“We do not consent. Residents complained that the controversial pipeline project was approved and launched without input from or notice to the community, the Eagle reported. Sorry about the delay in responding…I was away on medical leave and am just catching up. arrested for locking himself to the pipe last week. Kevin Duggan hails from the distant shores of Ireland and Switzerland. Terms of Use Do Not Sell My Personal Information, Your California Privacy Rights A video shows two of the members underground with the pipeline around 10 a.m., their arms taped into a red cardboard tube that read, “Frack out of Brooklyn.”. Your Ad Choices National Grid says the new pipeline allows the current gas supply to move around with more safety, reliability and efficiency. Your email address will not be published. Phases 4 and 5 (shown in blue and light blue) of the new pipe extension in north Brooklyn. They also created an Action Network page that provides viewers with a template to send a digital message to decision makers, to hopefully change their minds about installing a pipeline. Crime stories, the latest news, and general Brooklyn weirdness in your inbox! If you aren't already familiar with the process of fracking, it's an oil or gas extraction procedure which injects liquid into subterranean rocks, boreholes, and other surfaces at a high pressure, to force open fissures. There is widespread community opposition to this pipeline, LNG expansion, and trucking proposal because it will: Opponents of this pipeline project also raise objections that the pipeline will: National Grid is currently constructing Phase 4 of the pipeline. The protest comes after several anti-fracking protesters were arrested for chaining themselves to construction sites of National Grid’s pipeline at the corner of Manhattan and Montrose in Williamsburg on Oct. 15, with the activists slamming the expansion of new fossil-fuel infrastructure — arguing instead for investments in non-carbon producing energy sources. FracTracker Alliance created the interactive map, below, using 2010 census data to show population density in the neighborhoods within this blast zone. Nos mantienen atrapados comprometidos a combustibles fósiles cuando queremos obtener energía renovable asequible y limpia, como geotérmica, solar, eólica y edificios energéticamente eficientes. Shell's Twitter poll about emission reduction did not go over well. “Stopping the pipeline is environmental, racial, and economic justice.”. "We say no rate hikes on the backs of those who can afford it the least! En este momento, la utilidad corporativa National Grid esta expandiendo una l nea transmisión de gas fracturado en el norte de Brooklyn. Despite overwhelming concern about the impacts of fossil fuels on climate chaos, pipeline projects are springing up all over the country in an effort find markets for the surplus of fracked gas extracted from the Marcellus region in Pennsylvania. “We knew that we would not be able to suspend our halted projects indefinitely without implications to safety and reliability, and our customers’ urgent needs,” said Karen Young in a statement. Another method for disposing of surplus gas is to compress it into LNG (liquefied natural gas) and ship it to international markets by boat. Many communities are also saying “no” to new pipelines in their communities, so industry is looking to ship fracked gas over land by truck. The pipeline has long been under fire by Brownsville residents. Generalized map of Brooklyn neighborhoods. National Grid spokeswoman Karen Young said in a statement that company officials are well able to run the borough’s grid, claiming the utility plans to pivot to cleaner energy. Text “CuomoMondays” to 69866 to sign up for weekly text reminders about calling the Governor to pressure him to reject fossil fuel projects. Environmental group No North Brooklyn Pipeline posted Thursday morning that “Brooklyn community members have locked down the National Grid’s North Brooklyn fracked gas pipeline halting construction.”. If you've ever attended a climate strike or seen one on TV, chances are you've seen climate-conscious demonstrators protesting fracking. on Montrose Avenue near Leonard Street, before police arrived and collared them. The Trans Mountain Pipeline Spill — What Exactly Happened? Dakota Access Pipeline Is Closing Down, Atlantic Coast Pipeline Project Canceled, 3 States Abruptly Make Protesting Fossil Fuel Pipelines a Felony. The protest comes after several anti-fracking protesters, were arrested for chaining themselves to construction sites. According to FracTracker, there were 614 reported pipeline incidents in the United States in 2019 alone, resulting in the death of 10 people, injuries to another 35, and about $259 million in damages. in early August after storm Isaias left more than 8,000 Brooklynites without power, releasing a detailed report on how the state could put the private firms under the helm of the state’s existing utility company, the New York Power Authority. This expertise is especially important as we continue to transition to a cleaner energy future,” Young said. On average, a 350-psi gas pipeline has an evacuation radius of approximately 1275 feet. An Old U.S. Law Bans Citizens From Buying Alcohol on Election Day — Is It Still Active. “New Yorkers are standing up against a fracked gas pipeline that will threaten our city and our climate,” Stringer wrote. NYC Comptroller and mayoral hopeful Scott Stringer retweeted the group — which says it’s opposed to “fossil fuel expansion in North Brooklyn” and footing the bill — voicing his support. Take Action! While Gov. 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Fracking Water Use in Pennsylvania Increases Dramatically, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) stations, https://ft.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=49a1d3fbb3754490aab86e0684692515, A charge of $185 million to rate-payers in order to finish the current pipeline phase under construction in Bushwick. “We do not consent. Este proyecto no es para reemplazar tuberías con fugas, es una expansión para cobrarnos a nosotros los contribuyentes, millones de dólares en alzas de las tarifa para llenar losbolsillos de los accionistas. Sign Our Petition! See live election results from across the US, By Reuven Fenton, Craig McCarthy and Jorge Fitz-Gibbon, October 15, 2020 | 12:27pm | Updated October 15, 2020 | 4:20pm. National Grid euphemistically named the 350-psi pipeline the “The Metropolitan Reliability Pipeline … Your California Privacy Rights But opponents say the pipeline is an unnecessary piece of infrastructure designed to allow the utility to ask … This story has been shared 145,274 times. The following day, more activists defied the heavy rain and, broke into another site around the corner. The activists, including half a dozen local politicians like state Sen. Julia Salazar and Comptroller Scott Stringer, accused the utility company of endangering vulnerable and poor residents along its route in Bushwick and East Williamsburg as well as the workers on the site. National Grid plans to expand liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage and vaporizer operations at the Depot. Paul Martinka National Grid's North Brooklyn fracked gas pipeline. By Kim Fraczek (Sane Energy Project), with input and mapping by Karen Edelstein (FracTracker Alliance). In this case, it’s the KeySpan Energy Delivery system in NYS, which then connects to infrastructure owned, I believe, by Spectra. Environmentalists stormed the headquarters of National Grid in Downtown Brooklyn Thursday calling for state ownership over the local power grid — marking the latest in a series of protests in response to the company’s controversial fracked-gas pipeline beneath the borough. These include: As gas prices continue to drop and renewable energy technologies are more accessible and wide-spread, the whole equation that relies on a fossil fuel-based economy becomes more desperate and unsustainable. The company halted work on the scheme in March in response to the pandemic, but resumed on May 18, working on its fourth and fifth phases around Bushwick Avenue, Montrose Avenue, Graham Avenue, and Meserole Street, according to the project’s most recent update. We say no no fracked gas expansion in communities that have suffered decades of environmental pollution!” reads a call-to-action from protest organizers. #NoNBKPipeline #CancelRent #UtilitiesStrike #BlackLivesMatter #NoNBKPipe #NorthBrooklynPipeline #KnowYourPolluter #NationalGrid #GovernorCuomo #CuomoWalkTheTalk #FrackedGas #StillToxic #AirPollution #Methane #CarbonFootprint #GreenhouseGases #pollution #ClimateChange #NoPipelines #GreenNewDeal #OffFossilFuels #UrbanArea #Bushwick #greenpoint #brownsvillebrooklyn #bedstuy #Williamsburg #NewYork, A post shared by No North Brooklyn Pipeline (@nonbkpipeline) on Jul 14, 2020 at 8:27am PDT. For an industry explanation on how vaporizers work, click here. The approval of the fifth phase of the pipeline would allow it to reach the LNG facility at Greenpoint. “This is not an interstate pipeline.”. Your email address will not be published. Thanks for contacting us. 166,316, This story has been shared 145,274 times. Additionally, the 6,200-foot pipeline won't be servicing the affected communities, though it will bring hazardous conditions to the affected neighborhoods (along sections of Flushing Avenue, Bushwick Avenue, Moore Street, Manhattan Avenue, and Montrose Avenue) and will disproportionally affect communities of color. This project is not a replacement of leaking pipelines, it is and expansion to charge us, the rate-payers, millions of dollars in rate hikes to fill their shareholders pockets.

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