By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Become A Dealer The paper suspension can be moved around and modified to see how it works. It isn’t pretty, but it contains all the information I needed: the locations for the upper control arms and ball joints with the relative position to the lower suspension. The upper suspension points are impossible to get to from the bottom of the car. AFCO offers extended stud ball joints to raise the front roll center.

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You can think about a trackside Roll Center adjustment if you wanted the car to experience stiffer front springs under braking yet have the front springs feel softer in the center of the turn.

But, is it really magic? This places the instantaneous center on the suspension side of the wheel.

Unless some of the weight in the car is relocated to compensate, the distance between the roll center and CG will remain unchanged (for the most part).

As the pieces of the puzzle are assembled it starts to become apparent what the picture might be and it becomes easier to see how the rest of the pieces fit together.

With this simplified thought process you can add another weapon to your adjustment arsenal and make adjustments that gets you ahead of your competition. The instantaneous center can be located above or below ground and it can be located on either side of the wheel. Car designers spend a ton of time figuring out mounting points and control arm lengths to come up with their idea of the optimal Roll Center. Negative Camber is added and may need to be reset. If the driver doesn’t like the adjustment you can simply bolt the original slug back in and look for the next piece of hardware to move in your quest for more speed. 3. There are a few more suspension points to measure in order to locate the rear roll center for these cars but the process is the same. A-Arm height an angle adjustments can be made just at the ball joint or in conjunction with inner pivot slug adjustments. The body of the car (sprung weight) rotates about this axis when it leans during cornering.

I did this so I knew the relative position of the points on the board to the points on the floor. Moving the A-Arm pivots at the track is easy if you have the right hardware. At the track – you can easily visualize the effect on the RF instant center if you raise the RF a-arm inner pivot ½”. This is how I did it in college when I didn’t have access to any other options and it was very helpful. Again, increasing/decreasing the ride height of the car will move the roll center up/down. The top illustration shows the upper control arm slopping in, toward the center of the car. a lifted 4WD truck with independent front suspension) the track width of the vehicle can increase substantially when the suspension encounters a bump. This positions the instantaneous centers very far from the wheels and creates virtual swing arms that are very long.

First, a line was drawn through the marks for the center of the front tires. It is a suspension found commonly in Street Stock and Bomber classes. The upper and lower control arms are nearly parallel to each other on my car’s front suspension.

I have never used one of these programs and don’t know how user-friendly they are or exactly what information can be extracted from them. Changing a slug is pretty easy for a trial run and it is easy to repeat. If you draw an imaginary line between the front and rear roll center, this line is the roll axis of the car. You could adjust the bite, add stagger, soften the RF spring etc. The CAD software doesn’t just spit out the answer.

When would you try raising the RF A-arm pivot which results in a lower Roll Center? Therefore, making adjustments to the roll center location is very limited.

Unfortunately, this ball joint is not available for my Nova (at least not to my knowledge).

The use of these ball joints changes the inclination of the upper and lower control arm slightly which in turn shortens the “virtual swing arm” and will raise the roll center of the front suspension to some degree. The bottom illustration shows the upper control arm slopping out toward the tire. This means if I want the RF tire to remain perpendicular to the track while cornering I better adjust the alignment so the RF wheel has enough static negative camber to offset the body roll. At the track – just give it a try!

GM A-bodies and Metric chassis both have four link rear suspensions. The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) defines the roll center as, “the point in the transverse vertical plane through any pair of wheel centers at which lateral forces may be applied to the sprung mass without producing a suspension roll.”. At the track, you could simply raise the RF A-arm inner pivot point. In order for the Front Roll Center track adjustment to be practical, it pays to worry less about the detail of the specific Roll Center location and focus on the Instant Center and your goal for the chassis adjustment.

Slotted A-plates and slugs work great. It is used at almost every level of racing (the sprint car is one notable exception).

However, understanding where the roll centers are is still advantageous. Crate Racin’ USA Late Model Special Set For November 5-7 At The, Summit Southern Nationals This Weekend At RPM, Bringing The Show To You: PRI Embarks On Cross-Country Road, Lawrenceburg Speedway Looking To Lease The Facility, Brandon Sheppard Scores Five-In-A-Row With Duck River, Strapping Your Race Car Or Hot Rod To A Trailer Just Got, Get The PerTronix Wiring Products You Need In Your, QA1 Releases 2.5-Inch I.D.

In my case the RF wheel will gain only 1/4° of negative camber per inch of wheel travel. From the LF Instant Center you draw a line back to the LF contact patch center. Rear Roll Center is the average of the inner and outer mounting point heights at the center of the left and right mounting locations. […], As part of the shocks, springs, push and pull rods update I will also be adding “instant reflection” to the dimensions from vehicle form.

AFCO, Speedway Motors, (and probably other manufacturers) makes an upper and lower ball joint with an extended stud. I was left with a plan view of all of the suspension points of the car.

At this point in time you car is already “engineered” and you can just make the adjustment. Understanding the handling characteristics of a car is kind of like putting together a puzzle. I can turn the wheels and make the body roll. The roll center is centered between the two rear tires, which is essentially along the center line of the chassis. Just do it. The Rear Roll Center is easy to calculate. An adjustable ball joint uses shims to change the A-Arm angle for quick Front Roll Center adjustments right at the track. The location of the roll center is determined by the position and attachment points of the suspension arms.

It consists of two control arms (A-arms) for each wheel. Without roll center information, one cannot estimate how much the camber angle of the front wheels will change during suspension travel or how much body roll will be present while cornering. The LF Instant Center is found in the same way. This allowed the location of the upper suspension points to be measured relative to the lower suspension points (which is what is needed).

There is no mystery and while we are happy to move the Rear Roll Center all over the place we seem to be afraid of Front Roll Center adjustments at the track.

He has also won Championships at Victorville Auto Raceway Park and competed at numerous tracks in the SouthWest. To simplify the Front Roll Center thought process it helps to understand the creation of the so called magical point.

The first step when finding the location of the roll center for an SLA suspension is to locate something called the instantaneous center.

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