If you decide that you're in for the commitment of caring for a Russian tortoise, you'll want to find a reputable breeder. Watching them eat is the best part, hehe. she ate a few pieces of carrot on wedensday but she wont eat the greens i put in there for her today should i not feed her for a few days and let her get hungery then try to feed her? (Well ACTUALLY it's a she lol but we didn't find out for about six months so the name stuck. It's much easier to buy seeds and grow your own. A large, mature female's tail before she ever laid eggs. Whitney (author) from Georgia on July 24, 2010: These are the most effective at providing UV similar to that of natural sun. Any advice?! The best is probably the TRex Active UV Heat; the Zoomed Powersun is ok, but the TRex brand bulb provides the closest to "real" UV between the two brands. A co-worker who said she used to "raise" russians said that she used to also feed thawed mixed veggies (corn, greenbeans, peas and carrot mix). Avoid fruits and other vegetables.

Hello and welcome. We just brought home our Russian Tortoise yesterday, March 9. you can't expect her to just start running around the enclosure.
Replant any store bought plants in a non-fertilized soil for several months before offering as a food. click on the photo to view it full size. Then a few more Russian tortoise females joined my crew. Many tortoises won't even eat them. She really likes the radicchio when should i ghange the food for her i always put some red leaf lettuce and turnip greens with the radicchio but she only eats the raddichio. she has not come out for water or food i can tell cause the water in her bowl is still clean and clear. It's much cheaper to purchase one 40 pound bag of natural topsoil versus say 5 blocks of bed a beast. It probably is someone's pet that got out of an outdoor enclosure. When the temperatures are low in the enclosure, you'll find they'll hide a little more. Thanks for the description and the easy to follow guidelines. Personally I use a caliper and measure in centimeters.

What you can do is put a cuttlebone in the enclosure so that the tortoise can regulate his own calcium intake. otherwise i will leave her alone for another two or three days then pull her from the burrow and offer her food. It sounds crazy because they are a smaller tortoise species, but it is possible. You will want to provide a wide variety of foods as well. I hope this helps you answer my question better. I had no idea how much preparation and care it took to keep a turtle. Check the temps and make sure everything is ok. Hi all. The carapace, which is the upper part of the shell, is usually covered in shades of olive green, tan, brown, and black. So based on counting rings (lines) on abdominal scutes how old is the tortoise in the photo below (I already know how old he is)? The hibiscus is a good thing to add. It's ideal that if you have a good climate, you set up a pen outside.

some people on the tortoiseforum website can give you an idea based on the appearance of the shell, but it's just an estimate. Turtles' front feet are mostly fins, whereas tortoises have hard, scaly feet that are built to crawl across sharp rocks and sand. 1 male and 1 female will result in a very bitten, over-mated female. Instead, a tortoise will grow until it reaches a certain size, usually specific for their sub species.
:) This is so helpful! The best and most accurate way to measure the temperature is by using a digital thermometer with a probe. Also watch closely for digging and escapes; it's generally best that you have chicken wire or hardware cloth 6-10 inches in the ground along the edges of the outdoor enclosure. The 20 gallon aquarium will severely stress out the tortoise because 1)it can see out of the walls and will want to get to the other side and 2) it's WAY to small even for a baby.

A helpful guide to determining the sex of your Russian tortoise. Dry versus liquid would cause a greater weight difference than volume. alright i have a question what are these little white things i keep finding in my tortoise's water bowl are very very tiny and i don't see them anywhere else in the enclosure. ok i will keep an eye on the temps we keep the house at about 63 at night and it usually does not drop below 65 in her tank at night. In most cases, the only way to really get a baby is to buy from a breeder, and there aren't many who offer babies.

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