There's lots of talk from the devs saying they never said it was a prequel or sequel etc so don't get your hopes up. This would suggest that, even after finding out her world isn't real, in her heart of hearts, she, nonetheless being part of the world, still believes it to be "real" in a sense insofar as she is. Monika speaks at length about how her world isn't real, and how realizing that made her feel a loneliness and emptiness she was nearly unable to cope with... and yet, she still wonders what she'll be like in college (despite the game, at this point, being only a room in which Monika herself notes time is not passing in) and lamenting how she used to act in middle school (If she believes the world she's in isn't real, shouldn't she realize there never was a "middle school" for her and her life starts once you begin the game?). In the Golden Ending, she realizes the player did everything they could to make sure everyone got some kind of happiness. The bulk of Libitina's consciousness (including her Third Eye powers) reside here. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. I mean, there hasn’t been any actual confirmation to that, just speculations and theories. In the Portrait of Markov universe, there are alternate universe versions of Monika, Sayori, Yuri, and Natsuki, as well as Libitina herself, who does not have a DDLC analogue. So, she doesn't feel as strong a need to do something so drastic, since the player cared enough to give each girl a possible happy ending. Dan got busy with the popularity of DDLC and it delayed any future projects he had. Monika's presence causes the piano part of the background music. Now, since Chara is a representation of the player's impulse to destroy everything, ordinarily Chara would inhabit the player's character, but since DDLC is supposed to be a romantic visual novel where the protagonist has no violent options, that wasn't possible. In Act 2, Yuri kills herself on Friday. Levare Concept Libitina Landing. In visual novels, characters don't have AI: everything is scripted and follows predetermined routes. Those few weeks just about overlap with the time the Literature club was started. Dan has confirmed that he is working on another game, but it won't be related to DDLC. In that universe, !Monika moves in with Libitina and begins to experience the events described in Yuki's novel. 2018 is passed ,wheres the game is it delayed and cancelled? In questo video esploriamo un po' la mode Monika After Story del gioco Doki Doki Literature Club! You write and share three poems and there's a two-day weekend, then the festival is on Monday. Ooh! This is why Monika and the other girls remain in the game code even after deletion (since the code is just Libitina's consciousness). She’s in some cases reluctant to talk about her problems. Even if one girl got ignored in one save, she would have received some kind of attention in another. I've only been in the fandom for about a month now. Then, Libitina became Yuri; instead of being a particularly creepy villain, she instead became a Shrinking Violet who had some bizarre interests like knives and horror novels, but was ultimately harmless. In many points during Act 2 she says lines of dialogue similar to what Sayori said in Act 1, about having intense feelings about the player but not having the emotional capacity to deal with them or control them. Appears to be cheerful and friendly on the outside, but are. Monika was eventually sold and reprogrammed to be the president of the Literature Club, but still having a distant longing up until she discovers her world is fake. Her being poor would probably come with a lack of food. Saturday is skipped entirely in Act 1 and in Act 2 you watch it pass while paralysed from watching Yuri kill herself. Who knows. The reason why the "rewind" event happens is because Monika is trying to avoid a repeat of Sayori. July 1, 2019 dansalvato. Satchely Student Digital Artist. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Using Monika's status as the tutorial character to her advantage, Libitina was able to get the game uploaded and released. That isn't Project Libitina, right? It doesn't make sense if all his responses are pre-written (considering previous point, sometimes written, This could also extend to the game's world in general. The simulation ultimately fails to achieve it's goal, however, when a defeated Monika expresses that she could never permanently erase her friends, and fails again when an unintended remnant of self-aware Monika interferes with Sayori in Act 4. Perhaps Monika was added accidentally, maliciously, or simply ineptly, and in such a way that she was installed as the Club President with access to things no one but the player was meant to be able to do. The DDLC Controversy - Why the Game is not at Fault - YouTube This is after he stops giving her money and feeding her in a way that Monika, the only character to have complete knowledge of everything, says is keeping her body in a childish shape due to malnutrition. Why is this important? Yuri contains her propensity for self harm and more violent tendencies.

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