Since these groups essentially earn a living by abusing the ESA, they have a lot invested in the status quo. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have died, and millions are unemployed. And the cycle goes on and on. Interior Department relaxes sage grouse protection, The uniquely American sage grouse, a bird resembling a turkey with spiked feathers, has become the face of the debate between land developers and conservationists. EPA loosens regulations on toxic air pollution, This regulation revolved around a complicated rule referred to as “once in, always in” or OIAI. Trump's decision to unilaterally withdraw the US from the 2015 nuclear deal in May 2018 has induced chaos throughout the Middle East. "Our concern is that the Trump administration is planning to open up California to fracking and dangerous drilling at all," said Clare Lakewood, senior attorney with the Climate Law Institute at the Center for Biological Diversity, an environmental group. Cons: Trump is failed in controlling COVID-19 outbreak in the USA. Read more about how rising sea levels may imperil the internet. In the … Too costly with his plan: Trump officials propose changes to handling the Endangered Species Act, In July of 2018, the Trump administration announced its intention to change the way the Endangered Species Act is administered, saying more weight would be put on economic considerations when designating an endangered animal's habitat. His handling of COVID-19 will go down as one of the worst disasters in US history, with over 231,000 dead and millions unemployed. Here is an examination of Trump’s most striking statements about his environmental record. A third proposed revision to the regulations would clear up some disputed language in the law. He's appointed 53 judges on the 13 US circuit courts. On Monday, the Trump Administration announced much needed revisions to regulations of the ESA. The Trump administration has taken no known responses. He said the United States and other countries should commit military forces to exclusive use by the United Nations’ Security Council. Roughly 22 million jobs were lost from February to April. Air pollution in the U.S. has indeed plummeted since Congress last overhauled the Clean Air Act in 1990, at least judged by EPA data on several key pollutants. What Trump has not done in his first three years is offer a replacement for the Affordable Care Act. Trump was impeached in the House of Representatives on December 18, 2019. Despite its name, the new branch has not been established to protect the planet from extraterrestrial threats, but is tasked with protecting the US military's assets in space. That said, Trump has consistently trailed former Vice President Joe Biden in polls leading up to election day, and he must defend Republican strongholds, such as Arizona and Texas, which are increasingly becoming toss-up states. The bill also aims to lower recidivism by offering more rehabilitation and job-training opportunities, and it includes provisions intended to treat prisoners humanely — banning the shackling of pregnant inmates, halting the use of solitary confinement for most juvenile inmates, and mandating that prisoners be placed in facilities within 500 miles from their families. Cons Trump – Nothing to date. Read more about Trump's plans to roll back the Clean Water Act. Top public-health experts have repeatedly urged Americans to wear a mask or face covering, touting the practice as the best tool available in fighting the virus. The Rhodium Group, an independent research group, said in May that U.S. greenhouse gas emissions increased by as much as 2.5 percent last year, while efforts to lessen carbon pollution by the utility industry slowed in 2018. Mass firings, frozen funding, and midnight rules: Inside the Democrats' operation to fight back against Trump going scorched-earth in a Biden transition, summarized the key aspects of the legislation, falsely claimed that ISIS is totally defeated, struggle to bring the country together after tragedies, people who've threatened protesters with guns. Read more about how scientists think seismic air guns will harm marine life. ), 8. Though the economy is still far from recovered, Trump also failed to bring Congress together to pass a second coronavirus stimulus package prior to Election Day as Americans across the country struggled to cover rent and other bills. ), What are the “waters of the U.S.?” President Trump issued an executive order in 2017 ordering the EPA to formally review what waters fell under the jurisdiction of the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers according to the 1972 Clean Water Act. But the law has achieved none of the ambitious goals that Republicans put forward — and there are scant signs they ever will. Meanwhile, The New York Times in June reported that US intelligence officials determined Russia has paid bounties to Taliban-linked Afghan militants to kill US troops. NOT MENTIONED: Trump’s regulatory rollback of rules on power plants, vehicle efficiency and waters covered by federal law. "nothing less than government-sanctioned child abuse. He wanted to remove all US troops from Afghanistan by the November election, but that hasn't happened. While serving, they need every asset at their disposal to complete their mission. Even if Trump is not reelected in 2020, his presidency will continue to have an influence on the direction of the US because of the sheer number of conservative federal judges he's installed. On Monday, the Trump Administration announced much needed revisions to regulations of the ESA.. Read more about the scientists pushing back against President Trump's environment agenda. Pros Since 2000, our nation’s energy-related carbon emissions have declined more than any other country on earth.". (Read more about California's historic wildfires. Biden – His agriculture plan is another big money spending spree. Trump has at times falsely claimed that ISIS is totally defeated, embellishing the extent of the US military's success against the terrorist organization during his presidency. TRUMP: "One of the main messages of air pollution, particulate matters is six times lower here than the global average. ), 3. The president was acquitted in a Senate trial, but will still go down as just the third president in US history to be impeached. California now ranks as the seventh largest state in terms of crude oil production, after being in third place until 2016. Poole also challenges claims about water contamination from fracking while pointing to regulations in place. He will: Increase the federal minimum wage to $15. "As a pediatrician, but also as a mother and a former head of state, I am deeply shocked that children are forced to sleep on the floor in overcrowded facilities, without access to adequate healthcare or food, and with poor sanitation conditions," Bachelet, the former president of Chile, stated. Trump often took credit for the robust US economy before the pandemic, ignoring that much of the growth began during the Obama administration. What he has proposed to do is exactly what’s already happening. Can Nigeria Global Value Chain Help Expand Needed Nigeria Exports? Trump was diagnosed with COVID-19 just days after essentially holding a super-spreader event in the Rose Garden at the White House to announce his Supreme Court nominee. The Trump administration has touted its work to reduce childhood exposure to lead, a potent neurotoxin, but has taken few concrete steps that weren’t legally mandated. Read more about the rollbacks facing endangered animals. Trump blamed "many sides" for the violence at the rally, which resulted in the death of a counterprotester, Heather Heyer. Trump's handling of the coronavirus pandemic has also left the US embarrassed on the world stage, and created a void in global leadership that China has rushed to fill. Trump – Our military’s men and women make great sacrifices to protect our country. ", ongoing but tenuous peace talks with the Taliban. Some of the business benefits of an environmental policy include: helping you to stay within the law Biden – THE BIDEN PLAN TO BUILD A MODERN, SUSTAINABLE INFRASTRUCTURE AND AN EQUITABLE CLEAN ENERGY FUTURE. Well over a dozen people in Trump's orbit tested positive for COVID-19 after the event. "California, in particular, we use almost 2 million barrels of oil every day," said Bob Poole, director of production, state and coastal issues for the Western States Petroleum Association, an industry trade group. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, among others. An environmental policy expert with The Heartland Institute sees both good and bad in Donald Trump's proposed energy plans. Data is a real-time snapshot *Data is delayed at least 15 minutes. Trump has frequently employed racist rhetoric during his presidency, but especially during times of heightened racial tensions. The power plant rule, called the Affordable Clean Energy rule, was officially issued on Monday and requires coal-fired power plants to consider boosting their efficiency — which EPA estimates could reduce their carbon emissions by 1.5 percent. Missing out on the latest scoops? The state has already issued 121 permits for fracking so far this year, according to the California Department of Conservation. But today’s farmers and ranchers face many challenges bringing the fruits of their labor to market. Biden – Nothing to date, but has devastating plans. “There is almost no proposed or final rule that has come out of the Trump EPA that will provide greater protection to public health, and many that would allow increases in air pollution, small or large," Janet McCabe, former head of EPA's air office and now assistant director of the Indiana University Environmental Resilience Institute, said in a statement. The proposed change narrowed the definition of what's considered a federally protected river or wetland. President Trump is signing an Executive Order to increase American production of essential medical supplies and cut down What are the Pros and Cons to Trump's Economic Plan? Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) for alleged violations of the ESA, and often force agency decisions that do not actually benefit any species. … The response of leading environmentalist groups was entirely predictable. "Capturing or killing him has been the top national security priority of my administration," he added. The oil and gas industries are currently doing more to make a transition to cleaner energy than anyone else in the world. Attendees did not social -distance, and many were seen without masks. By December 2019, Trump nominees made up roughly 25% of all US circuit court judges, according to an analysis by The Washington Post. Trump unveils plan to dramatically downsize two national monuments, Unlike national parks, which have to be approved by Congress, national monuments can be created by an executive order, which the president said means they can be dismantled just as easily. Migratory Bird Treaty Act reinterpretation, Companies installing large wind turbines, constructing power lines, or leaving oil exposed are no longer violating the Migratory Bird Treaty Act if their activities kill birds. Instead of putting people to work, fragmented and unpredictable federal approval processes drag on for years and sometimes decades. Ground-level ozone, which causes smog, is down 22 percent. Coronavirus lockdowns in early 2020 and reduced consumer spending led to tens of millions of job losses as whole segments of the economy sputtered. LOS ANGELES — The Trump administration's plan to open up more than 1 million additional acres of public and private land in California to fracking is raising alarm in the environmental community. Though he's been to many the most controversial and divisive president in modern US history, Trump has had a remarkably steady approval rating thanks to his staunchly loyal supporters. Pros Critics argued it was a windfall for massive corporations at the expense of the middle class. In signing a $738 billion defense spending bill just a few days before Christmas, Trump officially established the sixth branch of the US Armed Forces — the Space Force. Meanwhile, supporters of the tax cuts. The Administration supports school choice for parents, prepares students to compete in a global economy, modernizes a federal student aid system, and holds higher education institutions accountable to students and taxpayers alike.

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