Since y'all keep on making posts over and over about easy A classes that fulfill NS, WCR/WCD, 21C, HST, AHP, etc. Whether it's a random elective or an intro class, these classes are the ones every student should keep an eye on when they need a filler class to boost their GPA. Can we please sticky this or add it to the side bar? SCL01:830:101: General Psych ---fulfills SCL.01:098:250: (4 credits) Global East Asia ---fulfills 21C, HST, SCL. WCd: Principles of Literary Study Prose (01:350:220), 21C: Introduction to Race, Gender, and Sexuality (01:988:101). I'll upvote you but know that some freshman will post in a couple months asking for an easy writing class, Someone should sticky this or at least link it from the sidebar. In this class you study the art of theater and its history. Not a lot of hw. New categories can be created simply by adding on additional sections to the wiki.

i checked soc and wollenburg taught intro to polisci methods in spring '17. Be sure to read the rules and read the FAQ before posting. Is it recommended to only take intro to environmental science through online, or is the regular classes just as easy? Cookies help us deliver our Services. He gives extra credit during those. You probably aren't completely anonymous. If these classes aren't doing it for you, check out these other options. The format was on sakai watching lecture videos, reading the supplements posted in resources page, posting comments, two online exams, and two (was originally three but cut for time) short papers/ projects. I took regular and it was easy. Anything you say here will exist forever. By using our site, you agree to these terms. Height Map Painting.

regardless: QQ: Topics in Mathmatics for the Liberal Arts (01:640:103). Feel free to comment with classes that I've missed. RU RAH RAH, Press J to jump to the feed. Whoop whoop FIRST A AT RUTGERS! offered in Fall semesters only01:450:250: Cities ---fulfills 21C, SCL01:920:101: Introduction to Sociology ---fulfills 21C, SCL.01:920:240: (4 credits) Normality & Abnormality ---fulfills 21C, SCL, WCD. 5 credits HOURS BY ARRANGEMENT AKERS, C. Didn't do that well on the exams but I went to class (attendance count) and did the homework (group homework, you only have to do 1-2 problems) and I got an A.
WASH YOUR HANDS! Otherwise, it WILL be removed. If I say check RMP for a specific class, that means you REALLY need to check RMP. It is a pass/fail one credit course, where transfer students learn about the things Rutgers has to offer to make their transition smooth. Easiest Classes at Rutgers (RU) 203 101.

I took some time at work to create a wiki page. NS: Concepts of Physics for Humanities and Social Science Students (01:750:106). The goal of this wiki page is to provide the user with a list of "easy A" classes. 01:450:101: Earth Systems (online) ---fulfills 21C, NS.01:450:102: Transforming the Global Environment ---fulfills 21C, NS.01:460:100: Planet Earth (in-class AND online) ---fulfills NS only.01:460:201: Earthquakes and Volcanoes (online) ---fulfills NS only01:460:202: Environmental Geology (online) ---fulfills NS only.01:460:110: Sea Change, Rise and Fall of the Jersey Shore ---fulfills 21C, NS01:750:106: Concepts of Physics for Humanities and Social Science Students ---fulfills NS only. Somehow pulled an A out of my ass in theater appreciation. In seriousness, the posts will never end. (/u/spacepuck) 01:750:109: Astronomy ---fulfills NS (thank you /u/catcus1911)11:375:101: Intro to Env Science (online or in-class) ---fulfills 21C, NS.11:709:255: Nutrition and Health (online) ---fulfills 21C, NS.11:400:103: Science of Food ---fulfills NS only. Add 01:685:100 Introduction to the Modern Middle East. MASKS! It largely consits of students working independently on their own ideas. No abject negativity, defamation or slander. offered in Spring semester only.01:988:01: Introduction to Race, Gender, and Sexuality ---fulfills 21C.04:189:103: Information Tech & Informatics ---fulfills 21C, ITR.04:192:380: Public Speaking ---fulfills 21C, WCR, ITR.04:547:220: RETRIEVING AND EVALUATING ELECTRONIC INFORMATION ---fulfills 21C, ITR.07:700:292: Introduction to the Musics of the World ---fulfills 21C, AHP.11:374:101: Introduction to Human Ecology ---fulfills 21C, SCL.11:375:101: Intro to Env Science (online or in-class) ---fulfills 21C, NS((thank you /u/rutgers2017 for clarification). offered in Fall semesters only01:450:103: Space, Place, and Location ---fulfills HST, SCL01:508:209: Jerusalem Contested ---fulfills 21C, HST (thank you /u/Rutgerss)01:506:251: Science and Society (with Prof James Delbourgo) ----fulfills HST (/u/nkh291) 01:685:100: Introduction to the Modern Middle East ---fulfills 21C, AHo, HST, SCL. (/u/killermomdad69)01:355:203: Business Writing Essentials ---fulfills WCR, WCD.01:359:201: Principles of Literary Study: Poetry ---fulfills WCD, AHP. Get Free Easy Classes Rutgers Reddit now and use Easy Classes Rutgers Reddit immediately to get % off or $ off or free shipping. Whether you are taking a class that has nothing to do with your major or just taking a class to fulfill a certain amount of credits for a semester, the most important thing about these classes is attendance and participation. (thank you /u/blake2789)01:359:220: Principles of Literary Study Prose ---fulfills WCD (/u/spacepuck)01:920:240: (4 credits) Normality & Abnormality ---fulfills 21C, SCL, WCD. Be careful though, don't be like the Rutgers quarterback who failed this class which forced the coach to intervene. Astronomy 1 and 2 are both easy and you don't need the first one as a prerequisite to be in the second one. A “must-take” for ambitious artists in any discipline. is it nature of politics or intro to polisci methods? Science of Food is another easy A class, though it only meets in the Fall semesters I believe. Social Media for the Arts – 07:080:431. © Copyright 2020 , Koofers, Inc. All rights reserved. RU RAH RAH, Press J to jump to the feed. We could finally end all the "any easy _______ course to take?" It's also an opportunity to learn about new and unorthodox writing techniques.

01:830:123: (4 credits) Soul Beliefs ---fulfills 21C, HST.37:575:201: Labor and Work before the end of Reconstruction ---fulfills HST, WCR, WCD, SCL.37:575:202: History of Labor and Work in the U.S. 1880 to 1945 ---fulfills HST, WCR, WCD, SCL. Science of Food is another easy A class, though it only meets in the Fall semesters I believe. And it's a great place to start for students who are considering a major or minor in theater. This information is provided exclusively for the personal and academic use of students, instructors and other university personnel. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. You can sleep through them and still pass. There are math problems. It's 3 credits and it's cross-listed under the Jewish studies, Middle Eastern studies, and history departments. For Professor Feigenson, go to his class. This class is taken by students from all majors and it is an introduction to the world of dance as an art form. Rutgers is a great school. The Nutrition classes (such as Nutrition & Health) are also supposed to be easy. Students will learn about all types of dance, will learn the history behind it. Rutgers classes can be difficult, especially to newcomers. Per our updated privacy policy, we use cookies to track your browsing behavior on our site and provide you with ads or other offers that may be relevant to you. Both of them are really into their respective subjects, and they curve a lot. Students also are required to go to a theater event in New York City, and experience what they study first hand. Students will learn about all types of dance, will learn the history behind it.

Please tag your posts and SEARCH before posting. SOCIAL DISTANCING! If those two things are present, with a little bit of effort, you will pass. This no longer is a core requirement, but this class deserves a mention because of how famous it is.

I decided to just make one really long fucking list and hope people like it enough to upvote and gain traction.My sources: this sub, GPA Booster Classes on FB, and prior knowledge. All classes are 3 credits unless otherwise stated. My sources: this sub, GPA Booster Classes … Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. To view our privacy policy in full, click here. This information may not, under any circumstances, be copied, modified, reused, or incorporated into any derivative works or compilations, without the prior written approval of Koofers, Inc.

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