While passing through various states, he thought he could pick up a hitchhiker here or a sex worker there and no one would notice if they disappeared. Listen to Episode 156: The Irish Vanishing Triangle Part 1, an episode of Morbid: A True Crime Podcast, easily on Podbay - the best podcast player on the web. That evening, mystery assailants came into cabin 28 and brutally massacred mother of 5, Sue Sharp, her eldest son, his friend and her youngest daughter. This is a quick one but it delivers a punch of scrambled eggs. Anyone who leaves mess than a 5 star review just doesn’t get the humor. Keep it up ladies!! We know it wasn't easy to open this back up. Podcast. He didn't just kill anyone, though. 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This one is a real head scratcher. You remind me so much of myself and my bestie! The language is terrible. ❤️ AAAAAAND Subscribe to What Makes a Killer on Apple Podcasts: This is a Canadian DOOZY, guys. Flinders Highway is called The Highway of Death and is also known as the real Wolf Creek. Myrtles has been around since 1796 and some of the hauntings going on include: shaking beds, floating children, and who knows maybe the ghost of a small child will crawl into bed with you at night!?

Keep the Vegemite at home because, this is a rough one. We love a good, creepy case from the 40s in here, don't we? The Bloody Benders is a trip worth taking, but just don’t sit at the table when they forcibly suggest it to you. I appreciate having you as company. Tonight on another installment of Listener Tales, you guys continue to slay the game with your crazy lives. I am picky with what I can sit and listen to. Alaina's Mini Morbid takes a walk through the old Paris Morgue where dead bodies were put on display for the public to identify. We are going to start throwing in some random Spooky Roads across America episodes and would also just love to expand this series to the whole damn world as well. Tonight in our second installment of our Spooky Roads of America series, we cover Dyer Lane in CA, Dudley Road in MA, Third Bridge in CO, Denton Road in MI, Piney Fork Tunnel in PA and Gold Brook Bridge in VT with special personal stories from you, our listeners! Straight up, this woman is one of the all time worst. What could be better? After strangling his wife, Sara Porter, Harold casually called police to tell them and then seemingly disappeared. One night in August, he took a road trip to nowhere that ended with his abandoned SUV at the bottom of an embankment and Bryce nowhere to be found. Get your pumpkin butts ready everyone, these are going to have you dying and cackling from the afterlife. Tonight we are getting weird and spooky. In July of 1995 Elyse Pahler snuck out of her house to meet with three boys she was beginning to consider friends. This week we are diving into a horrific fellow and the three murders attributed to him. Come on in, it is spooky as hell in here! Tonight, we don't figure it out but we sure try. Enjoy! Every time I get completely caught up, I am sent into a mission to find another podcast that will give me my fix until you guys put out a new episode. We spoke with Jessica Clifton, the older sister of Maddie Clifton. Did Lizzie bump off her stepmother and father in cold blood after trying and failing to slowly poison them, or did someone else come in the house that day only while Lizzie was inside of it and kill them without anyone detecting? Unprofessional. I just wish there were more episodes. keep it up you beautiful weirdos! Listener Tales!!!! This podcast uses Podsights for stats, and tracking, Chartable for stats, and tracking, Audioboom for stats, and dynamic audio. Is Mary Ann Shore able to get Mel Ignatow to confess what really happened? In this multi-parter, Ash and Alaina discuss the brutal kidnappings and torture of two of the three Cleveland kidnapping victims. Do I need to write more here? When tragedy strikes an exclusive retreat with a self-help superstar, many people are left to wonder: how far is too far? It's an Alaina Mini Morbid, which means it is longer than an average full length episode.

The Murder Squad.

And That's Why We Drink. This is our very first virtual live show from July 23, 2020 held at AS220 in Providence RI. Finally, we reach the Killer Clown. In this 2 part series, we will take a deep dive into the mysterious, gruesome and tragic death of Phoebe Handsjuk. With an IQ well above average and a penchant for flowery prose, he unfortunately grew up in an environment that nourished violence and hatred for himself and those around him. Ash is back, guys! Death,” and “The Shrink Next Door,” comes a story about the dark side of enlightenment. The brutal murders of James and Denise Closs and the horrific abduction of their daughter Jayme is something we probably all remember dominating the headlines in 2018. Tonight's episode is a dive into a cult started by a saucy mother/daughter duo who were sometimes sisters! In 1918 (possibly 1911 but that's debatable), a jazzy, caguely poetic monster was demanding New Orleaneans play his favorite jazz tunes or he would take his axe to their noggins. It's a weird, 1920's murder involving magic, hexes and a straight up river witch. Her cause of death was noted as drowning but questions remain. Was this a tragic accident, a suicide or something more sinister? This case is one we planned to cover but has now become so time sensitive that we had to scrap our original Mini Morbid case for this week and do an emergency plea for everyone to check out the facts of this case and possibly take some action. For most of his life, Jeffrey Epstein was a mystery-- who he was, how he made his money, and how he got away with horrific crimes for so many years. Ezra McCandless AKA Monica showed up bloodied and dazed on the door of a stranger, claiming someone she knew had tried to kill her. Today we take a look at the Irish Vanishing Triangle, where at least 6 (but definitely more) young women have vanished seemingly into thin air within an 80 mile radius near Dublin. I listen to every new episode as soon as I can!

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