[25], On July 6, 1999, a 27-year-old man, Daniel P. Dukes, was found dead over Tilikum's back in his sleeping pool. His first calf born in Orlando was to Katina. However, in 2010, Tilikum attacked and drowned trainer Dawn Brancheau, in addition to killing another trainer in 1991, reopening the debate about the death of Mr. Dukes. [3][27][29][30], On February 24, 2010, Tilikum killed Dawn Brancheau, a 40-year-old trainer. On November 15, 2006, a SeaWorld California trainer was injured when the park's 18-year-old female killer whale, Orkid, grabbed veteran trainer Brian Rokeach by the foot and pulled him to the bottom of the tank, refusing to release him for an extended period of time. This was ineffective because, a fortnight later, trainer Kenneth Peters was involved in a similar incident (below) with a different orca. Pulaski managed to free himself from the tangled wetsuit and get to safety. Since the early 1970’s, there have been over 30 incidents involving captive Orcas that resulted in human injury or death. Kandu V: responsible for 5 documented attacks. A third possible reason is that we don’t resemble any food source killer whales typically depend on. In the early 1970s, Hugo grabbed trainer Bob Pulaski by the wetsuit and began thrashing him. Natsilane sent it to exact revenge on his brothers-in-law. Compared to … In fact, the only documented Orca attacks that have resulted in fatalities have involved captive Orcas at marine parks. [45] The film and a subsequent online petition led to several popular musical groups cancelling performances at SeaWorld and Busch Gardens' "Bands, Brew & BBQ" event in 2014. Still, humans pump toxins into their water, we bombard them with noise, and sometimes we kidnap their babies and put them in aquariums. Who Isn't? [3] He sired 21 calves, of which ten are still alive. Seaworld requested an emergency transfer of Tilikum to their facility.

[24] Sealand of the Pacific closed soon afterward. Mealtime mixups like this are not unheard of. However, there have been no fatalities recorded.

[31][32] Brancheau was killed following a Dine with Shamu show. Killer whales seem to follow rules that go beyond basic instinct and border on culture. Orky II: responsible for 2 documented attacks and 1 incident in which he crushed a trainer because of blindness in one eye that was not revealed to his trainers. Individual pods forage, communicate and navigate differently, much the way different cultures of people do.

[10], In the Chinook Jargon of the Pacific Northwest, his name means "friends, relations, tribe, nation, common people". Killer whales, on the other hand, are able to suss out an unintended target much more quickly. In August 2005, while swimming in four feet of water in Helm Bay, near Ketchikan, Alaska a 12-year-old boy named Ellis Miller was "bumped" in the shoulder by a 25-foot transient killer whale. They don’t attack people. The boy was not bitten or injured in any way. The crew described the orcas as being very tolerant of the film makers’ presence.

Killer whales have been around about 11 million years. The answer here might be friendship. Orkid: responsible for 2 documented attacks and 1 incident that was, most likely, an accident but resulted in a trip to the hospital with minor injuries. They generally are upon me or within me when I am somewhat out of order in bowels, throat, or head.”—Rutherford Birchard Hayes (1822–1893). First death. This is why the orca tried to attack the man because in the whale's mind this was just an "odd looking seal". The move was indeed an aggressive charge – but does that make it an intentional orca-on-human kill strike? News, stating that PETA's facts were not only inaccurate, but that SeaWorld trainers also "do not now, nor have they ever entered the water with Tilikum for this purpose". Any similar creature might see humans as a tasty little snack, but not orcas. It may very well be that within “orca culture” there is a social norm not to go after people. Jealous of Natsilane’s popularity and talent, his brothers-in-law devised a plan to abandon Natsilane at sea during a traditional sea lion hunt. His body was later found on the back of the largest Orca, Tilikum. While at Sealand of the Pacific, Tilikum sired his first calf when he was about eight or nine years old. In 1987, several of San Diego's newspapers reported on a "white paper" disclosure of at least 14 different injuries of varying severity suffered by the trainers of SeaWorld California while working with orcas within a five-month period in 1987. Disclosure Policy | Privacy Policy | Copyright © 2020 WhaleFacts.org. On February 20, 1991, at Sealand of the Pacific in Victoria, British Columbia, a young part-time trainer named Keltie Byrne fell into the tank. Hugo's tank-mate Lolita then joined in and began a tug-of-war with Hugo.

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