In "God's Image," due to Orel taking the Reverend's sermon of God making people in his own image too literally, the Figurellis become the subjects of a very odd form of racism. When she sees her father, she says "look mommy it's daddy!" Bloberta and Clay have a dysfunctional relationship, with Bloberta often shown to be emotionally abusive towards Clay, taunting him over his drunkenness and failures as an adult. The town's only Jews for Jesus members are the Christeins. The episode takes place right before and slightly after "Nature". to her as an excuse to treat her poorly, she responds "I'm nobody's mom.". Orel now becomes obsessed with dying again to get closer to God, because he's still grounded from church.

Years later, Bloberta mirrors her mother's habits by showing favoritism towards Shapey. They're last seen skating together in "Honor", happily accepting their new lives as mother and son. Episode 1 of 13: "Numb" opens and closes with the song "No Children" by The Mountain Goats and takes place during the events of "Nature (Part One)" and "Nature (Part Two)", showing what Bloberta was doing while Clay and Orel were away. Shapey Puppington is Orel's half-brother and biological son of Coach Daniel Stopframe. Very soft-spoken, he can be found roving about the town in his ice cream truck at all hours of the day or night, selling a variety of Bible-themed frozen treats.

In the penultimate episode, it's revealed, even to Orel's surprise, that Clay is actually the Mayor of Moralton. He was voiced by Jay Johnston in the first two seasons and by David Herman in the third season. Orel accepts and the boys sit together during a sermon that mentions that an important aspect of friendship is undying loyalty. In the process, Orel discovers his parents engaging in sex games, regarding his mother cleaning another man's house as a form of "wife-swapping" his father has forced her to do with a friend, in order to gain sexual pleasure from watching her clean a stranger's home. [7] "Beforel Orel" was officially announced on Dino's official Twitter page.

Joe answers that maybe she has an "ugly" (her manly) voice. He tells his friends it's because he has God and Jesus on his side so has no reason to fear anyone or anything. He forced her to give up Joe when he was born so he can raise him instead. She is the sole soprano in the family choir. It is shown that he will be happily married his childhood sweetheart Christina, and will be a kind and loving father to their children (a 12-year-old son and a 3-year-old daughter) and a puppy.
He stops outside of Orel's room and overhears Bloberta and Orel's conversation from the end of "Nature {Part Two}" about why Bloberta married Clay. Craving attention and wanting Clay's approval, Doughy happily takes the task. Principal Fakey's future wife is seen here, sure that their marriage will be successful (in the present, Fakey treats his wife poorly and has an affair with Nurse Bendy). She momentarily breaks down after leaving his room, then becomes cold and distant upon seeing Clay. Throughout the season, the series' primary characters were introduced and various subplots were established, such as Orel's father being a closeted bisexual in love with Orel's gym teacher, and Orel's mother being an unhappily married housewife feeling trapped in her marriage.
In the past, she was close friends with Stephanie, who believed that Kim had feelings for her. Dogma literally stresses Orel as the heads of Clay, Fakey, Putty, and Nurse Bendy, all on dog bodies, verbally attack him. Rev. Conflicted, Orel asks Reverend Putty how to honor his father, and Putty suggests asking someone who likes Clay as much as "women like jerks" and directs him to Coach Stopframe. Clay's father gives his gun, Ol’ Gunny, to him saying he is ending the male Puppington tradition of passing along the gun to one's first born son, because it's tainted with blood. The next week, a deranged Orel leaves the house, finds his church by the garbage, and wears it like a costume. He is the same age as the bartender, Dolly. Six months after the breakup of the folk-trio The Crucifolk, the long-forgotten bassist, Mr. Armiture, resurfaces at Diorama Elementary with his universally-ignored musical, Reverend Putty delivers a sermon extolling how lost souls are "God's presents" before descending into self-pity over the town's repression. It is possible that they'd got divorced, and it's revealed that she lives in Aloneford Apartments. One of the show's aspects was Orel's slow awakening to the flaws of the people around him, as well as expanding his personal belief system beyond the rigid fundamentalist Christian doctrine of the town. His disdain for God often finds its way into his sermons, and he has a coffee cup in his office stating "I hate my boss," though sometimes it says "...and then you die," and read "...Jesus and the ass you rode in on" in "Innocence."

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