Because the trigger is that bad otherwise.

If there is still a problem with A17 ammo, try a different magazine. Yes, .22LR is much cheaper, but the .17 HMR significantly outperforms it, and they really take up different niches. AccuPower: Trijicon's new battery-powered, mid-priced AccuPower scopes are tough, trusted, and true. “For the A17 in .17 HM2, you must first consider the sequence in which the platforms launched. For a lot of us who love to shoot rimfire, the .17HMR has been the go-to round for varmint hunting and target shooting since it came out 16 years ago. Savage uses quite a few Boyd’s stocks on some factory version of their Mark II and 93R rifles with laminate stocks. The 10-round rotary magazine performed perfectly.

Head to Head: .300 Win. Although the A17 will work with all 17 HMR ammunition, for best performance, we recommend CCI A17 ammo, which has been specifically designed for this rifle. It came back with a new, slightly different and quiet trigger. Gold $$ Contributor . Thursday, May 21, 2015. It’s lightweight, accurate, incredibly reliable and fires a flat-shooting round that’s much quieter than the .17 HMR. Been back to the dealer 2 times now and its going back cause now it wont do anything Magazine Capacity: 10 rounds If you would like all of the same great function as this gun, but in a much more attractive package, Savage now makes the A17 in two different laminate stocks.

That’s exactly what they produced. 2. Barrel Length: 22 inches Linscott searched for ways to keep cost down by first using the blowback A22 action. Again, something may have changed as one rifle was from the 1st month of production and the 2nd was about 6 months later(my father in law stocked up on the A17 ammo before he passed away). Boyd’s Gun Stocks makes a plethora of laminate gun stocks for the A17 in both style of stock, and colors. The people asked and Trijicon answered. It’s a more desirable ratio of power in the brass but also has a pointed, jacketed bullet, so it lends itself to working in an autoloader quite well.”. Privacy policy | The 22-inch heavy contour barrel is set solidly into the composite stock. Although the A17 will work with all 17 HMR ammunition, for best performance, we recommend CCI A17 ammo, which has been specifically designed for this rifle. Mag. If .17 HMR ammo was under $0.10 / round, I might see the allure. I've never owned a Savage firearm before so I really had no preconceived thoughts on what to expect from them, good, bad, or otherwise.

That being said, there are replacement triggers available! CCI A17 ammo and A17 rotary magazine (image courtesy JWT for

I forgot to mention Volquartsen makes a semi-auto 17 hmr too. wide eyed frappalappadingdong drinkers staring out the window at a legal transaction. The only thing I don’t love about the rifle is I have to get the barrel threaded and the plastic tab that you have to depress to eject the magazine, I’m sure that piece of plastic will eventually break. I lubed the gun with some EEZOX CLP prior to shooting, and never cleaned or disassembled the gun again during any portion of the shooting. Required fields are marked *. However, I soon found out Savage’s little autoloader can shoot. At 1500 rounds it was obvious that it was time to clean. But I do it now and I cant seem to stop.

In 2012 the company finally met with ammunition engineers at CCI and product managers at Bushnell to discuss the possibility, and finally kicked off the project. I think the reviewer was confused and thought it was the synthetic sporter stock? It features a delayed-blowback action.As I noted, there's never really been a semi-auto rifle that can cycle .17 HMR consistently. There are no iron sights included with the gun. Many companies have attempted to harness bottleneck rimfires into semiauto platforms. It is a beautiful rifle and one of my favorite rifles now. Subscribe now to get the latest news on guns, gear, gun rights, and personal defense delivered straight to your inbox daily! And, those on the cusp could be addressed with a specific modern techno lube… Obviously, I didn’t have all of the information either. The gun was made to be an inexpensive target rifle, and it looks the part. Savage's A17 17 HMR semi-auto rimfire rifle gives you ultra-reliable performance and superb accuracy at an extremely affordable price. But, I can’t choose which one I want, nor can I ‘build’ one for under $200.00- the way I want it at least. I tried different ammo. I need an owner's manual for my current model Savage firearm.

Excellent reliability and I would highly recommend! Mark McMahon. I think I may tear apart this action and clean it up. Disgusted, I sent it in to the factory. “The crux of that project was handling the higher pressure, thin-walled rimfire cartridges in a semiauto. Im not a precision trigger guy, but this is downright ridiculous. The goal was to create an accurate rimfire cartridge that would extend ranges beyond that of the venerable .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire. Even decked out, with good planning, I think the overall weight can be kept down to under 9 Lbs., which would allow my wisp of a wife to shoot it comfortably, the boys would love plinking with it, and, the lack of recoil makes it a great trainer for varying distance and target sizing (think: Know Your Limits style shooting). Hmmm, no moving parts and no downside- no brainer. |   Mags and cycling and the poor design of the mag holder. CCI claims the Varmint Tip rounds will provide 100 feet-per-second higher muzzle velocities over existing products and, as a upcoming American Hunter magazine "Hardware" piece shows, the company isn't making that number up. Barrel Finish: High luster

It’s a gem of a rifle in stock form. I watched the official Savage YouTube disassembly/cleaning video. I easily found it online for well under $400 at multiple retailers. However, with the wind at our back or head-on, we did connect on a few prairie dogs at extreme distance. Overall * * * * 1/2 That’s not always the case for rimfires, and especially not for the few folks who have tried to produce a semi-auto .17 HMR. The first high-performance semi-automatic rimfire specifically designed for the .17 HMR cartridge, the A17 has the potential to be a hit with rimfire enthusiasts throughout the industry. Do you find that the .22Mag has less wind drift than the .17HMR? That’s about or below the price / round for .17 HMR. No matter how fast I fired, the rifles never sputtered. darn redskins images were the demise of hendee manufacturing as well. Savage A17 (image courtesy JWT for Do I sacrifice a little accuracy for a touch more energy & potential range? It’s definitely one of the better triggers on the market, and it’s nice to see Savage put it on a low priced rimfire like the A17.

I don’t know that model. The first high-performance semi-automatic rimfire specifically designed for the .17 HMR cartridge, the A17 has the potential to be a hit with rimfire enthusiasts throughout the industry. Overall Length: 42 inches A Weaver type rail is included and attaches to the receiver via two screws.

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