A dwarf globe shaped shrub with two-toned needles, green on top and white beneath that lend a silvery cast to the plant. Nov 30, 2016 - Explore bello tulip's board "Picea abies", followed by 251 people on Pinterest. Picea omorika: Serbian Spruce, and Picea pungens: Colorado Spruce are more tolerant of dry soil conditions like those found in eastern Oregon. Your subscription gives you an instant 25% off your entire pottery purchase! Prune reverting growth at its base, as soon as you notice it. Cones are small and red-brown when ripe. Alberta Spruce takes well to shearing and can often be found in nurseries trained and shaped into topiary forms like spirals and pom-poms. All are extremely cold hardy, to 50f! Needles are short and grow flat against the branches, creating interesting texture. Photo courtesy of our supplier, Iseli Nursery. Cultivars can be very difficult to distinguish.Genus name is reportedly derived from the Latin word pix meaning pitch in reference to the sticky resin typically found in spruce bark.Specific epithet refers to its similarity to the genus Abies (fir). Easily grown in average, acidic, evenly moist, well-drained soils in full sun. As the name suggests, 'Tom Thumb' is a miniature, and it's one of our favorites. Color holds year-round but is brighter in spring. Grows 12” per year, 12’ x 4’ in 10 years. Family: Pinaceae (py-NAY-see-ee) ( Info) Genus: Picea (PY-see-uh) ( Info) Species: abies (A-bees) ( Info) Cultivar: Kultasurukuusi. Evergreen tree for large lawns, parks or woodland areas. Sun, Zone 4. ‘Rainbow’s End’ has creamy new growth, ‘Sander’s Blue’ has silvery blue needles. Be careful not to cut into bare wood, wood without any green attached. Zone 4. 'Argenteospica' looks similar but is less full and regular than this more formal specimen. A very popular dwarf conifer with short green needles and a perfect cone shape. Picea abies, commonly called Norway spruce, is a large pyramidal evergreen conifer that is native to the mountains of northern and central Europe east to the Urals. Without training branches grow along the ground as a groundcover. Roots are shallow and spreading, so transplanting is usually successful. However, our stocks can be limited, so act now and bring the special character of the Weeping Norway Spruce into your own garden. 17. It boasts a straight central leader with gently down-swept branches that hang to regular intervals like layered crenalin. It has been widely planted in cool and temperate regions of North American where it typically matures to a much shorter 40-60' (less frequently to 100') tall. No serious insect or disease problems. I use ... read more, A small feral colony lives in Socorro, NM. It's a great choice for containers and rock gardens! Sun, Zone 2. Phone: 503.788.9000 Sun, Zone 2. They come in all shapes and sizes too, offering a wide range of garden-worthy options. During this time they are particularly susceptible to damage and death if they are allowed to be too dry. The magnificent Norway spruce populates much of Europe and is commonly used as a holiday tree. Picea abies Cobra: Deer Resistant This is a strange looking tree with its own wildly unique character. Picea abies 'Kultasurukusi' Garden Shrubs Garden Trees Landscaping Plants Garden Plants Shade Garden Evergreen Landscape Evergreen Garden Dwarf Evergreen Trees Trees And Shrubs. Sun, part shade, Z3. Keep an eye out for reverting growth in cultivated varieties, especially in Alberta spruce. Reversion is the production of shoots that do not match the cultivated plant, for example, upright growth on a weeping plant. Many cultivated varieties exist, lending variations in size, color and shape. Very slow-growing dwarf spruce with tiny dark green needles and short stiff branches resembles a thick pincushion. Short rich dark green needles, stiff ascending branches and slow growth. We carry a wide variety of trees year-round. Picea abies. Dark green needles on weeping branches. Sun, Z2. Discovered in France, 1867, this lovely tree was nearly lost to cultivation but thanks to Iseli Nursery it was saved and reintroduced in 1982. Over 150 cultivated varieties exist, including many with interesting shapes and smaller statures. Portland Nursery on Stark longevity? Root rot and rust are common diseases. Classes | Narrow pyramidal shape with a strong central leader and graceful arching side branches. There are many more garden worthy cultivars. Picea abies (L.) Karst. Forms a lovely skirt around the base of the tree. Where is this species invasive in the US. Needles are dark green and branches are strong, withstanding heavy snow better than other narrow-growing conifers. White spruce grows up to the arctic tree line along the top of north America. All grow in a dense pyramid shape. Many dwarf cultivars of this species are available for foundation and rock garden plantings. Sun, Zone 4. Native to the Black Hills of South Dakota, it is commonly used for a holiday tree in the mid-west. Native to mountainous parts of Caucasus, the border … Forest trees are quite tall and some of the cultivated varieties are as well, but dwarf and miniature varieties are also available. Prefers cool summer climates, and often grows poorly south of USDA Zone 7. Grows in a globe shape when young and eventually produces a leader forming a squatty cone shape. It has been widely planted in cool and temperate regions of North American where it typically matures to a much shorter 40-60' (less frequently to 100') tall. 9000 SE Division, Portland, OR 97266. Grows fast, more than 12” per year to 10-12’ x 2’ in 10 years. Wetland Status. Ideal windbreaker. They are ... read more, This summer many beginning gardeners probably tried ... read more, Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the Davesgarden.com, Waging War on Weeds with Black Plastic Mulch. Grows about 12” per year, 12-15’ x 6-8’ in 10 years, much larger given time. Evergreen Landscape Evergreen Garden Evergreen Shrubs Trees And Shrubs Trees To Plant Dwarf Trees Fake Trees Garden Shrubs Garden Trees. Grows 12”/yr or more, to 40-60’ tall – given time it can grow over 150’ tall. Picea is the Latin word for spruce, derived from the word pix, the word for pitch. Soil: Moderately moist well-drained soil is preferred, but clay soil is okay. Needles are short and sit close to slender branches. Colorado spruce are known for their bright powder blue needles and have been grown in cultivation for decades. Sun, Z3. Often one branch is selected to serve as a trunk and trained to grow upright, allowing the other branches to weep and skirt the ground. Dwarf and miniature spruce are good selections to grow in containers. Fast/slow grow? This plant has no children Legal Status. Norway Spruce Plug Seedlings for sale, approx 3-6″ tall [photo is no longer accurate] Quick Checkout: [instructions] 5-pack of Norway Spruce plug seedlings >> $32.00 10-pack of Norway Spruce plug seedlings >> $45.00 25-pack of Norway Spruce plug seedlings >> $77.00 50-pack of Norway Spruce plug seedlings >> $120.00 100-pack of Norway Spruce plug seedlings >> $179.00 In its native European habitat, it typically matures to 100-150' (occasionally to 200') tall. In youth, the shape is nest-like with an indention in the center, but over time it will fill out to a mounded shape. The Garden wouldn't be the Garden without our Members, Donors and Volunteers. Origin: 40 species, mostly from colder regions of the northern hemisphere. Locations | Grows 2-3’ x 10-12” in 10 years, 6-7'x3-4' eventually. Picea abies "Nidiformis" - Bird's Nest Spruce Native to the upper Drina River Valley in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Interpreting Wetland Status. Performs well in rich sandy soils. In the forest it is a slender pyramid shape resembles that of a Douglas Fir, but cultivated varieties are smaller in stature. Habit is upright and pyramidal with irregular slender branches that sweep upward at the tips. Handy Brochures.

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