You all know that Oceanhorn 2 is a prequel to Oceanhorn, right? I checked their website and they are working on a massive content update coming out sometime in 2020! I have been waiting for this game for years and the rewards are so lame. I bet it's unfinished! Now i get to play Oceanhorn and continue the story? I didn’t!! There is also the plot with all those magic users who no one thinks are important anymore. And you’re right, there is a beacon for The Source region. I just thought “Source” was where i had to put the emblem anyway, but turns out that isn’t the case? You could even do that using the time travel portal AFTER you ”lost” once. Will this be content that’s still coming? At the time I was playing The Last Story, Hironobu Sakaguchi’s game for Wii.” Sakaguchi had previously delivered Lost Odyssey, Xbox 360’s own ‘Final Fantasy’. It also has a lot more drama than Zelda – a quite peculiar trait for those years.”.

Also think Oceanhorn 2 Never got finished? It follows the adventures of a young Knight who sets out on a magical journey across vast regions of Gaia to defend the lands and people of Arcadia from Warlock Mesmeroth’s Dark Army. Yeah, I know it is, so I was hyped for this se-prequel. If you compare screenshots from Call of Duty and Battlefield it might not always be obvious which one is which, but when you get to play, these games feel quite different. And the npc's speaking of a monster in the sewers? Yes, that "unfinished" theory would explain many things. There are several unfinished story lines: What is the role of the celestial object we learn about in the observatory? Why does the exit of Source remain frozen? One more saga that had an impact on Oceanhorn 2: Mass Effect.

Coming soon to Nintendo Switch Fall 2020. I felt being cheated! I have a Late 2015 Mac and it will not download pass 1.2 gig. Cornfox, Dawn of Mana, Oceanhorn 2, Zelda-like. After finding all 52 bloodstones and getting the wizards key, I still didn't get the final power for the castor gun. I was super annoyed with how this game ends and confused. What do you think? I found it at the very top of the map in the middle while I was flying around in Yellowbird. Also, all the parts you can access are frustrating. The reward for collecting all those daggers is lame, I bet it was supposed to be something else. I want to delete the game now from my phone but I'm hoping every time I turn it on something different will happen. You spent the whole weekend playing, for which you paid $5 that also include other 99 games, and feel cheated? I couldn’t reach the weight button in the lagoon , where the 10 jars are.
Very unsatisfying ending. If they don't fix this, I will definitely give a one-star in AppStore. I thought at first I got some kind of bad ending but yeah, but after reading this I agree - it does feel like they cut the entire third act of the game and made the "bad ending" canon. Then from there one can walk to a transition area. I love them because they could combine the portable experience with extremely high-quality content. When it comes to the actual plot, I think I’ve been deeply influenced by Final Fantasy VI, VII, and IX: they never take shortcuts, and everything that happens there is the outcome of very thoughtfully laid out worlds and events. There are several unfinished story lines: What is the role of the celestial object we learn about in the observatory? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Sweet. The story expansions come in two separate chapters: The Shield of Chronos, which adds a new quest, a new dungeon as well as a shield that deflects projectiles, and The Criminal Hunt, bearing a series of mini side quests tasking players to chase down bandits such as Sir Stingalot and Baron Slimethorn. That’s awesome news. As for the specificities of the Gold Edition’s performance enhancements, players can expect quality of Life improvements and bug fixes, including an optional 60fps mode, a stunning new physics-based water simulation, overhauled menus, improved gameplay communication, new spoken dialog, and fresh music. Mystic Quest, for example, uses a real myth (think Excalibur) and builds its story upon it. The base game’s ending has also been reworked, which is apparently a much-requested feature by Oceanhorn 2’s community It now features never-before-seen scenes, intertwining both Oceanhorn chapters. These ambitions carry on to the second game as well. It was a 15-20 hours game, so it was a huge undertaking for so few people, but we managed to squeeze in cinematics and most of what you’d expect from an RPG. I totally forgot i had to put the sun emblem back. Screen shot here: New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Certain story elements were  a bit vague, and I think we managed to handle them quite well in Oceanhorn 2.”. I think that that, combined with the Zelda-like heritage of the first Oceanhorn, is what makes Knights of the Lost Realm special”, Heikki concludes. Hopefully there are plans for more content. Also i like the lore, but im not playing through this game a second time. What about the locked gate in Faroah? The nature of Apple Arcade's monthly payments would probably reward big updates in existing games. I'm also waiting for the ending for Shantie and the Sirens. Who are these bubblehead robots? The building looked unfinished, but it has multiple window-like openings at ground level, with one you can reach on the right-hand side, butting up to the mountain. I'm not sure what to say to that, really. Heikki, one of the founders of the company, is responsible for the overall vision and story of the Oceanhorn saga. “The production phase of Oceanhorn 2 brought everything into focus. No word when that is coming down. I spent the whole weekend playing this game and was sol disappointed to be given such an ending! The Zelda-like RPG, developed for as an iOS exclusive has been available to download on Apple Arcade since September last year, but the newly revealed Gold Edition is set to introduce all-new story content in addition enhanced graphics, improved level design, and sharper gameplay. When I passed through, the game crashed and - after restart - put me behind the three monoliths behind the philosopher’s house. The story told in Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm is the background story of the first Oceanhorn: an opportunity to lay strong foundations for the saga, add more details, and create a universe that will keep making sense for potential new projects as well.“The production phase of Oceanhorn 2 brought everything into focus. Well I would love to know about all this but I’ve been trying since last Thursday to download the game on my MacBook Pro with no luck. “Some of the games I hold most dear from my childhood were portable,” says Heikki, “two of my favorites are Link’s Awakening and Mystic Quest – Final Fantasy Adventure (Seiken Densetsu). Hi, you are not alone, I have been searching to unlock an alternative ending as well, but I guess an app update is needed indeed. Twinfinite spoke to Cornfox & Bros in the build-up to Oceanhorn 2’s launch last year about the game’s development. But gameplay was pretty amazing for a phone game. Visually, Oceanhorn 2 will be an inviting, colorful game. So that’s where melting the ice would have taken you. Oceanhorn 2's giant Golden Edition update finally has a solid release date – this Friday, June 5th. final boss then sailing off in a boat or go back in time portal to find more daggers. Road to the Final Begins in FIFA 21 This Friday, Microsoft Flight Simulator East Frisian Islands Add-On Pack Gets Charming Trailer by Aerosoft, PS5 Gets a Price Cut in Brazil Ahead of Release, Genshin Impact Releases Charming (and Massive) Soundtrack For Free on YouTube, Days Gone on PS5 Wil Run at Up to 60 FPS in Dynamic 4K Resolution; Saves Will Transfer from PS4, Oceanhorn 2 Gold Edition Announced, a Major Update Set to Improve Graphics, Gameplay, & More. (Where the train tracks start.). Too many plot threads and hints are left dangling and unfulfilled for this to have been the true planned ending. I was wondering if anyone found the key to the witch master room in the first tower. The base game’s ending has also been reworked, which is apparently a much-requested feature by Oceanhorn 2’s community It now features never-before-seen scenes, intertwining both Oceanhorn chapters. Oceanhorn 2, an Apple Arcade Zelda-Like adventure game.

What’s the point of ending a game in a “you lost and the world is destroyed” branch? And the sewers! The Chronicler's speech right before the final boss actually sounds like he was about to say "hey, it doesn't need to end like this... go back and fix it and things could turn out differently", suggesting that there was a better possible outcome planned. The story wasn’t limited to cinematics, but brought directly to the levels.”. Hi. Nothing about it feels worth doing twice. What’s the point of that southernmost desert location? I guess it’s not important. A lot of the storyline just didn’t make sense and then I have to agree I was very disappointed not being able to actually travel to all of the locations mentioned in the game. “I saw that game as Sakaguchi’s idea of where to take the genre’s next: he focused on the feeling of presence, with party members talking to each other during gameplay, and an unprecedented possibility to use the environment to your advantage. Yes, I think it's unfinished. Finding all the daggers to get a rock! And we have more to come, so enjoy The Golden Edition and stay tuned!”. Wouldn’t it make more sense that you were originally supposed to go to Faroah, somehow get the Emblem of Sun, go to Source, melt the people and the exit behind the philosopher’s house, then take that path to the last temple and deposit the emblem in it. Upon the release of the first iPhone, the whole studio was excited to know everyone will have a powerful gaming machine in their pockets.
It is maybe linked with the wizard towers in the white city. At the time, the only RPGs on the device where some fairly obscure Korean-style action games – no RPGs in the vein of Zelda or Secret of Mana were available. Press J to jump to the feed. Here the references are, again, Zelda and the Mana series: while its approach is console-style, the game will feature some dark undertones. For this last installment of our Inspirations series, we had the chance to sit down with Heikki Repo, Creative Director of Cornfox & Brothers. Why are the people there frozen? “After I played the Mass Effect Trilogy, I realized how the characters companionship and the way they explore the planets made those games great. So is it right that the only ending of the game is that the city gets destroyed? I was really enjoying playing this game on my iphone 8, then I was like what?! Certain story elements were a bit vague, and I think we … I feel like there were so many open, empty rooms down there. What actually goes down in the games is the natural consequence of what already had happened before.”, The story told in Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm is the background story of the first Oceanhorn: an opportunity to lay strong foundations for the saga, add more details, and create a universe that will keep making sense for potential new projects as well.

Energized by The Last Story, Heikki decided Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm would be a third person experience, with multiple party members.

The Last Story, developed in collaboration with Nintendo, wasn’t destined, for obvious reasons, to set a new graphical standard, but the gameplay was something truly inspiring. The ending is sad and unsatisfying as it is. General discussion and tips.

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