We love meat.Veronica (to the cheetahs): _________________________24, Unit 1Activity 11: Reading for pleasure and appreciationActivity 11a: Read the text silently and carry out the activity that follows. Copy and decorate a certificate, to practise presentation. Georgian A Learner’s Grammar (second edition), American Speakout Intermediate Active Teach, English File Pre-Intermediate Student’s Book+Audio CDs (4th ed. Read the text below carefully. It is recommended that pupilslisten to the text three times – the first time to familiarize themselves with the content, thesecond time to carry out the while listening activity and the third time to check their answers.However, the number of times they listen to the text may vary according to their level. By: John Jackman and Hilary Frost. Let’s revise the Present Continuous Tense by playing a guessing game. Word Meaning tourists Very hot safari blazing Pulling something that is charges heavy on the ground People who visit other countries during their holidays A trip to observe wild animals dragging Caught and killed an animal hunted Rushes towards something to attack6, Unit 1Activity 2b: Fill in the blanks with the correct words.safari hunt blazing tourists charge dragIn summer, many ____________________ come to Mauritius because of the beaches. We could hear a pack of wolves howling all night. It aims at further developing the four language skills namely listening, speaking,reading and writing of pupils in a gradual and integrated manner. “Everygame has its rules and you must follow them,” he said. Sammy feels so sorry for the antelope.At the end of the trip, they reach a river where different animalsare drinking the cool water. This is animportant aspect of reading and pupils must be made aware that all readers do not react to textsin the same way and that one must respect the opinion of others.VocabularyEach unit has three vocabulary activities. This tells us that Sammy is ____________.A. This will once again depend onthe needs of the learners. Each team had sixplayers. (to sleep) ______________________: …………………………..............................……………………….. Sammy: Why are the cheetahs running so fast? where you went;what you did; what you saw; and how you felt. Practise using the correct homophone in context. It is recommended that pupils move from oral to written work.Did you know?Learning is a fruitful experience when pupils enjoy the process and are motivated to go further.It is in this spirit that this short component has been included in the textbook. Take a look, Answers to the activity sheets from Nelson Comprehension. Around the world, peoplecelebrate ‘Nelson Mandela International Day’ on 18th July. The Nelson English Skills series has been developed to help children master the core skills of handwriting, comprehension, and grammar. __________________________________________________________________________ 5. 1. 10. “She is just playing around,”he laughs. Product . Say three things about each animal in the picture.• What are the tall giraffes doing near the tree?• What are the creepy crocodiles doing?• Why is the leopard hiding in the tall tree?• What are the big ostriches doing? Pack | 28/01/2016 Price: £130.00 . “Something ispricking me but I can’t see it.”The buffaloes and hippos also feel something pinching them sharply. Date:2018, Please register here to view the hidden Links, English File Advanced Fourth Edition . Activity 6a: Read the sentences below and find the collective nouns. Evaluation copies must be ordered on a school account. Level:5 Do you want to ask her some more questions about her job?Activity 8b: Read Miss Veronica’s answers and write Sammy’s questions as given in the example. • Is there someone that you admire? Trace and write letters: ck. (to play) ______________________: …………………………..............................………………………..22, Unit 1Sammy: Why is the hippo moving in the lake? After two hours, onehundred water snakes come out of the water.1(a). I am not playing. Am I playing? Do I play ….? Browse the Nelson Handwriting collection on Amazon: Get ready for handwriting practise with these warm-up activities and advice from educational expert Anita Warwick. He says thatwild animals can ________________ at my jeep and _________________ me into the jungle.“What a joke!” I tell him.Activity 2c: Say whether the items below are related to safaris.snake binoculars first aid kittorch passport camera 7, Unit 1 Activity 3: Communication skills: Speaking activity During the safari, Sammy meets other tourists. They are in the shade under a clump of trees.The buffaloes go in the middle of the river.The creepy crocodiles are also there and they are swimming. Read a poem and explore rhyming words, punctuation, and the verbs 'am', 'is', and 'are'. • How does it feel when someone is treated as being inferior? Today he is going on a safari where he will see many wild animals. He was very unhappy because the black people were thought to beinferior* to the white people. (to eat)______________________: …………………………..............................……………………..... We use the Present Continuous Tense to say what is happening at the time we are speaking. My stay at the Kruger National Park is something I will never forget. I went on ________________________________a safari and ________________________ __________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ .I also went water rafting. Here are some ideas to help you:Veronica (to the lions): Hello, my brave lions.Lions: Hello, Veronica. Nelson English: Starter Level Workbook A (Age 4–5), Nelson English: Starter Level Workbook B (Age 4–5), Nelson English: Starter Level Workbook C (Age 4–5), Nelson Comprehension: Pupil Book 1 (Age 5–6), Nelson Comprehension: Pupil Book 2 (Age 6–7), Nelson Comprehension: Pupil Book 3 (Age 7–8), Nelson Comprehension: Pupil Book 4 (Age 8–9), Nelson Comprehension: Pupil Book 5 (Age 9–10), Nelson Comprehension: Pupil Book 6 (Age 10–11), Nelson Handwriting: Pupil Book 1A (Age 5–6), Nelson Handwriting: Pupil Book 2 (Age 6–7), Nelson Handwriting: Pupil Book 3 (Age 7–8), Nelson Handwriting: Pupil Book 4 (Age 8–9), Nelson Handwriting: Pupil Book 5 (Age 9–10), Nelson Handwriting: Pupil Book 6 (Age 10–11), Nelson Handwriting: Trace numbers and words, Nelson English: Jack and the Special Beans, Nelson Handwriting: Correct height and size of letters, Nelson Comprehension: Understanding characters’ feelings, Nelson Handwriting: Forming double letters, Nelson Comprehension: Exploring stage playscripts, Nelson Handwriting: Joining with the letter s, Nelson Comprehension: The roles of heroes and heroines, Nelson Handwriting: Suffixes and ascenders, Nelson Handwriting: Patterns and slanted writing, Nelson Comprehension: Looking at personification, Nelson Handwriting: Developing an individual writing style.

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