further its boost damage. But you have to sacrifice a lot of utility to draw that hidden element out in the first place. This glaive comes from the Nergigante Monster, and like any weapon from Nergigante, it is extremely versatile due to its incredibly high blue sharpness level and high base damage.

Awakened Weapons are the randomized drops that you get at the end of any Safi’Jiva siege. It's also a very useful way to help you mount a monster. Life-stealing augments, armor bonuses, a Health Booster, or good old fashioned items are much better ways to keep yourself healthy. It has two Level 4 Decoration slots (always hard to turn down) and decent natural Affinity. The Insect Glaive is one of the speedier weapons in Monster Hunter World, in comparison to weapon classes like the Charge Blade or Greatsword, you're going to be spending a lot more time in the air than on the ground. Monster Hunter World walkthrough and guide, how to start Monster Hunter World Iceborne, how to join friends and Squads in multiplayer. A huge advantage to using the Insect Glaive are its aerial maneuvers. Have fun and take care out there, hunters! Specifically, Kjarr weapons have seen a real resurgence with their built-in Critical Status and Critical Element. Vice’s natural White Sharpness makes it a reliable weapon, unlike the other glaives that require gear or Handicraft to achieve a high sharpness. Here's how to start Monster Hunter World Iceborne and beat the first monster, Beotodus. In addition to the White Sharpness, Vice has 496 Raw Attack Power, 20% Affinity, 150 Fire Element Damage, Speed Boost, and has one augmentation slot.

It is one of many Monster Hunter World weapon types available from the start of the game, and on this page we explain the very fundamentals of how it works, through to the best Insect Glaive build you can have at your disposal. It’s the third highest Affinity on any Insect Glaive in the game. Remember all those Odogarons you've farmed? Head over to the Smithy, and under 'Kinsect Management' you'll be able to select 'Nurture Kinsect' which will open up a brand-new tree, not too dissimilar to any other weapon's upgrade tree, for you to check out all the different Kinsect types. It has 15% Affinity, 120 Dragon Damage, and Stamina Boost. This weapon has rank above all others since it can be used effectively no matter what armor & skills are being used, making it an extremely versatile and reliable weapon.

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