During the unknown distance phase students will run 100 pound steel targets out to ranges between 300 and 800 yards. No courts martial or NJP within the last six months. 80: 2 shots fired and positive ID, correct windage, elevation, shooting platform but OP saw blast from shooter's position after second shot. The course of fire for qualification is as follows: 300, 500, & 600: 3 Stationary and 2 Movers, 700: 3 Stationary and 2 Stop and Go Movers. [7] The Military Religious Freedom Foundation, which had helped circulate an image of snipers posing with a blue "SS" flag, questioned this assumption, writing that the flag was sold by a website dedicated to German World War II and Nazi memorabilia. the angle of movement caused by the location of the stock. See the request on the listing or on this article's talk page. Free Daily Quotes. This was done concurrently with the removal of the Advanced Course and the addition of the Team Leader Course of 4 weeks. After doing this, the student must set up a Final Firing Position (FFP) and fire two shots without being found by the OP within a time period of 3–4 hours. Members During this phase students will become experts at engaging targets at unknown distances by way of range estimation and range cards. [6][7] The same stylized double rune was the symbol of the SS, Hitler's shock troops Nazi organization that was instrumental in conducting the Holocaust. [7] Because of the new and extremely difficult shooting qualifications it is now called Scout Sniper Course, as it is no longer considered basic. Scout Snipers have a secondary Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) code of MOS 0317 that can be earned by both Infantry and Reconnaissance Marines. Despite the threat that Endor's tall trees posed, the forest's many trails could be used for safe travel. 1 milradain is 1/1000 of the distance; 1 meter at 1000 meters; 1 yard at a 100 yards; 360 degrees consist of 6400 mils by military definition. [8], Scout troopers protected the Death Star's shield generator on Endor[7] in 4 ABY,[11] which shielded the DS-2 Death Star II Mobile Battle Station over the forest moon. After positive ID has been confirmed, the walker will move within 10 yards of the shooter and inform the OP that he is within 10. Minimum of 12 months remaining on current contract upon completion of course (Does not apply to reservist.). 40: Caught out of range or fired out of range (not within 200 yards). One of the scout troopers' priorities were to aid the Sith Lord in crushing the Rebel Alliance along with its sympathizers and secret allies. The shooter/spotter relationship is not always set; some platoons establish designated shooters while other platoons have team members switch off. [4] Also within their ranks were the sniper troopers, specialists trained to use smoke grenades and the E-11s sniper rifle, DLT-19x targeting blaster or pulse cannons. After the first student fires his rounds, the two switch positions. It is requested that this article, or a section of this article, be expanded. One sniper is equipped with a long-range, specially-made sniper rifle such as the M40; he also is frequently issued an M9 9mm pistol. [Source]. They had lighter armor than standard stormtroopers, much like their urban counterparts, patrol troopers. If the shooter cannot be found, the walker will tell the shooter to fire a second shot on his command. Must score a First Class PFT on course convene date. Study sets. [4] Scout troopers could be found aboard Darth Vader's personal fleet, Death Squadron. During a field sketch, students are given an hour and a specific area or building to sketch. [14], Equipped with light armor for greater mobility and optics in their helmets that allowed faster reaction times when piloting speeder bikes, scout troopers were expert marksmen, trained in reconnaissance and infiltration as well as additional independence and adaptability than most Imperial troops. The unevaluted material of every description included that derived from observation, communication, reports, rumors, imagery, and other sources. In 2010, a new curriculum was introduced, with shooting as the course's primary focus and stalking a secondary focus. Organization type Classes. SCOUT SNIPER **** A Scout snipers position, which he has… 3 Employment Phases of MOUT. Other information Typically, each Scout Sniper team has two members. Sketches are graded for neatness, correctness, details, and usable information. An overall average of 70% must be obtained on field sketches to pass the course. the product resulting in collection, evaluation, interpretation of information which concerns one or more aspects of a forgein nation or a function or geographical areas in which is immediately or potentially significant to the development or execution of plans, policies, or operations. After the second shot has been fired, the OP will look for blast from the rifle or movement from the shooter. 5 rounds are fired at each yard line. The new course is now 121⁄2 weeks long. If the OP cannot find the shooter then the walker will indicate the shooters position to the OP and check to make sure the shooter had the correct windage and elevation settings, along with correct position and stable shooting platform. In February 2012, U.S. media reported that Marine scout snipers had been using the double Sig rune (ϟϟ, "SS") in its "Armanen" form () to symbolize their function since at least the 1980s. The Marine Corps is unique in its consolidation of reconnaissance and sniper duties for a single Marine. Scout Sniper Quotes. Scout Snipers Team leader course (Formerly the advanced course). Target indicator . Often a, During an observation, students must use their. Historical information An Army Sniper's primary mission is to support combat operations by delivering precise long-range fire on selected targets. A Marine highly skilled in fieldscraft and marksmanship who can deliver long range precision fires from concealed positions in support of combat operations. A United States Marine Corps Scout Sniper (MOS 0317, formerly 8541) is a secondary MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) designator of U.S. Marine Corps infantrymen and reconnaissance Marines that have graduated from a U.S. Marine Corps Scout Sniper School. An overall average of 80% must be obtained during the 3 weeks of UKD to pass the course. [citation needed] Attrition is normally around 60%, but can be much higher. [9] Some were also equipped with electrobatons. Scout snipers have two main roles. After the first shot is fired, a walker (A neutral instructor who does not help students or the instructors in the OP) will get close to the snipers position to make sure he can positively ID the OP. [2] Most military forces believe that the separation of reconnaissance and sniper capabilities allows for a higher degree of specialization. Scout Snipers in Marine infantry battalions fell under the Surveillance and Target Acquisition (STA) units initially, and now, more formalized, they belong to the infantry battalion's Scout Sniper Platoon (SSP), usually within the Headquarters and Service (H&S) Company or Weapons Company. Scout Trooper Commander[2]Sniper trooper[3] Log in Sign up. edged glass, gen 2, mildot duplex reticle on the first focule plain with an on/off adjustable power illuminated reticle. First up is the most affordable of the bunch…the Vortex Crossfire II 2-7x. Some scout troopers could use laser-trip mines, EE-4 carbine rifles, and repulsor cannons. a mission undertaken to uptain information about the activities resources of an enemy or potential enemy. In the U.S. Army, the term "Infantry Scout" refers to a specially selected and trained infantrymen that functions in a reconnaissance and surveillance capacity while "Sniper" refers to a specially selected and trained soldier that primarily functions as a sniper. Toggle navigation QuotesGram. The sniper's secondary mission is collecting and reporting battlefield information, Section 1.1 FM 23-10 Sniper Training. That’s Your Excuse? A USMC Scout Sniper Team is a detachment of one or more sniper teams performing an assigned task of engaging selected targets, targets of opportunity, collecting and reporting information, or a combination of all, contributing to the accomplishment of the supported unit's mission. Scout Snipers provide close reconnaissance and surveillance to the infantry battalion. During this phase Marines are trained in basic marksmanship on the Known Distance (KD) Range and also receive classes on basic skills such as camouflage, individual movement, weapons systems, observations, and field sketches. A scout trooper riding a 74-Z speeder bike, Succeeding the clone scout troopers of the Galactic Republic,[6] scout troopers provided the excellent long-range fire for their stormtrooper counterparts.[source?]

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