“I did have the thought that I wanted to be part of the organization that makes these things.”. Subsequently, he led the Asian operations for several multinational companies including Mead Coated Board (then part of Mead Corporation) and Chesapeake Corporation. “It’s now assumed that if Microsoft Research wants to participate as first-class citizens in product development, the door is open,” Lee said. Dr. Lee, who majored in chemistry, was one of the earliest international students to come to Seattle University from Hong Kong. “If you look around at the world and where technological surprises are happening, one place is in the art world — artists who are using tech to create new experiences,” Lee said. “I think people in MSR are very aware of how connected they’ve been to the company,” Lee said. Professor Florence C. Hsia on the theme of “Jesuits in China and Chinese Science”. Small pink Elephant Car Wash sign donated to Amazon, Why 2020 is different for student loan payments, Is the COVID-19 risk on airplanes really that low? “It will allow us to engage our students with sociohistorical context and pressing issues related to East Asian studies, modern languages, international business, comparative religion, and many other areas.”. Military brass, however, was not so sure. After earning his doctorate, he joined the faculty of Carnegie Mellon’s computer- science department, eventually becoming department chairman and the university’s vice provost for research. The project was “awesomely fun,” Kaufman said. He began his law practice in Atlanta, Georgia, participating in the representation of major corporate and insurance defendants. The intent is to have a portfolio of research activities that together form an innovation pipeline, where blue-sky ideas feed into industry-changing inventions, which then help with the shorter-term activities. On Christmas Eve 1985, David Lewis Rice (born 1958), a follower of a right-wing extremist magazine and group the Duck Club, gained entry to the Seattle home of civil litigation attorney Charles Goldmark using a toy gun and pretending to be a deliveryman. When he first arrived, some colleagues told him about their work seeking to improve teleconferencing. He has had a longstanding association with the East Asian History of Science Foundation in Hong Kong and currently serves as its chairman. The task before Lee, who became head of the organization last year, is to balance the pure research for which his division is best known with more immediately applicable work, all the while focusing resources on what could best lead to the next big thing. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, Lee believes. Peter Lee’s mission at Microsoft is to think big, think far and think unconventionally — and to get others to do the same. “On the other hand, researchers really need stability. “Both Satya and I believe that there are opportunities for the company to do an even better job of unleashing the value in Microsoft Research than it has in the past,” Shum said. Taken together, he said, “we see an era … where we move beyond the personal computer to a world where computing all around us becomes more personal.”. Read more about his contributions to Seattle University, The inaugural Peter L. Lee Endowed Lecture in East Asian Culture and Civilization, featuring Professor Tobie Meyer-Fong, of Johns Hopkins University, with her talk entitled: “World of Pain and Wonder: Horizons of a 19th Century Chinese Traveler.”, The 2nd annual Peter L. Lee Endowed Lecture in East Asian Culture and Civilization, featuring Professor Robin Yates, of McGill University, with his talk entitled: “Chinese Science, Medicine, and Technology: Some recent discoveries and new trends in the field.”. Early in his career, he served as the first President of Coca Cola China. Other situations may require “wackier” pairings, as Lee puts it, such as matching a sociologist with insights into American teenagers with a mobile-apps group. Ambient computing refers to having computing devices, embedded all around in the environment, that can understand people’s intent and operate on their behalf. Watch the video of the 2018 Peter Lee Lecture with Dr. Robin Yates. Dr. Lee, who majored in chemistry, was one of the earliest international students to come to Seattle University from Hong Kong. Those traits were evident from his days heading Carnegie Mellon University’s computer science department, to his stint at the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), and now at his job leading more than 1,100 advanced researchers working in 55 areas of study in a dozen labs worldwide. In 2009, Lee took up an offer to establish a new office at DARPA focusing on technology with potential for disruptive transformation and surprise. If you want to play a duet with someone, that latency makes things hard.”. That reorganization, begun by former CEO Steve Ballmer and continuing under new CEO Satya Nadella, is geared toward fostering more innovation and collaboration. “I was drinking Tang and eating Space Food Sticks.”, The son of a chemistry- professor mom and a physics-professor dad, Lee figured he was “probably destined to grow up a research scientist.”. Thanks to a generous contribution by Dr. Peter Lai Sun Lee ’64, Seattle University established the Peter L. Lee Endowed Lectureship in East Asian Culture and Civilization in April 2015. Another turning point came in high school when his father enrolled him in a summer computer-science camp. As head of Microsoft Research (MSR), Lee … View the profiles of people named Peter Lee. Peter Lee, '64, PhD, has received the 2018 University Service Award. “But they’re also aware that there’s an external perception — I think it’s a misperception — that they haven’t been.”. The chances for technology to surprise aren’t driven by the business-meeting scenario.”. “I didn’t have the thought that I wanted to be an astronaut,” Lee said. Housed in the College of Arts and Sciences and managed by the director of Asian Studies, the lectureship brings to campus prominent experts to explore the impact of East Asian thought and tradition on contemporary global issues. May 4, 2020, 5- 6:20 p.m., LeRoux Room, pre-lecture reception at 4:30 p.m. And he is able to put them together in ways that are interesting and that are useful.”. “Those ideas are uncomfortable and wacky. Some of those changes have caused discomfort. Skip to Apply, Request Info, Jobs, Contact links, Institute for Catholic Thought and Culture. “I asked why they were doing this. In addition, Lee has established a Special Projects group within Microsoft Research to focus specifically on projects with the potential to expand what’s possible with technology. Peter practices general litigation, emphasizing the defense of lawsuits involving premises liability, legal malpractice, and motor vehicle accidents. Some of the changes recently put into place, including embedding at least one of Microsoft’s advanced researchers in each of the company’s product planning teams, have come from above, as a continuation of a larger companywide restructuring that started last year. A 45-year-old man who died Sunday while paddleboarding in Lake Washington off Mercer Island drowned, according to the King County Medical Examiner's Office. This is a man who says he likes to “encourage wackiness.” While at DARPA, he launched a nationwide search for 10 giant weather balloons to convince four-star generals of the power of social media. “The Peter L. Lee Endowed Lectureship is designed to be interdisciplinary,” said Arts and Sciences Dean David Powers. Oct 20, 1973 – Jul 21, 2019. Lee’s interest in science crystallized when he was 9 years old, watching the moon landing on TV at his home in Houghton, Mich. “I got so sucked in,” he recalls. Lee tries to bring that same spirit to Microsoft Research. Here's what experts say, U.S. economy faces severe strains after election with Washington potentially paralyzed, SpaceX starts rolling out Starlink internet; some early users are in Washington state. Safe Start Health Check screening. “Which is fine. Dr. Lee received his PhD in chemistry from Michigan State University, did postdoctoral research at New York University, and studied with the great China scholar Joseph Needham at Cambridge University. Peter Lee’s mission at Microsoft is to think big, think far and think unconventionally — and to get others to do the same. But the division has also taken criticism for not helping Microsoft innovate enough, allowing companies with smaller research and development budgets, such as Apple and Google, to leap ahead in crucial areas. It’s always a struggle to find the right balance.”. His most recent venture is Rondabosh International Ltd., a company he founded upon retiring from Chesapeake in 2008. Others come from Lee himself, such as making sure his managers have strategies for, and can show achievements in, each of four quadrants: Research that solves immediate problems; improves existing technologies; is disruptive and game-changing; or is purely curiosity-driven and exploratory.

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