"If what Grandpa said is true, we're merely re-taking possession. she's very defensive about her friends and family. "I am sure you are wondering what I mean by 'my team'. This may be a lot to take in, you probably won't even know half the things I've said so far. Ace loves his younger sibling as well, but is more protective in the emotional sense, since he's not a very physical pup, despite his size. A door was in the way, but the dally had come prepared.

"While you think about what I said, how about some lunch?" Ranger and Max both jumped suddenly as a mechanical whine was heard. But maybe his best friend can pull him out. "No, sir. A fourth had recycling arrows, and the one next to it had an anchor on an orange background. Max sat down in the co-pilot seat, amazed at how such an old plane could still fly. Though in times of real danger, if his family or friends are in trouble, he'll tell himself to suck it up and push through. "To help the dogs walk old ladies across the street?" Originally Posted on FanFiction.Net; Character Death; Chase still likes Skye ... 2016-11-27 Completed: 2017-08-09 Words: 31097 Chapters: 14/14 Kudos: 23 Bookmarks: 1 Hits: 689. Anyway, for you, I have prepared what I call a 'pup-pad'. Max had actually done some research, and the current mayor, Mayor Goodman, was a descendant of the mayor who was in-office during the time of the original PAW Patrol. "How may I help you two today?"

She automatically knew that there was no time to run through the house again. He clicked the tag that was on the collar, but there was nothing. I saw several reviews saying how they wanted to see something of a continuation, and so surprise! Which, funny enough, he acts like a car when you turn him on. When they're grown up and get married, they wear Marriage pins on their collars to match their mates. Seeing a desk, with a desktop computer on it, Max sat down in an old chair. As he investigates what the hay is going on, weird things begins to happen and Ryder and the now dogs, finds themselves in a pickle of a thing. Max then shut down the computer. It was mostly white, with a glass canopy where the eyes would go. Or will it be too late? She's more of a fireball than her brother, and her partner-in-crime is usually always Aurora or Dylan. Lani and Dylan have 3 pups, a boy and two girls: Digger , Sandy , and Robin , while Ace and Winter have two daughters, Clarity and Breeze and later on have a son named Cayo . He double clicked on it, and a black screen appeared. For those of you eagle-eyed viewers, I'm not going to say what it is, but Ryder messed something up. The PAW Patrol disbanded decades ago, and all that's left is Ryder's grandson, Max, and his dog, Ranger. ", "Just because your granddad told you something before he died, doesn't mean that we should be breaking the law.". "It's funny, life. What probably didn't get out was that he entrusted me with something far greater than his building and money. Ranger eyed them hungrily. Max got up, and looked around.

The floor was a cool marble that swirled and mixed like oil does with water. He jumped onto one and securely fastened himself in. Please, let me see you out!" ", The boy looked his pup in the eye. Max stared long at the photo.

"Arf! "I'm glad I could help. the captain shouted. There was nothing. When she marries Dylan, Lani gets a golden badge shaped pin with a rhinestone D initial on the side and his badge symbol in the middle. "If he says so, technically we own this place now. tip: hetalia f/f sort:kudos. Mayor Goodman turned his gaze to the German Shepherd sitting there. I chose you for your character, and for how you act to those around you. Max, for his part, was ecstatic. The pup glanced nervously at the signs, swallowing multiple times. Lani starts to crush on another one of Zuma and Princess' sons,Dylan . A/N: So, it looks like Max and Ranger now officially have the Lookout and its technologies, even if they are outdated. Max slowly turned the knob, and gently pushed the door. Her oxygen mask was already secure around her face, and special, new boots tailored for pups helped protect her paws from the glass-and-splinter covered floor. Category:Next Generation | Paw-Patrol Fanon Wiki | Fandom. Ranger looked curiously at his owner, then did as he was still. It was a seventh door, but this one had a paw symbol on a red and blue background. Max stopped and turned quickly, looking at his pup's eyes. "Well, me." There's no telling what there might be on that computer.". "I want to see this place," the boy replied. He has a two-hundred hour battery life, something that took me a good while to figure out. I knew it wouldn't work," Ranger immediately argued.

Max stared intently at the screen. Hold on a moment, I want to do something." I love you, Max." ChasexMarshallxZuma. "I guess so. "Well, yeah. The name I have is of whom your second member should be. And you know, I'm going to follow his steps." Lights!" The final one had a wrench on a yellow background. "In a few days, I get it."

He cried out as the elevator lurched a foot upwards, then quickly and smoothly ascended. "I don't know, sir. ChasexMarshall. Ranger stared at the floor for a moment while he worked it out in his head. Max turned to Robo-dog, who was sitting there quietly. Next Generation: ChaseXSkye.

The screen went dark again, until a wall could be seen. She sighed happily. As explained above, that's why they both tower over their mother. He's not a good man, good men don't get drunk.". Don't worry about his battery or charging him, he charges automatically at the Lookout. They call their cousins' pups "Nieces" and "Nephews" just because it's easier than saying "second cousin" and stuff like that. Max asked. You aren't even three and you already act like you're ten. It was what looked like an old lighthouse, apart from the fact there was no light. "Well, it appears that we get this place, and the money. Arf! There was a few seconds of silence, then the round object beeped. In this year, though, it was more a fire-motor, as it was electric. Main pairing: Skye x Everest. Taser!" Might include OCs, buttheycan'tbewithcannonpairs. "No job is too big, no pup is too small," Max read. "Then let's hurry before someone finds us out," the shepherd said anxiously. "Oh, no, no, no, not at all! Or runaway from the pressure? PAW PATROL: NEXT GENERATION Fanfiction. The pup hunkered low to the ground to both see and avoid any chance of smoke inhalation. "I guess so. How many pups do you have so far?". He has a very sensitive nose and will tend to sneeze 4-8 times in a row. Max quickly made his way over to one of the computers, not having to wait. It was barely half a second when the screen disappeared. Di waktu tergelap pun kami akan selalu ada untuk kalian,
In my collection of shorts (Havin' A One-shottin' Good Time), thi sis the fifth chapter. How will be the reencounted with them all? Please consider turning it on!

He tapped a file and it opened instantly. The place was covered in dust, a layer that made Ranger sneeze. Adventure Bay is in trouble. Chapter 8. Well, a robot dog. Ranger looked unconvinced. I chose you because I see potential that you don't even know you have. Max merely nodded, speechless at what he was seeing. Monster High. The glass canopy lit up, and two, holographic eyes appeared.
That done, she ripped off her mask. Wikis. The fire-suit she was wearing protected her from the splintered edges around the hole as it brushed past. All in all, you did well. If I gave this to you, then it means I think this team needs to be brought back. "He was never crazy. So good luck to you both. He had brown eyes, and a perfect smile on his face.

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