Goals: 1271 (Sub 1211; SM 60), Player honours: Sub best & fairest 1965, 1968; WAFL leading goalkicker 1962, 1964, 1965, 1968-72; Sub leading goalkicker 1962-65, 1967-74; SM leading goalkicker 1966; Sub premiership 1973; Sub Legend; Sub Team of the Century; WA Football Hall of Fame; State representative (WA 10 games, 44 goals). Next best is Carlton with 29 grand finals (2.4 per ten seasons).

We want to see it! Playing Career: East Fremantle (1972-81, 1985-90); Geelong (1981-84); Perth (1990), Games: 380 (East Fremantle 304, Geelong 66, Perth 10); Goals: 348 (East Fremantle 293, Geelong 49, Perth 6), Player Honours: East Fremantle premiership 1974, 1979, 1985; East Fremantle best & fairest 1976-80, 1987; Sandover Medallist 1977; All Australian 1979-80, 1986; Tassie Medallist 1979; Western Australia (22 games); Geelong Captain 1982, Greg Phillips (Port Adelaide/Collingwood), Profile: Key defender Greg Phillips played 447 senior games for Port Adelaide, Collingwood and South Australia, Playing career: Port Adelaide (1976-1982, 1987-1993); Collingwood (1983-1986), Games: 447 (Port Adelaide 343, Collingwood 84), Goals: 105 (93 Port Adelaide, Collingwood 12), Player honours:Eight-time SANFL Premiership player: 1977, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1992 Port Adelaide captain: 1991-1993 Port Adelaide Best & Fairest: 1988 All Australian: 1980 Played 20 State games for SA: 1978 – 1990 Fos Williams Medallist: 1982 Centre half-back in Port Adelaide’s ‘Greatest Team’ (1870 – 2000)Inducted into the SANFL Hall of Fame in 2002. Inducted: 2006Standout performer for Fitzroy in the 1960s and 70s where he won five best & fairests. Their finals series was something to behold – they proved just how dominant they were with a 125-point thrashing of the Kangaroos in the Elimination Final, disposing of the Blues by 45 points in the prelim, before demolishing the Demons by ten goals in the Grand Final to cap off one of the most lopsided seasons in recent decades, and hand them their 16th Premiership.Lloyd won a few Colemans over his career, check out this years Coleman Medal Odds. Carlton and Essendon are ranked second and third respectively, and we see that West Coast has displaced Collingwood in the top four with its 12.5 per cent strike rate. Playing Career: 1950-57; 1960-64 (PM 1950-57, SM 1960-64), Games: 229 (PM 165, SM 64) Goals: 90 (PM 52, SM 38). Playing Career: Melbourne (1959-68); South Fremantle (1969-79), Games: 178 (Melbourne 178); Goals: 193 (Melbourne 193), Player Honours: premiership 1959-60; 1964; best & fairest 1962-63, 1967; Melbourne leading goal kicker 1967-68; All Australian 1966; Melbourne Captain 1965-68; Melbourne team of the century; South Fremantle premiership 1979; South Fremantle best & fairest 1969, Steve Marsh (South Fremantle/East Fremantle). However, you can still subscribe via the Apple App Store or the Google Play. Collingwood centre half-back in the most successful team in the game’s history. So here are some of the most successful clubs in AFL’s history. Highly respected for the fearless way he attacked the ball. Goals: 226Player honours: Best and fairest 2001, 2005; 2nd best and fairest 1999, 2003; 3rd best and fairest 2000; leading goalkicker 1997; captain 2004-06; premiership 1995; pre-season premierships 1997, 2005, 2007; All-Australian 1995, 2000; Victoria (1 game, 0 goals). It would be another 32 years before the Magpies tasted premiership success again, as their Grand Final failings became known as the Colliwobbles. Making the finals

Player honours: 2nd Brownlow Medal 1936, 3rd Brownlow Medal 1931; Best & Fairest 1928, 1934; captain 1932-1940; premierships 1931, 1937 (capt-coach); Geel Team of the Century (captain); Victoria (19 games, 0 goals). In each of the ten tables above, clubs have been assigned a ranking position from one to 21. If not for such a poor record in finals, especially grand finals, it would almost certainly sit on top of the table.

You have to take into account that Hawthorn didn’t enter the competition until 1925, whereas Essendon, Carlton, and Collingwood have been there since 1897. As a result, it may be easy to forget what a truly successful powerhouse club the Old Navy Blues have been over the journey – the stats don’t lie. Coaching record: St K 1954-55 (36 games, 5 wins, 30 losses, 1 draw). Another pretty obvious measure springs to mind: finals.

Does Jerry Seinfeld have Parkinson's disease? Don’t go over the top. Classy midfielder who had a dream start to his AFL career, winning two premierships with the Crows in his first 31 senior games.

Founded in 1864 and one of the eight teams to partake in the inaugural season of what was then the VFL, Carlton is tied with Essendon for the most Premierships in history, having triumphed 16 times in their 122 seasons. Five-time All Australian and was twice runner-up in the Brownlow Medal. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Played in 29 finals.Playing career: 1973-1987Games: 306 Goals: 354Player honours: captain 1979-1987; club leading goalkicker 1976; premierships 1975, 1977; NM Team of the Century; Victoria (7 games, 12 goals).Coaching record: North Melbourne 1990-1992 (66 games, 31 wins, 35 losses). George 'Jocka' Todd (Geelong)10/1/1903-13/8/1986Inducted: 1996Tight checking full-back who spoiled well.Playing career: 1922-1934Games: 232 Goals: 54Player honours: Best & Fairest 1927, 1930, 1931; premierships 1925, 1931; Geel Team of the Century; Victoria (11 games, 0 goals).

A four-time All-Australian who courted his share of controversy, Hall was the leading goal-kicker at his club 11 times, including seven straight at the Swans from 2002-2008. The grand table below shows the clubs ranked by their total points: The winner is Carlton! Player honours: captain 1913-1917; premierships 1909, 1918; SM/SYD Team of the Century; Victoria (2 games, 0 goals).

Playing Career: 1983-99, 2002 (St K 1983-94, Syd 1995-99, 2002), Games: 281 (St K 183, Syd 98)  Goals: 1360 (St K 898, Syd 462). Inducted: 2008One of the all time greats of South Australian football; Motley was a brilliant player for the Port Adelaide Magpies playing in 9 premierships teams; he won a Magarey Medal and also represented South Australia numerous times; his son Peter played for Carlton in the late 1980s.Playing career: 1953 - 1966. In a way that’s more impressive than the younger Adelaide clubs’ clean-sheet but we can’t assume that one of them will get spooned anytime soon, so they certainly deserve their spots at the top of this table. Prolific goalkickier in WA who was named full forward in the WAFL Team of the Century.

Playing career: 1991-2007 (PA – SANFL 1991-92, Bris 1993, Coll 1994-2007), Games: 317 (PA – SANFL 37, Bris 20, Coll 260)?Goals: 328 (PA – SANFL 44, Bris 21, Coll 263). The Bombers were the winners of the first ever VFL season back in 1897, setting the precedent for what was to become a hugely successful club. Coaching record: Ess 1978-80 (67 games, 30 wins, 36 losses, 1 draw).

The Most Popular Teams and Players in the AFL, Past Winners in the Australian Football League, The Underdogs Who Won the AFL League in the Past 20 Years. Tough centre half-back who ran hard and straight. We provide the most popular betting tips across all major sports AFL, NRL etc. Centre half-back who used strength, courage and determination to inspire his teammates. thanks to Dom Sheed's famous late goal and Liam Ryan's mark. Dan Minogue (Collingwood/Richmond/Hawthorn)4/9/1891-27/7/1961Inducted: 1996Courageous centre half-back. Bernie Smith (West Adelaide/Geelong)19/12/1927-21/4/1985Inducted: 1996Champion back pocket player in a great Geelong era. They are currently in the midst of a 24-year drought, but prior to that were remarkably consistent in their success – 21 years was the previous longest period between drinks for the club, and they saluted at least once in every decade of the 1900s with the exception of the '20s and the '50s. www.gamblinghelp.nsw.gov.au or Later played and coached at Melbourne. Games: 300 Goals: 21Player Honours: club best & fairest 1979; premierships 1971, 1976, 1978; Haw Team of the Century; All Australian 1979; Victoria (13 games, 0 goals). Dashing full-back who would turn defence into attack in an instant. Lightly framed wingman whose career was cut short by World War II. Brisbane’s 2016 season also makes it into the bottom ten, with the Lions rated about as poorly as Fitzroy in their second-last season. Coached Carlton to three premierships and Essendon to two. Give me Hawthorn's 2008 flag over ten Collingwood flags from the 1920s any day of the week.

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