While this article is being penned The Watercraft Journal has been alerted that whole new batch of images will be coming in shortly, so expect to see more pictures being added to the gallery below as well as future content personally handling the new Fish Pro coming soon. $14,799. width: 33%; The ultimate race-inspired watercraft combines power, handling and control like nothing else on the water. } border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; Rocky Mount, NC. #gallery-3 {

Add to that the addition of a 13.5 gallon LinQ Fishing Cooler (with a lid-mounted cutting board and 4 rod holders), a massive 6-inch Garmin EchoMap Plus 62cv Navigation and Fish Finder, and an extended rear platform adding 11.5-inches of length and a second LinQ mounting system.

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The base GTI 90 and 130 models are available in White and Krypton Green, while the SE-equipped 130 and 155 GTIs are available in Black and Krypton Green or Beach Blue Metallic and Lava Grey.

text-align: center; Sea-Doo Spark® Trixx™ 3-up Rotax® 900 H.O.

margin-top: 10px; It comes with a powerful supercharged 230-hp Rotax engine and it is now equipped with the exclusive LinQ Quick-Attach System for cargo and the100W BRP Audio Premium system is a factory-installed option.

But don’t think that the GTI lineup is left out in the cold, either.

The new screen features an automatically dimming backlight that ensures high visibility in any light. “And while it grows in popularity, more and more people are discovering the benefits of fishing from a PWC. Memories are more fun the more they're shared, and the Spark 3UP adds the stability of an extended platform, tow sport capability and the convenience of Sea-Doo exclusive iBR for docking and loading.

#gallery-7 img { Changes for the RXT-X 300 are minimal: the 7.6-inch digital gauge display and (in addition to last year’s Neon Yellow and Lava Grey) a premium Eclipse Black and Lava Red with bronze highlights.

According to Sea-Doo, “a Marinized LinQ Hardware Kit protect the LinQ Bag from the erosive and corrosive effects of the harsh marine environment. /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */.

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All Rights Reserved. Offered By: Twin County Motorsports Inc. Save. For the GTX lineup, the color options are direct carryovers, the non-Limited GTXs return in Beach Blue Metallic and Lava Grey; while the Limited-equipped models remain in Equestrian Brown and Liquid Grey Metallic. Painted in a very Brass Pro Shop-esque White and Night Green, the craft is very subdued in its livery, almost militaristic. #gallery-4 img { Sea-Doo GTR 215: Real Bang for the Buck in a PWC, 2011 Sea-Doo GTi Offers iControl Braking and Reverse, 2010 Sea-Doo GTX 155: Lots of Bells, No Whistle, Sea-Doo Spark® 2-up Rotax® 900 ACE™ - 90 IBR & CONV, Sea-Doo Spark® 3-up Rotax® 900 ACE™ IBR & Sound System, Sea-Doo Spark® 3-up Rotax® 900 ACE™ IBR & CONV, Spark® 2-up Rotax® 900 ACE™ - 90 IBR & CONV, Spark® 3-up Rotax® 900 ACE™ IBR & Sound System, Spark® 2-up Rotax® 900 Ace™ - 90 Ibr & Conv, Spark® 3-up Rotax® 900 Ace™ Ibr & Sound System. float: left; With extra space for set-up, easy boarding, and a serious 100W Bluetooth Audio System, these models aren’t kidding around.

Fuel capacity, storage and other features remain the same as last year’s lineup. Equally, the two Wake models (155 and Pro) return in the same Teal Blue Metallic and Lava Red colorizations with no changes save for the addition of the LCD digital screen (to the Wake Pro only). The Watercraft Journal is the industry's leading resource for watercraft news, reviews and coverage of watercraft events. width: 50%; } Gallery: 2020 Kawasaki Ultra 310 Kspeed Stage One ... Real Review: Hitcase Waterproof Shield Link Case for ... Real Review: Slippery Wetsuits’ Array Side-Entry Neo Vest, Score Big With Yamaha’s End of Summer Sales Event, Gallery: Catch the Action with the Best Camera Placement, Real Review: EZ Throttle Trigger Extension (Gallery), Gallery: AWSA Lake Osoyoos Cup & Apple Pie Jamboree, Sea-Doo Fish Pro Review: Top Speed, Price Tag and Accessories - JetDrift. margin: auto;

Explore locations previously unavailable to traditional fishing crafts, get closer to the action, and experience fishing like never before.

With the largest swim platform in the industry and a removable seat, the GTX models allow to lounge or enjoy a picnic. margin-left: 0;

And with an entry price of $14,799, it’s almost a sure thing. boats.com is part of the Boats Group Network.

In the same fashion that Sea-Doo blazed a trail for personal watercraft tow sports with its Wake models and all the innovations that came about through that, the Fish Pro has all of the trappings of a similar pioneer. For 2019, Sea-Doo has managed to retain its fiberglass hulls for the GTI 130/155 models as well as include the Linq accessory mounts.

So how about the rest of the lineup? float: left; Starting at $13,099. And yes, the Garmin transponder is mounted deed inside of the hull, not mounted outside. #gallery-3 .gallery-caption { Shop our large selection of Sea-Doo 2019 Watercraft OEM Parts, original equipment manufacturer parts and more online or call at 866-829-6884 In all, the 2019 Sea-Doo reveal demonstrated where the company is pointing its bow on the horizon.

margin-top: 10px; The WAKE PRO model delivers the most stable ride in the industry. margin-left: 0; This site uses cookies to ensure you have the best experience.

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As the largest and most respected PWC in the industry, we thank you for visiting our online magazine "The Watercraft Journal", be sure to tell your friends about us!

} The aforementioned Fishing Cooler features a drain plug and handles, a heavy-duty storage pocket, lid with recessed work/cutting surface, quick attach rod holders (sold separately), trolling slots, and an easy latch lid.

#gallery-2 .gallery-item { It’s a topic we at The Watercraft Journal have been belaboring for quite some time to any and everyone who will listen; we even managed to catch the ear of BRP’s own Corporate Director, Communications and Investor Relations, Pascal Bosse over a greasy cheeseburger at a Tennessee lakeside grill back in August of 2015.

Yes, personal watercraft fishing has a massive worldwide audience – outside of the United States, that is. width: 50%; Advertisement.

#gallery-5 .gallery-caption { Interestingly, this new second colorization will set you back an extra $300. #gallery-5 .gallery-item { New … } * #gallery-4 .gallery-item { The latest Sea-Doo GTI platform redefines the way you enjoy your watercraft.

While we’re talking about new lifestyle accessories, it bears noting that Sea-Doo also announced a new Bluetooth-compatible audio system for the Spark. #gallery-2 img {

float: left; You may have entered incorrect information or the server is temporarily down. A few followup emails later and a bit of a nudge in. With the largest swim platform in the industry and a removable seat, the GTX Limited models allow to lounge or enjoy a picnic. Several images have shown the previously mentioned Wind Guards on the Limited models, but we haven’t seen whether these are standard equipment or added accessories. margin-left: 0;

} $14,799.

Request Price Seller Big Rock Powersports ... 2019 … #gallery-4 { “Recreational fishing is one of the top practiced activities in the world,” said Bernard Guy, BRP Senior Vice-President, Global Product Strategy. Its revolutionary lighter platform, combined with the Ergolock System, maximizes control in any condition, setting a sky-high bar for rough water performance. #gallery-1 img {

#gallery-2 .gallery-caption { And with the 300-hp Rotax 1630 ACE engine and revolutionary onboard experience, nothing else will come close to you on the buoy course.

And we mean that literally. The completely portable, 50-watt audio system is “fully-submersible and removable, and can be used on and off the watercraft.

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