There you are!" This was a limited time non-chapter. This map introduces two exclusive Items, being the Dinosaur and the Robot (Not robby, but it could be...). Chapter It is possible that an infected George Piggy skin will be added in Piggy 2. None (Limited Bonus Map) Being missing in the first chapter, George reappears in the cut-scene of Chapter 9, the City, and he is seen spying on us from behind a trash can in an alley near the Safehouse. Next Chapter: Theme Song Oops! However, George somehow overcame the infection and was perfectly fine after running away from his house, the reason we come to the Piggy residence in Chapter 1. This clearly indicates that George Piggy went missing from his house, which is the main reason why the Player is trying to find him. However it is not known whether this will replace Little Brother or just be another skin. NEW PIGGY MAP - DISTORTED MEMORY GAMEPLAY, This leads to George's eyes start glowing red, but he suddenly wakes up from the nightmare in the locked room of the Mall before the Player and Zizzy find him. Alive George waking up in the Mall (Distorted Memory). The cutscene opens up with George waking up from a nightmare, only to find everyone gone and tries to find his sister, Penny. People theorize that it's Mr. P, Ms. P, Bunny, Doggy, or George's "Evil Side". George: Where did Penny go...? If the player chooses the Bad Ending, George attempts to warn the Player that Badgy is behind him/her but is too late. His final move was to hide in the Mall. The attic still exists in the house. After asking what they should do next, George suggests that they look for a cure. Same as House but with the Dinosaur and Robot instead of Gears Her first appearance game is in the Distorted Memory end cutscence. Come back!" ", The Character George is based on. Baseball Bat Now, tell me what you did to my family. George: "I... don't feel too well...", (George's eyes begin to start glowing red) Found Due to the fact this takes place in the house, many rooms and aspects are kept. George is one of the only characters in Piggy whose name is not an alliteration with what kind of animal he is ("Zizzy" and "Zebra" both start with Z, compared to "George" and "Pig"). Unknown PBadgy Role The key difference is in the new rooms, most of which are on the left side of the house. The quest of this chapter is to escape and find Penny. He is a major protagonist that only appears four times so far (Mall, Outpost, and Plant) George also used to appear in the limited - time map Distorted Memory, however, he plays an important role in the Piggy storyline, since he is (maybe, Grandpa Pig can be not infected) the sole and only non-infected member of the Pig Family. Appearances At the end of chapter 12, after Mr. P tells George and the player what happened to Georges family. Weapon Once they arrive at the safe place, Zee and Zuzy look after George there as the Player, Zizzy and Pony go to the helicopter signal. ", "You took them away from me. You can see that he's sort of living in there because of the notes he writes, explaining that he's trying to find food and survive. Click here for the skin page! Parasee and Daisy also came in this update. Kills You? A picture of George Piggy, before it was removed for copyright reasons. George Pig George Piggy with the Piggy Family as seen on Minitoon's twitter and in the end credits. Appearance. Pig N/A When you walk through a corrupted wall you see a semi-transparent red mist. MemoryMr. ", (Game starts) 45 (If non-functional attic is counted) What happens in Distorted Memory is probably an inaccurate representation of what happened when George ran away from home. Enemies Distorted Memory However, Penny is nowhere to be seen, so he begins looking for her in Distorted Memory. There is also one less floor, being the attic. George is also a skin, and is referred to as "Little Brother", costing a mere 50 … George Piggy, Penny, and Memory, City - Chapter 9 (Chronological Timeline), Distorted Memory was a map in Piggy.

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