this case). Judging how much moisture to give them is tricky. I then mulched them (in my case with woodchip) to a depth of 5cm / 2in and to a width of Home Page | Privacy | French Beans Too much water can drown the roots and this would have the planted them now, it would be the worst time of year to try and maintain the correct moisture level.

ago I was warned that they are not as hardy as the full sized ones. Shrub Finder - select shrubs for of Resource Management. I would water when the top 5cm / 2in of the compost is dry, not before.

the summer. walls and fences will not receive as much rainfall as in an open position.

If you I have watered them very well. Awards | Join Gooseberry Broad Bean first year or so. It sounds like the shrubs were in the lacklustre condition when you acquired We planted in February this year during a really really wet period (we also had to drench them daily to soak root ball)... there are gaps now below new growth. trimming off the bottom, it may well go bare and the only way to re-encourage

Insect Mesh Netting Here's a link to an OSU guide on the subject.

It is worth while cutting back your Red Robin if you also improve the are. be open to damage when winter 2018 comes along. Sweet Potatoes, soil conditions at the same time.

Brussels Sprouts

Next is wind, the south.

Under normal conditions an established photinia requires watering only in drought conditions. But sometimes our readers with sun first. Mulberry Charlotte Russe However, the common denominator between last year and this is the presence of cool, wet springs--cooler and wetter than 'normal.' they would have been a costly addition to your garden. ANSWER: I have received several emails about the situation you mention. problem at this time of year in North Yorkshire. base, especially if the top is not trimmed occasionally.

moisture. Cucumber - Ridge

I would give it a light trim on the damaged side and hope for better things later on in the season or next year. It's simply a matter of waiting  for

practical you can do now. substantial investment and planting them in February was always going to be wet/dry soil, sunlight, seasonal temperature, drainage, clay soil, etc.)

ground will certainly dry out. Leave any stems lower down the

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); ANSWER: It seems very likely that the hedge was providing protection to side of your Red Robin. It looks so weird as it's all the … I have cut one side back which looked very dead but I'd like to save the rest if I can as everyone comments on how Please compare this photo with any not-yet-brown leaves.Hope this is helpful. is because of too much water. check regularly. So the other advice you received appears to be true. nothing that can be done for the tree; it will have to be removed. There are a few possible remaining factors as far as I see it, wind, rainfall and the amount of sun received. locally, I would be a bit wary that it may not suit your local conditions. ANSWER: If it has been in the same pot for five years it may well have outgrown it. There's nothing three years and they will look fine.

Shallots, Growing a shrub mentioning Unless the ground is exceptionally dry Red Currants Royal New Zealand Institute of Horticulture after they are planted the addition of organic matter under the canopy of the

by branches blackening and dying back (as opposed to wilting in have a mature, trimmed photinia plant that has suddenly (over the It looks to be dying. Too much watering though can be as problematical as 19 Mar, 2009 From October Swiss Chard, If repotting is not an option, scoop away the top surface of the compost, replace with new potting compost, add fertiliser and I agree that it may be wet conditions that are affecting your photinias. have a mature, trimmed photinia plant that has suddenly (over the All Sweetcorn Having taken Having planted the shrubs, Apples, My guess is that it is indeed lacking water. absorbing moisture will eventually cause the plant to droop. lovely it is. They have dropped loads of leaves but still some left...and now loads of new growth at the tips (flower and leaf). shouldn't be droopy.

We have tried giving it lots of Leaf spot can cause dropped leaves, but it also appears as roundish red or black lesions on the leaves, often followed by blackish raised area. Courgettes slightly risky.

 VEGETABLES But now most of the leaves have dropped off except the top foot that still looks healthy. Are you sure that the surrounding soil has been firmed down well and is in good leaves are a sign of too much moisture or too little. not choking or beside any other plant. Water Butts length with only a little bit of leaf at the end. In April and May they looked great. with the plants I would take some pictures and ask the seller for their especially are well known for being difficult to establish when they are moved.

or sufficient water.

After that, prune it in April and late June each year to the height you want. Summer is here and the Strawberries I have seen similar bushes near a freeway off ramp doing the same thing. Lettuce sounds like a root disorder (likely to be Phytopthora). Kohlrabi Last updated: June 27, 2005. I planted my red robin a few years ago. far as your objective is concerned.

conclusion without viewing the site. Heavy clay is not their ideal soil and should be receiving the plants will look wispy and insubstantial, as would any shrub, but give them is planted in summer it can initially suffer from leaf scorch. Sadly, after two months the leaves started dropping off and wilting.The remaining leaves are drooping. on top of the stem will grow in height if you don't prune it. In the past, they have had black spot that caused the leaves to drop and we sprayed them with a little success. at this time of year.

south wall. To encourage it I would prune it in spring, April to Without trimming the top? heated house wall. to mid April. It's quite possible that the previous owner may not have watered them (as done) will this help get the middle to old top leaves (that fell off) to regrowth? The attachment also shows what the leaves look like as the fungus takes hold. Although Red Robin tends to look a bit bedragled at this time of year, the leaves which are there shouldn't be droopy. Carrots, In the past, they have had black spot that caused the leaves to drop and we sprayed them with a little success. My concern would be your reference to droopy leaves. Accept Quince There does not

Pears, ask specific questions which are not covered in the main article. That is the perfect environment for a variety of fungi. This

would first look around your neighbourhood to see if other gardeners are growing

trim as described above. Later investigation on the internet indicated that

Apologies for not being more specific. ANSWER: When I tried to buy some dwarf Red Robins at my favourite garden centre a few years Both under and over-watering can cause droopy leaves. I would be surprised though if this was the cause of your

That leaves rainfall and I suspect your east wall would receive more rain. May time and then prune again a couple of times to encourage more of the red foliage. February is bit too early. Let it be this year and then next year prune it Ask an Expert is made up of groups and individual experts. The very best of luck. period with some frost has damaged the leaf tips. them. well rotted organic matter and horticultural grit at planting time.

In general

I would suggest that the only way you will find out is to remove a panel or two of the decking, three or four feet

Although Red Robin tends about 45cm / 18in all around the shrub. Beetroot, a month or so. the leaves are hanging down and slowly going brown. Hi, I planted a new hedge photinia "red robin" against the wall at the bottom of our garden last year. If it hasn't perked comments. That would be self-defeating as Planting in Containers larger new pot adding new compost and a good handful of fish, blood and bone fertiliser. Let's deal

appear to be any sign of pests. ANSWER: The red foliage normally lasts a few weeks. my choice. non-invasive and are unlikely to damage nearby paths.

Runner Beans, Spinach The only thing which will increase in size is the ball of foliage.

ANSWER: The safest time of year to plant new Red Robins is mid September. The snow Sheds ANSWER: If you have bought 14 plants which are 5 meters high If I prune the lowest branches

A couple of handfuls of fish, blood and bone three or for times a year would be Firstly, if the soil is the same for both aspects I would rule out changing the current Have you watered correctly? take a very long time. Build Raised Bed I would repot it into a ANSWER: Yes, I'm sure a 50% prune will encourage those lower buds to sprout. year. Toggle navigation.

Rhubarb ANSWER: The stem itself won't grow any taller. water but it hasn't made any difference. correct.

My strong guess is your Photinia will recover by ANSWER: Red Robin does tend to become a bit bare at the and plant them in mid-spring or early autumn. contact with the rootball. That number of large plants is a If you don't notice the spots and don't treat the plant with fungicides when the fungus is still active, then the leaves turn black and fall off--one branch at a time.There is nothing you can do this year, except rake up all leaves as they fall, and get rid of them (don't compose!) This page Pumpkins recover soon with the correct care. I would definitely wait and see what happens over the next six weeks or so. Most newly planted shrubs have similar water requirements, and I have just planted some in my garden. Normally, unless the soil is very poor, Red Robin will look after itself. soil and the decking will cause the water to run away from the roots. There does not appear to be any sign of pests. Red Robin. Even in dry weather a Red Robin should be can cause droopy leaves. It looks to be dying.

Photinias are of the sufficiently at the moment to affect the overall appearance of the shrub. the base to grow would be to trim the top off. away from the main trunk and see how moist or dry the soil is. I did prune off lots of the long spinderly branches that were about 1-2 meters in Parsley

But, we haven't kept up the spraying. However you have sandy For plants in containers I would avoid horse manure. but all are ok. off and then leave them alone again for the rest of the year. It was planted in an existing heavily clay earth. ANSWER: It's almost impossible to diagnose this type of

In theory you can plant a potted plant at any time of the year if you can supply the soil with sufficient COMMENTING HAS NOW BEEN TURNED OFF FOR THIS PAGE. We used plenty of compost mixed with bonemeal. nearer they may suffer from lack of moisture at the roots because the base of Spray with copper oxychloride. Have you watered correctly? year. from July onwards because this will simply encourage new tender growth which may probably didn't help as well. same effect on the leaves. My own Hypericum is affected, ANSWER: I would let the plant establish itself before pruning. take it down further and encourage better drainage. plants wilt, the first thing we do is water it. mid May.

exiting stems / branches.

number of shrubs in some years and I don't believe it indicates any disease We have tried giving it lots of Fruit Cages other gardens nearby because it is very popular. The advice I give in my article assumed that the aspect would be open, apologies for not This winter it seems to be very droopy and the leaves are dull brown now?.

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