During that period I have been satisfied with everything I had to deal with. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer.
Pantone also offers the Colorstrology Guides as a 12-month set, which makes a great conversation piece for friends and family to explore and discover the characteristics of their personal color. by Michele Bernhardt, * – indicates estimated values - Mary Prioleau (Executive Assistant at Fran Lukas NWH Jewelry Group). Our studio has a very precise need for supplies, and with little room for storage, we order frequently and greatly benefit from Columbia's location as well as the free delivery.” - Octavia Giovannini-Torelli (Studio Director at Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects), “I work for a large fashion company and have been ordering Pantone color swatches and books from Columbia Omnicorp almost on a daily basis for over 8 years. • Each individual color swatch card is identified with four unique Pantone Color names. Use this page to quickly search on either a color name (i.e. • When selecting swatches consult current Pantone Fashion + Home publications for accurate color. Number Name Color Replacement Page PANTONE … ΧΡΩΜΑΤΙΣΜΟΙ ΖΑΛΜΠΑ - Ελεύθερο επάγγελμα σε εργολαβίες χρωματισμού για κατασκευαστικές εταιρείες και ιδιώτες.


You can also type in a page number into the search field to see all of the colors on a specific page (i.e. “Pantone has spent more than 40 years exploring the influential and emotional powers of color. True Red) or color number (i.e. The company is called Ethx.

• The swatch illustrated on this page may not be an exact match of PANTONE SMART 17-1664X Color Swatch Card, Poppy Red.

TruColor. Pantone SMART cotton swatch color standard in TCX (cotton) from the Pantone Fashion + Home system: • Individual loose fabric swatches are available for all 2,100 TCX colors, • Each Double-layered cotton swatch is hermetically sealed and measures 4” x 4”. They have both exceeded my expectations in durability and design. The customer service team is extremely pleasant to deal with and always goes out of their way to ensure that we get what we need when we need it.

- Kimberly Shaw, “I have been a customer at Columbia Omni for over 25 years.

I have also been a professional musician for 40+ years as well, and received a Bachelor's degree in Music (jazz studies - performance and arranging emphasis) from North Texas State University (now the University of North Texas) in 1985. American Basketball Association (’68-’76), International Basketball Association (’95-’01), National Basketball Association: Franchise Records, National Basketball Association: Additional Records, National Football League: Franchise Records, National Football League: Additional Records, National Hockey League: Additional Colors, National Professional Soccer League (’91-01). I remain a very happy customer." Use this guide for logos and branding, marketing materials, packaging and when spot colour printing is required. I have ordered the Foam Core Boards, as well as the Foam Core with Fabric Boards. We have all sorts of requests and they come through for us, time and time again. After working with larger non-local supplies providers for decades, we transferred all of our studio supply needs to the friendly and capable team at Columbia Omni in 2010. I have been interested in logos and uniforms since the early '70s, and am especially interested in team colors, including color science. I could not ask for more in a vendor." Join the Columbia Omni Studio Club for new videos, discount codes, and more!Sign Up today and automatically get entered into our Monthly Pantone & Art Supply Giveaways.

You've just added this product to the cart: We’re the largest in-stock Pantone dealer in the country, with one-hour pickups for our local NYC clients. • Pantone swatches are ideally suited for specifying, controlling and communicating your color choices.

You can also type in a page number into the search field to see all of the colors on a specific page (i.e. To purchase a copy of PANTONE® Colorstrology™, click here. All prices are in USD. ” - Jessie France (Garan INC), “Thanks to Columbia Omnicorp and their high quality merchandise, we are able to display our jewelry in a manner that accentuates its upscale style and beauty. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. “Together with Michele Bernhardt, we’ve created a system that gives people insight into themselves while helping them incorporate color into their lives with more confidence.”.

• Which can be cut into four numbered strips to be sent to multiple locations or used for several design projects. Streifen Matching Textile Farb-Nr.
• Their loose, unbacked design allows swatches to be compared to skin tones or other materials. Colorstrology lets people tap into this wealth of insight in a personal and spiritual way that has never been available before,” said Lisa Herbert, executive vice president of the textile, home and fashion division at Pantone. True Red) or color number (i.e. The customer service at Columbia Omni is impeccable, reliable and expedient.

support@columbiaomnistudio.com, Store Hours:Mon - Fri: 8:30AM - 6:00PMSat - Sun: Closed. Powered by BigCommerce, Trend Forecasts - Accessories (Web Based), Trend Forecasts - Fabric, Print & Pattern, Pantone Plus Series Chip Replacement Pages, PANTONE TCX SWATCH CARDS 11-0103 to 11-4805, PANTONE TCX SWATCH CARDS 12-0000 to 12-6208, PANTONE TCX SWATCH CARDS 13-0000 to 13-6208, PANTONE TCX SWATCH CARDS 14-0000 to 14-6408, PANTONE TCX SWATCH CARDS 15-0000 to 15-6442, PANTONE TCX SWATCH CARDS 16-0000 to 16-6444, PANTONE TCX SWATCH CARDS 17-0000 to 17-6333, PANTONE TCX SWATCH CARDS 18-0000 to 18-6330, PANTONE TCX SWATCH CARDS 19-0000 to 19-6311, PANTONE SMART 17-1718 TCX Color Swatch Card, Dusty Rose, PANTONE SMART 17-1736 TCX Color Swatch Card, Sunkist Coral, PANTONE SMART 17-1656 TCX Color Swatch Card, Hot Coral, PANTONE SMART 17-1644 TCX Color Swatch Card, Spiced Coral, PANTONE SMART 17-1710 TCX Color Swatch Card, Bordeaux, PANTONE SMART 19-1664 TCX Color Swatch Card, True Red, PANTONE SMART 17-1537 TCX Color Swatch Card, Mineral Red, PANTONE SMART 15-1151 TCX Color Swatch Card, Iceland Poppy, PANTONE SMART 17-1740 TCX Color Swatch Card, Claret Red, PANTONE SMART 18-1664 TCX Color Swatch Card, Fiery Red, PANTONE SMART 17-1664 TCX Color Swatch Card, Poppy Red.

Printed Colorstrology Guides are available for each month, featuring the color of the month and individual colors as well as personality profiles for each day. 19-1664) to find the replacement page number.

The missing information for the Dubuque Mud Puppies Black 1,…, The missing information for the Manitowoc Skunks :Black 1, 1,…, Where is the Major Indoor Soccer League that ram from…, Interesting article...we will see if those colors end up being….

19-1664) to find the replacement page number. Each color includes a personality profile and three key words that best describe the profile for that specific day. Pantone 18-4006 TCX Cool Gray 10 C C M Y K R G B 54 42 38 32 109 112 116 C506 - G. Dyed Anthracite Pantone 19-3900 TCX 2336 C C M Y K R G B 53 47 42 53 88 86 88 C251 - Opal Pantone 16-4402 TCX 422 C C M Y K R G B 44 34 33 04 157 157 158. As well as being the founder of TruColor (formerly ColorWerx and The Society for Sports Uniforms Research), I am also a database developer and run a software development and consulting business with my wife Amy. 1.122). Colorstrology lets people tap into this wealth of insight in a personal and spiritual way that has never been available before,” said Lisa Herbert, executive vice president of the textile, home and fashion division at Pantone. Copyright 2002-2020.

“Pantone has spent more than 40 years exploring the influential and emotional powers of color.

+ – indicates derived values.

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