;] 꿈에 의하여 진실한 오는 나의 상급생 소원을 만드십시오! keep smiling, its one of the beautiful things about you. I want to be your fan but i can't. I watched him the first time in the drama "Boys Before Flowers", he acted pretty cool and I quit enjoy to watch the story. lee min ho oppa... i love to play that song " my everything" when i go to bed every night although i don't understand the language but i love the song alot. So, as le min ho' true fans, i wish minzy couple happiness and have a longlast relationship. you are so beautifully made..im gonna see yhu soon...keep up the good work..im ur number 1 fan, maheswari Jan 20 2015 11:26 pm among every actress he had worked with,he shared the best chemistry with ku hyu sun,they seem to have so much fun and very comfortable with each other during their BOF days,please do another project with her,i wish you every success oppa,Fighting!

saranghae oppa :*. :-), maya Dec 05 2014 3:51 pm Dear LMH, you are someone that comes in a complete package. Alyssa Timbal May 23 2020 6:08 pm I am open for inquiries...appreciate your time, and God bless. :) i am a very big fan of yours!! Im obsessed with min hoo. Lore-an Aug 15 2012 4:33 pm Though the story was not taking place in Scotland but in Korea. Sommia Afrin Chaity Apr 22 2018 6:25 am Saranghae lee min ho oppa. fan Oct 06 2016 10:18 am I hope that he play new drama in 2015 I can't wait to see him again. I'm not saying this 2 actor is better than him. am in ghana a lovin fun, rachelle Mar 18 2014 4:49 pm ur my idol.oppa fighthing!!! I love you you are so handsome I knew you look handsome than me you are the only that I know I just love u I am your fan because I joined your Facebook group because I love you alt. We <3 you! i enjoy ur dramas.i want to see and act with u nadia_only Jan 30 2010 12:18 am opppa!!! The greatest gift you can give to us minoz is just assurance that you're happy doing what you love to do. She has 357k+ followers on Instagram and 38.8k followers on Twitter. I wish i can get Heir as soon as possible. Hi Lee Min - Ho, how are you? I'm sorry you are the best actor that I have seen . ;), mia aquino Nov 08 2012 3:19 pm Deserves it all! { Omg i'm your number one fun!!! Hope to see you soon.

You are a great actor obviously.. and so young,enjoy your life inside the parameters but with modest! That you can change your look & you whole style so completely is a great achievement. You become my boygod since City Hunter ,huh
minoz/zahra Jul 05 2014 4:42 am

You are alway in my heart. ! You are the best actor. i never thought that i have a chance to meet you, but i did. I'm from Texas, USA... your charm and popularity is reaching acroos the world. LOVE LEE MIN HO SO MUCH! From 'I am Sam' to 'BOF' to 'personal taste', 'city Hunter' and 'faith', I have loved every second of it. My favorite drama/movie is Faith, "The Great Doctor". So if I can master spanish, Lee Min-Ho, Korean is one of my next 3 languages to learn. By the time of Lee Min-Ho's senior year in high school he joined Starhaus Entertainment with the help of an acquaintance. Hi...i'm from turkey.I'm your biggest fan.İ'm watching you Loving series.you cutte and handsome.You good man.You are wonderful in Faith and City hunter. annyonghaseyo Lee Min Ho oppa :* your so handsome omygosh -.- your my Idol I really want to learn some Korean languages because of you. that is called perfect, right?! She has been appointed as the creative partner of MCM globally. Leeminholic Nyein Dec 27 2014 8:15 am

oppa do drama again please :( bogoshiptaa, Youssra taieb Jul 07 2015 12:47 am i'm a big fan of you Sarangahaeyo. One more thing, NEVER STOP TRAVELING.... leeminho's girl Oct 16 2015 9:10 am my best actor ever.so crazy in love with your dramas.boys over flowers still takes the cup...continue the good work.God bless you oppa. We love the way you smile and the way you gaze to lead actresses.. Abby Nov 16 2013 6:01 pm From the rapper Sean P. Diddy Combs’, she has a son. fighting☺, Balkis Nov 11 2016 12:39 am I really enjoy watching your dramas and your hansome face makes my day! i love you, Kathryn Jul 08 2014 1:16 am hi!!!!!!!!! Himala Oct 01 2014 3:32 am You are my first Oppa. Watchin your movies makes me happy I love you. Boys over flowers will never get old ....l repeat it over and over again ,thanks to you Lee Min-Ho for the superb performance. oppa.....am a Nigerian and I have a huge crush on you.....just felt like letting yu know.....dont think am stupid or crazy for saying it.....stay healthy Oppa!!! Wish you the best wishes and keep your perfect smile forever!!! Das Fernsehprogramm für heute, den ganzen Tag und 20:15 Uhr zu allen Fernsehsendern haben wir für Sie übersichtlich aufbereitet. Hehee! Lee Min HO... I LOVE YOUR MOVIES AND I LOVE THE WAY YOU ACT.PLEASE SEND ME YOUR CURRENT MOVIES TO MY EMAIL, marjorie Soliva Jan 15 2014 6:22 am

Sarangae oppa. I think you are very optimistic and tries to bring out the best in all the roles you play. You have no idea how much you make me happy!!!!!
molly Aug 28 2012 1:38 am Saranghae min ho❤, precious Oct 11 2018 12:16 am You can see my mail address right? I will definitely come to Korea one day. FIGHTING!! My aunt teaches English in Korea and so she sends these movies to me. this guy.

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