After the match, NXT received two major surprises at TakeOver 31. Grade: B+. READ NEXT: The Highest-Rated NXT Matches Of All Time. The show will feature WALTER vs Tyler Bate, Toni Storm vs Kay Lee Ray, and more. #NXTUKTakeOver #NXTUK #UKChampionship @Joe_Coffey @PeteDunneYxB – Which Current Male WWE Superstar Are You? #NXTTakeOver @JohnnyGargano @CandiceLeRae In a teacher vs. student battle, Balor got the most of his former pupil, blocking Delvin's Moonsault with his knees before hitting the Coup de Grace for the 1-2-3.It was a short but solid match and a nice surprise but nothing to write home about too much in-ring wise. Take Our Quiz To Find Out, – Which Current WWE Tag Team Are You? Grade: A. So, with a UK TakeOver nowhere it sight, this titanic tussle got the main event spot on the Oct. 29 episode of NXT UK. Hey, #WWENXT.It's TONI TIME. 10. Production Background. Categories MUST-READ LIST READER POLLS. Two separate top-rope incidents saw both men fall to the floor, and a double-underhook powerbomb from Coffey to Dunne on the ring apron was a highlight as both man scrambled to beat the 10 count and reenter the ring. Cesaro vs Ilja Dragunov in a singles match, Gallus vs The Grizzled Young Veterans vs Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews for the NXT UK Tag Team championships. How did you rate the matches? Rhea Ripley (c) via pinfall to win the title: Ripley was looking to get even on Storm for winning 2018 Mae Young Classic, an event in which Ripley got eliminated in the semifinals. They've fought several times since then, and this time the tables have been turned. That is exactly what they got. It was the third event promoted under the NXT UK TakeOver chronology. NXT TakeOver 31: Results, Grades & Opinion A.K.A. Let’s find out with some grades. #NXTUKTakeOver #NXTUK @DaveMastiff @EddieDennis1986, NXT UK Women's Championship -- Toni Storm def. Storm was aggressive throughout and even kicked out of the Riptide, but Ripley followed suit by kicking out of Storm Zero. Grade: B+, STORM ZERO! The ratings are from his Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscribe here). 5:25 pm ET, Big Dog to Tribal Chief: Reigns talks character shift, 2020 WWE Draft results: Updated Raw, SD rosters, Pro wrestling legend Road Warrior Animal dies at 60, Updated WWE PPV schedule for the rest of 2020, Raw recap: Go-home 'Mania show an overall success, SmackDown recap: Bryan and McMahon reconcile. Hey, Rey. The show will feature WALTER vs Tyler Bate, Toni Storm vs Kay Lee Ray, and more. After the second try, Dunne got fed up, rolled Coffey over and bent his pointer finger back for the tap out. 6-keys: media/spln/wwe/reg/free/stories, at NXT Takeover 31 polls: Vote for the best match and grade the overall grade October 4, 2020. As LeRae came back on the apron, Shirai set up for a slingshot sunset bomb to the ground. ➡️, Once a rockstar, ALWAYS a rockstar! Moustache Mountain via pinfall to win the vacant titles: Dressed to honor the British Bulldogs, and even performing a couple maneuvers they made famous, it looked like Moustache Mountain was a clear favorite in this match. Travis Banks vs Noam Dar in a singles match. The first came from former NXT UK Women's Champion Toni Storm, who appeared on the screen to congratulate Io Shirai on her win. Hey, Rey. Putting on an NXT official's shirt, he went to count the pin after a curb stomp, but Shirai kicked out. . NXT Takeover 31 Poll – Grade the overall show. #NXTUKTakeOver, With a #CoupDeGrace so powerful you can hear it from across the pond, @FinnBalor DEFEATS @Jordan_Devlin1 at #NXTUKTakeOver: Blackpool! It was not long after that Gibson and Drake hit the Ticket to Mayhem for the win. Jordan Devlin via pinfall: Before the bell could ring to the initially scheduled match, Travis Banks dove through the ropes to attack Devlin in hopes of getting him back for a sneak attack that occurred backstage earlier in the day. Copyright 2019 We are NOT associated with the WWE in any way. NXT UK TakeOver: Liverpool results, grades., YOU STAY OUT OF THIS, COFFEY.➡️, Yes, I watched #NXTUKTakeOver. WALTER vs Tyler Bate for the WWE United Kingdom championship. With one new champion guaranteed to be crowned due to a vacant title and two other title matches on the show, fans geared up for an exciting show akin to the NXT UK brand's American counterpart. Shirai responded with an Asai moonsault. Grade: B+, ⬆️ risk, ⬆️ reward for @WWEUK Champion @PeteDunneYxB! Kay Lee Ray vs Toni Storm for the NXT UK Women’s title. WWE NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool Final Results and Grading NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool is the first WWE pay-per-view event of 2019. NXT UK Tag Team Championships: James Drake & Zack Gibson def. This page will be your hub for all of the Dave Meltzer star ratings for the event. The first came from former NXT UK … The "Mystery Superstar" shortly followed up, and it turned out to be none other than former NXT Women's Champion Ember Moon. The ratings are from his Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscribe here). NXT TakeOver 31 took place in the brand new Capitol Wrestling Center. After the match, NXT received two major surprises at TakeOver 31. The ref took another hit from Shirai accidentally, allowing Johnny Gargano to rush the ring. Results: Io Shirai defeated Candie LeRae via pinfall on NXT Takeover 31. © 2004-2020 CBS Interactive. TakeOver is a series of professional wrestling shows that began on May 29, 2014, as WWE's NXT brand held their second WWE Network exclusive live broadcast billed as TakeOver. The NXT women's division has stepped up quite a bit in just one night. Shirai kicked out at TakeOver 31. 04. With his arms tucked behind his back, Walter than stepped to Dunne as the champion placed his title strap in his mouth. NXT UK will hold another TakeOver special in Blackpool and this should be an exciting evening or afternoon of pro wrestling depending on which part of the world you’re watching from. Back inside, Shirai battered her former ally around the ring at TakeOver 31. Though it was a strong show from start to finish, there were a couple down moments and there was only so much that could happen given the newness of the brand. Out came general manager Johnny Saint and assistant Sid Scala, who said they planned for this inevitability and introduced Balor as Banks's replacement. LeRae countered an Over the Moonsault, or so she thought, with a powerbomb, but as she sat down, Shirai rolled through for a double knee strike in the corner. LeRae held onto the ropes, shaking her off and hitting a springboard crossbody. Yes, it was awesome. Devlin quickly got the upper hand and took out Banks's knee, forcing the match to be called off. “We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.””. @WalterAUT is HERE and staring down @PeteDunneYxB at #NXTUKTakeOver! In the corner, the Poison Pixie of NXT caught Shirai with a backstabber, slowing down the pace going forward and keeping Shirai on the mat. Both women fought back to their feet, where Shirai took the lead again. NXT UK Takeover: Cardiff 2019 was a tremendous success and a vast improvement over their first Takeover effort. It was a quality match but not up to the level of their MYC encounter, and though it would have been tough to deny Storm the title, it seemed like an unnecessarily quick change. A new challenger emerges: As Dunne was celebrating and fans were legitimately left wondering who could actually challenge him for the title, Walter's music hit and the former independent star draped in a black trenchcoat sauntered to the ring. LeRae rebounded off the ropes for a snap German and backstabber, following that with the lionsault. #NXTUKTakeOver #NXTUK #NXTUKTagTitles @JamesDrake_GYT @ZackGibson01 @trentseven @Tyler_Bate, Finn Balor def. Take Our Quiz To Find Out, — Predictions For The Next NXT Takeover Event. #NXTUK, Dave Mastiff def. Ultimately, however, Mastiff's size and strength could not be overcome and a Cannonball into a table propped up by the turnbuckles led to a victory. The crowd was hot from the start, and NXT UK's first pay-per-view certainly made sure it lived up to the "TakeOver" moniker. The distraction allowed LeRae to hit Shirai with the NXT Women's Championship, but it still only got a two. The One Where Kyle O’Reilly Shines Results: Damian Priest (c) def. Take Our Quiz To Find Out, – Which WWE Legend Are You? NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool II was a professional wrestling show and WWE Network event produced by WWE for their NXT UK brand division. NXT UK TakeOver: Liverpool results, grades. As he began to face off with Dunne, Coffey hopped back into the ring and Walter quickly dispatched him with a big boot. All Rights Reserved. Take Our Quiz To Find Out, – Which Current Female WWE Superstar Are You? A flapjack and 619 set Shirai up for the springboard missile dropkick at TakeOver 31. Shirai fought out of the Garga-No Escape, and LeRae accidentally hit the ref as she pulled herself off the NXT Women's Champion. Results: Io Shirai defeated Candie LeRae via pinfall on NXT Takeover 31. #NXTUKTakeOver #NXUK #UKChampionship @Joe_Coffey, Now, that's #GALLUS! This page will be your hub for all of the Dave Meltzer star ratings for the event. ... WWE NXT Results, Grades… ☢️ #NXTTakeOver @CandiceLeRae A former champion returned at TakeOver 31 while O'Reilly and Balor served up a classic. Mountain also got out of a double submission attempt to keep their team alive. A double airplane spin by Tyler Bate was an early highlight, but Gibson and Drake soon followed with Helter Skelter and a 450 Splash from which Trent Seven barely kicked out. NXT UK Tag Team Championship-- Zack Gibson & James Drake def. Rumor Roundup: Original Plans For A Major NXT Storyline, Vince Loved Recent RAW Match, More, WWE RAW Results 11/02/2020 – Things That We Learned, Bray Wyatt Shares A Funny Story About The First Time That He Met The Undertaker, Rumor Roundup: Changes Coming To The Usos, The Next Call-Up From NXT, More, Dave Meltzer Star Ratings – AEW Full Gear 2020. check out the highest-rated NXT matches of the year so far. Grade: A, b i g s t r o n g b o i #NXTUK #NXTUKTakeOver #NXTUKTagTitles @Tyler_Bate @ZackGibson01 @JamesDrake_GYT, These men are giving EVERYTHING! This led to a sequence where Storm countered another Riptide into Storm Zero to capture the championship.

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