Compare the strengths and limitations of a range of assessment methods with reference to the needs of individual learners. 4. |find it difficult. To support the use of these assessment methods, this paper will look at different theorists and give examples of relationships to theory.

• Suitable time • Suitable model • Convenient for workplace • Suitable environment Is Learner Ready?

An assessors personal feelings about the learners cannot cloud cloud the assessors judgement. | | |Could help less confident learner.

It measures the learner’s attainment of knowledge and skills in their particular learning area. | | . . Copyright © 2000-2020.

They need to be held in mind by assessors whenever they construct a test, whether this be a class quiz, a class essay or an end-of-year examination. There are many theories and models on self-assessment, which help to explain the process of reflection and the reasons why it’s important. Reliable By following the standards set by City and Guild for each assessment, it ensures that the same result will be achieved. teachingexpertise. The tracking grid is for the learner to keep a record of their own progress on what they have practiced in salon, this encourages the learner’s development of skills as they can track what they need to practice and when they will be ready for assessment.

I agree with Wilson, I would also add that peer and self assessment can be useful to motivate learners. This paper will justify the use of peer and self-assessment to promote learner involvement and personal responsibility in the assessment of their learning. Key factors that have to be taken into consideration when planning assessment are; • Is learner ready? Having a fair assessment will ensure the results are accurate, it is for that reason this reason that teachers must ensure that results have come from careful planning and who the results concern are aware of what is expected and are given the resources and opportunities to have the knowledge and understandings to achieve successful results in. The method I used to research this topic was through primary and secondary research. An IV will go through the learners logbook after the learner has been on the course for 6 months, this is to ensure that the assessors accupational competence is up to date. ? 7.

Brady & Kennedy (2005) give a general summary of the principles for reporting.

Learners must adhere to their own salon procedures and insurance policies. | |Recognising prior learning |Gauge the learner’s knowledge of learning. For self-assessment I have chose to look at some theories. The principle of Kolb’s learning cycle is that we all follow the following four stages of learning as we acquire knowledge, experience and skill. This could occur without the learner realising. doc [Accessed 04 June 2010] Wilson, L (2008) Practical Teaching A Guide to PTTLS & CTTLS: Melody Dawes (publishers) Ltd, Principles and Practice of Assessment of Students.

2 Evaluate the benefits of using a holistic approach to assessment.

on, Understanding the Principles of Assessment. to promote learner involvement a tracking grid is used for each individual learner.

I have also chosen to use the book; Petty, G (2008) Teaching Today. Bibliography Unit 3 Principles and practice of assessment Kerryann Kelly 1b Black and William assessment for learning (1998), Available from www. Assessment planning should be a two-way process (Shannon & Wavers, 1949) between me and my learners. Whilst it is an advantage to reflect immediately; learners are very clear on experiences as they have just happened. It encourages learners to check their own work before handing it in.

3 Explain how to plan a holistic approach to assessment. This is just a sample. 6. The learner must achieve the stated outcomes to have sufficient evidence to meet the requirements. Ultimately assessment is a means of communicating with the students to build their awareness of what they know and what they need to improve on.

This includes, ? If the employers know the learners know the learners progress they are more likely to encourage and motivate the learner, the employer may make time to train with the learner or let the learner observe other stylists work which will expand the learners skills and understanding. The Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority [ACARA] have the task of developing and implementing a nationwide curriculum. Learners may write up recordings, talk things through with a tutor and so on. 1713 words (7 pages) Essay. Donald Schon’s theory was to bring ‘reflection’ into the centre of an understanding of what professionals do. I also think its good practice to have time for conceptulisation – concluding and learning from the experience. Assessment is carried out to evaluate that learning has taken place. In case you can’t find a sample example, our professional writers are ready to help you with writing Understand different types of assessment methods 1. Convenient for workplace. To determine if the learner is ready for assessment, Assessment has to be planned between the assessor and each learner, together they must come up with a plan that will suit the learner’s employers and the unit the learner is to be assessed on. can use them for free to gain inspiration and new creative ideas for their writing assignments. Although trends in testing, as in other fields, change over time, some principles of assessment are permanent and are not overly affected by current fashions. Don’t miss a chance to chat with experts. The advantages of self assessment are that is promotes learner involvement and personal autonomy. Explain how to ensure that assessment decisions are:- Made against specified criteria The outcomes in the logbook for each unit ensure that the assessment decision is made against the specified criteria and that the learner is working to City and Guild standards. | | |Clear feedback back can be given on the | | | |work | | |Questioning the learner |Can occur naturally out of an observation |Is difficult to manage with larger numbers | | |Non-threatening to the learner |of learners | |Can be offered to learners with additional |Due to the range of responses from | | |support needs |learners, reliability may be difficult to | | |May fill in gaps in the learners portfolio |achieve. There is a NVQ appeal procedure in line with the awarding body requirements and NVQ code of practice which must be followed. You can get your

Learning is a fundamentally social activity—whether in schools, workplaces, or other environments. The learners have to state what they have learnt, what they enjoyed the most and least and anything they have achieved in the session, there is also spave for the assessor/tutor to make comment on what they learner has done, these forms are filed and can be used for learners to reflect on. 1Evaluate the importance of quality assurance in the assessment process. The act of reflecting-on-action enables us to spend time exploring why we acted as we did, what was happening in a group and so on.

Let Professional Writer Help You, 6000 Fairview Road, SouthPark Towers, Suite 1200, Charlotte, NC 28210, USA. heacademy. teachingexpertise. This information should be available to learners and others to see at any point. I am responsible for the learners to complete the programme units with the time-scale stated by the awarding body, the time-scaled will initially be dictated by the Learning and Skills council but, learners will be assessed on an individual basis and time-scales adjusted to suit individuals. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. Principles Of Assessment Essay. The course is designed where the learner must access a web-based program, Blackboard, for reading assignments and quizzes.

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