“Round Rock Remembers Sam Bass.” Austin American-Statesman. Sam’s fame spread to Great Britain in the late 1800s, culminating in a wax statue of Sam in Madam Tussaud’s Waxworks in London (Ibid.). In association with Jack Davis and another man known as Nixon, they held up seven stages over the next few months (Ibid.

Their first train job took place at Big Spring Station, Nebraska at 10:48 P.M. on September 18, 1877, under a big moon. By this time, the bandits had made their way back to the alley and were attempting to mount their horses. June 23, 1953. Today, Sam Bass is not as well-known as he was in the past; however, the City maintains its historical legacy as evidenced by the street markers identifying the events in the celebrated shootout. Visit the City’s Coronavirus Information Page for important updates, including local face covering requirements, a COVID-19 case dashboard and changes to City business, programs. Fleeing the Rangers, Bass was struck twice, once in his cartridge belt and another in the stock of his rifle, without injury. He missed Limp Bizkit's 2015 tour of Europe due to Degenerative Disc Disease, which required surgery. A book collector claims that he has over 200 titles that deal with Sam Bass in some way (Carmack 1B). During the time of these Texas train robberies, the “Sam Bass Gang” was staffed by Frank Jackson, Seaborn Barnes (who was shot in the legs during the Mesquite job), Thomas Spotswood, Arkansas Johnson, Henry Underwood, Sam Pipes and Albert Herndon; Bass and Barns took place in all four of the robberies, Jackson participated in three, Johnson in two and the others in one (Webb Century of Frontier Defense 374).

Please help to establish notability by citing, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Limp Bizkit Bassist Really Left Band in 2015 Due to Liver Disease, New Book Reveals", "Gibson Guitar and Bass Music Free Lessons, Downloads, MP3, Video, Players, Podcast, News, Blog, Contests", "Indorphine Working With Sam Rivers Of Limp Bizkit | News @", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Sam_Rivers_(bassist)&oldid=934830611, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 8 January 2020, at 19:15. Simultaneously, Seaborn Barnes fell dead with a bullet wound to the head. His money and good spirits attracted many people, some of whom would later become a part of the “Sam Bass Gang” when he took to robbing trains in Texas. After the ceremony, she reported that a man on a bay horse, whom she recognized as Frank Jackson, came riding up from the north. It was here that he also met many of his friends, with whom he would later engage in unlawful activities. The Texas Rangers, sensing the threat to their organization implied in this, chose to respond by proving that they were still an effective deterrent to crime. Once in Denton, Sam explained his new found wealth from a strike he had made prospecting in the Black Hills. [citation needed]. For him it was mere sport, the reality that people often were injured, either physically or financially, appears to have never surfaced on his shallow conscience (Smith 34). He got into music initially because of John Otto, who played jazz-style drums. At the same time, Ranger Ware crossed the street from Highsmith’s Livery Stable to the barber shop. Recent work. Before Fame. In Denton, Sam was considered to be a hard worker and was known for his thriftiness. Samuel Robert Rivers (born September 2, 1977, Jacksonville, Florida) is the bassist and backing vocalist of the band Limp Bizkit, and one of its founding members. If anyone ever found the Bass Gold they never reported it. He was named Best Bass Player at the 2000 Gibson Awards.

The doctors who examined Sam noted that the bullet had hit a cartridge in his belt and then split in two, part entering his back and passing out near his groin, the other part lodging in his body. Joel Collins and his partner were shot and killed a week later. For the events during and after the shootout, all of the stories have been gathered for the reader to examine; thus, throughout the narrative, differing views are presented. Bass’s code of ethics was summed up by his statement: “it is ag’in’ my profession to blow on my pals. Rivers is now pursuing another project with ex Puddle of Mudd bassist Damien Starkey in a band called Sleepkillers, along with Adam Latiff and Saliva vocalist Bobby Amaru, and released their self titled debut album on March 1, 2019. Sheriff Eagan employed Sam not as a deputy but as a farmhand; he curried the horses, milked the cows, cut firewood, but, most importantly, Sam spent some time as a teamster. Sam had always been taken with the idea of moving to Texas and becoming a cowboy, and this looked like his chance. However, his love for Elves, his gift for poetry, and his belief that the world contained greater wonders than most hobbits were aware of (all nurtured by his tutor Bilbo Baggins) set him apart from the beginning. The Governor decided that the time had come to call in the Texas Rangers to capture the bandits; thus the “Bass War” began. He was voted Best Bass Player at the 2000 Gibson Awards.

Citizens were deeply concerned about the presence of gangs of bandits in the state and the demand for law and order was sounded.

He later recalled that he passed the bandits at this point without realizing who they were (“When Sam Bass”). Only known authenticated photo of Sam Bass. He was the first black deputy U.S. marshal west of the Mississippi River.He worked mostly in Arkansas and the Oklahoma Territory. 34).

Most recently, Rivers has been producing for the Orlando-based band Indorphine. At the point of Seaborn’s death and Sam’s wounding, many witnesses attributed a great deal of gallantry to the young (only twenty years old) Frank Jackson. Sam insisted that Frank leave him here and try to save himself. Personal interview, October 28, 1991. Major Jones questioned Bass but was unable to get any useful information about the other members of his gang. Why was he not true?” This monument has long since been chipped away by souvenir hunters and has now been replaced with a granite tombstone erected by the Sam Bass Centennial Commission. Williamson County Sun Publishers, Georgetown, Texas: 1973.

It was at this position that he became acquainted with the country and learned all the trails, back roads and thickets that he would later use to elude the Texas Rangers (Webb Story of the Texas Rangers 104). Many politicians campaigned on a platform of law and order and proposed that a modern peace-keeping force be formed. Digesualdo, Jane H. and Karen R. Thompson. Rivers was the youngest member of the band. Tucker felt that Bass should not see Murphy; so, Murphy identified Sam while hiding behind a tree. The Sam Bass shootout was no doubt a unifying event for the young town of Round Rock. In December of 1875, Sam met Joel Collins in San Antonio. Sam Bass was born in Indiana, as everyone who has ever heard the “Ballad of Sam Bass” knows. One story places the hidden gold in a cave in East Mountain at Mineral Wells (Grigsby). However, Ware is credited with killing Seaborn Barnes (Ibid.). Rivers has also been seen using Wal Basses since 2005, mainly in the studio and uses Ampeg and Warwick amps. Jan. 1970: 31+. Photo of Sam Bass’ gun and a rare book about his life. After Limp Bizkit went on hiatus, Rivers became a producer for local bands in Jacksonville. The basic storyline remains; the differing accounts are offered to allow the reader to appreciate the full extent of the legends and lore that have grown up around Sam Bass. The Williamson County Sun reported that after the bandits picked up their things at their camp, they turned up Georgetown Road, present day Chisholm Trail Road, passing a Mrs. Tisdale’s place; they then turned down a lane headed towards the woods. Finding only $450 in the “way safe,” they brutally beat the express messenger with a pistol in an attempt to force him to open the “through safe,” which had a time lock preventing it from being opened until the train reached its destination. During the night, Sam mentioned that he had become extremely thirsty and had walked to Mr. Sherman’s house in an attempt to get water; his bloody appearance, however, had frightened the family away. It was at this point that Sam indicated that he was in too much pain to continue (Scarbrough 295-296). Finding some wooden boxes, the bandits broke them open revealing $60,000 worth of freshly minted $20 gold pieces headed from the San Francisco Mint to an Eastern bank (Smith 32). Texas history has often referred to him as “Texas’ Beloved Bandit” or “Robin Hood on a Fast Horse” (Centennial Commission). At some point on their trip back to Texas, Sam and Jack Davis were joined by a company of soldiers and detectives who were searching for the train robbers.

Trivia. However, Frank did not abandon his friend but camped nearby him (Reed and Tate 222). Sam was being held in the saddle by Frank while he put new bullets into his pistol (Webb Century of Frontier Defense 387). Such was the fame of Bass that it was believed that the person who shot hm would be subsequently killed by one of Bass’s supporters; thus, individuals were not anxious to be known as the person responsible for killing him (England). Jim “Judas” Murphy spent the rest of his life in fear, worrying that one of Bass’s friends was going to avenge Sam’s betrayal by killing him.

Rivers cites Jeff Ament from Pearl Jam as a big influence on his playing. In absentia, live bass duties were covered by Samuel Gerhard Mpungu and Tsuzumi Okai. They then walked up the street to Kopperal’s General Store, located at the southeast corner of Mays and Georgetown Avenue. Sam clasped onto his saddle horn but was unable to stay on his horse and fell to the ground. Let’s get out of here.”  Undaunted, Sam was soon flashing his stolen gold pieces around and living it up in the North Texas towns (Smith 33). This statement caused the Rangers to assume that Dick Ware was the one who had administered the fatal blow. Samuel Paul Bowie net worth is. In 1994, the three formed Limp Bizkit. Thus, the stage was set for the eventual Ranger triumph over the gang in Round Rock.

It gave citizens something to identify with and it gave the town something to distinguish itself. Rivers was originally endorsed by Ibanez, and one of his basses was a customized BTB 5-string, but currently uses custom made Warwick basses, with LEDs in the fretboard. His influences include bands such as Black Sabbath and Megadeth. “Shootout At Round Rock.” San Antonio Express News. This resulted in the arrests of both Jim Murphy and his father Henderson. John R. Banister, the Ranger who was assigned to guard the dying Bass claimed that Sam’s last words were actually “This world is a bubble, – trouble wherever you go” – probably a more fitting epitaph for Sam Bass’s life (DiGesualdo and Thompson 114). No great effort was made to pursue the fleeing bandits due to the fear that Bass was supported by an army of outlaws who would seize on any pursuers. The shooting had attracted the attention of Ranger Ware, who was receiving a shave at the time. Bass has appeared in numbers of TV series and movies to date.

Bass Reeves (July 1838 – January 12, 1910) was an American law enforcement officer. Originally written by Captain Gillett, an ex-Ranger of Company E, frontier battalion, who was present at the capture and death of Sam Bass and was a friend of Dick Ware. Grimes never even had the opportunity to draw his gun; six bullet holes were found in his dead body (DiGesualdo and Thompson 113).

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