Revere was an ardent federalist and was committed to building a strong and economically developed United States of America. The Midnight Ride. He married twice and produced an impressive sixteen children.

After the war, he went back to his profession and made a lot of money by producing articles of mass consumption. It now has three manufacturing divisions, located in New Bedford, New York and Rome. 1768: He was of French extraction. The riders met the pair in Lexington and enabled the revolutionaries to avoid arrest. ♦ On January 8, Paul Revere and Sarah Orne’s eldest daughter, Deborah Revere, dies at age 39. In fact, it wasn't until Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's 1861 poem, which greatly embellished Revere… Thus he became one of the early industrialists of the United States of America. ♦ Paul Revere is born in late December in the North End of Boston. ♦ On May 15, Paul Revere and Rachel Walker’s daughter, Lucy Revere, is born. As Revere rode towards the river, he went on alerting the colonial militia scattered in different towns.

Born in Scotland in 1747, Jones came to America as a merchant sailor.

♦ On January 3, Paul Revere and Sarah Orne’s daughter, Sarah Revere, is born. The British in June 1779 established a new base on Penobscot Bay in present-day Maine (which was then part of Massachusetts). La evolución de la educación a distancia y su adaptación a entornos virtuales de aprendizaje. he did not wish any ingenious Yankee setting... Read more, The role for which he is most remembered today was as a night-time messenger on horseback just before the battles of Lexington and Concord. After delivering the news, he then set out for Concord along with Dawes and another Patriot called Preston., The young Revere was educated in reading and writing in school before completing his training as an apprentice to his silversmith father. 1757:

But he left the business briefly and enlisted in a provincial army in 1756 during the French and Indian War.

While every schoolchild knows of the midnight ride of Paul Revere, Dawes made an even more daring gallop out of Boston that same April night in 1775. In 1760, he became a member of ‘Freemason’. 1762: He also made good profit out of this business. © 2020 A&E Television Networks, LLC. In November 1773 the merchant ship, Dartmouth arrived in Boston harbor carrying the first shipment of tea that would be subject to the taxes of the Tea Act.

In 1811, at the age of 76, Paul Revere retired and left his well-established copper business in the hand of his sons and grandsons.

Finally in 1800 he became the first American to successfully roll copper into sheets for use as sheathing on naval vessels. He then began to mass produce silverwares such as teaspoons and buckle, which had greater demand than customized high end goods. He reworked a Henry Pelham drawing in an engraving and widely distributed prints of the stark image of armed British troops taking aim at the colonists.

Although Dawes and Preston were able to escape Revere was captured and questioned at gun point. On April 18th, 1775, Paul Revere rode to Lexington. Upon returning to Boston in 1776, Revere was commissioned a major of infantry in the Massachusetts militia in that April, and transferred to the artillery a month later. Paul Revere was born in the North End of Boston on December 21, 1734, according to the Old Style calendar then in use, or January 1, 1735, in the modern calendar. Academy of American Poets.Revolutionary War Battles. The expedition is a failure and Revere returns to civilian life in Boston that fall. However, this was not going to be the only major accomplishment of Paul Revere’s remarkable life by a long shot. By 1788, he had enough money to build a large furnace. 1772:

Paul Revere (/ r ɪ ˈ v ɪər /; December 21, 1734 O.S. Paul Revere was born in Boston’s North End at the end of 1734 (the exact date is unknown) to a French Huguenot father who ran a silversmith shop and a mother from a local family.

In 1765, Paul Revere became a member of ‘Sons of Liberty’, a secret society formed to fight unjust taxes imposed by Great Britain and to protect the rights of the colonists. ♦ On March 13, Paul Revere and Rachel Walker’s son, John Revere, dies at the age of 3. While this complex story has many heroes and villains, the figure of Paul Revere remains largely unknown to a great many people. However, while this poem was an exciting retelling of that night, it wasn’t entirely accurate! 1781: “Letter from Paul Revere to William Eustis, 20 February 1804.” Massachusetts Historical Society, Did you know? Paul Revere's Midnight Ride But it was his ride on April 18, 1775, that etched his name into history, especially after it was commemorated later by the poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow .

1746: 1775: Revere Copper Company, founded by him, continues to flourish even today. The 1680 structure still stands today as the oldest building in downtown Boston.

Married Life. 1782: On December 16, 1773, Revere, along with others, sneaked into the ships disguised as Native Americans. 1758: With British troops in Boston and a rebellion stewing, Revere became a master propagandist, using his artisan skills to craft engravings that incited the colonists to join in the rebellion. Their mission was to warn the Massachusetts Provincial Congress about an impending British invasion. However, the British came to know about these visits, mainly from the ‘loyalist Americans’. In September 1779, he was asked to resign from his post because of some complaints lodged against him. ♦ On February 19, Paul Revere and Sarah Orne’s daughter, Frances Revere, is born. Paul Revere’s father, Apollos Rivoire, was a French Huguenot who immigrated to Boston at age 13 and Anglicized his family name before marrying a local girl named Deborah Hitchbourn. The colonists were unable to recapture Newport and Revere returned home in September. He was required to make several trips to New York and Philadelphia in secret. Paul Revere was a colonial Boston silversmith, industrialist, propagandist and patriot immortalized in the Henry Wadsworth Longfellow poem describing Revere’s midnight ride to warn the colonists about a British attack.

♦ On April 30, Paul Revere and Rachel Walker’s son, Joseph Warren Revere, is born. ♦ Paul Revere is acquitted of all charges in his court-martial case. Revere’s next stop that late night was Concord, Massachusetts, a hotbed of the resistance and the suspected location of the British troops’ second attack. The town initially housed the biggest colonial armory.

On the way, Revere had to cross the Charles River, along which British war ship HMS Somerset was anchored. He had a goldsmith shop at North End in Boston. After the death of his wife, Sarah, in 1773, he married Rachel Walker and they had eight additional children. Paul learnt his three R’s at the North Writing School. ♦ In August, Paul Revere is appointed Commander of Fort Independence. However, the city itself continued to struggle against the relentless tide of British tax policies.

♦ Paul Revere’s father, Apollos Rivoire, dies. Revere kept on working as courier for the provincial congress. Amid the growing political tensions in Boston, Revere continued to strengthen his roots in the colonial harbor city. Yet, he carried on and from 1773 to 1775, he made 18 such trips. His father, Apollos Rivoire was a French migrant who, on reaching America, changed his name to more anglicized Revere.

Propaganda. However, he remained active politically till his death. His activism extended beyond the confines of Boston when Revere began work as a courier and rode from Boston to New York on horse to spread information about the colonies. In 1795, he added copper bolts, nails, spikes and other fitting to his range of products.

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